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Chastity Cages

by Bestvibe on November 02,2021

Chastity Cages are sex toys designed to prevent users from sex and masturbation. It is often used in BDSM, femdom, and other dominance-based sex play. Chastity cages are specially designed for the penis, preventing full erections and the use of the penis during sex. According to users, the thrill that comes with the use of Chastity cages is far more intense than without. And it makes sense; you appreciate orgasm more when it feels special, inaccessible, or gifted to you. The keyholder, usually the dom during the BDSM, holds the key to unlock the Chastity cage.

A Chastity cage is any device that works to limit the erection and overall sexual activity of the penis. The dom locks the penis of the sub in the cage to keep in control of the sexual activities of the dom. At appropriate times determined by the dom, the penis is released and ready to jerk into action! These devices have managed to completely reshape their purpose and have proved to be mighty effective in spicing up foreplay, sexual intercourse, and even post sex!

With a cock cage in your corner, you and your partner have more ways to explore your sexual excitement and bring your creativity to life! With that said, they're amazing accessories for couples` play. The stimulation they bring about is also mighty intense because, with just enough time expended and arousing in the mix, a sub would be at peak sex drive with no way to let it all out.

The effectiveness of these toys in BDSM cannot be overemphasized especially in Femdom. Like with any sex toy that has gained a lot of interest, male chastity cages are of different kinds. The differences are mainly in the materials used, intensity and loudness of work, waterproof capabilities, among others.

Chastity Cages