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Butterfly Vibrators

by Bestvibe on September 27,2022

It is divided into a variety of shapes such as a vibrator that can be worn in underwear and a butterfly-shaped buckle in the vagina. It has invisible characteristics. At present, there are two common types. One is to stimulate the G-spot with a vibrator, and the other is without Stimulates the clitoris (insertable and non-insertable), as well as those attached to special underwear and straps.

Butterfly vibrator, also known as the vibrating ring, vibrating ring has been hot for many years, the reason is that it is small, looks inconspicuous, but the actual role is very powerful, the user can feel the pleasure of intercourse, increasing the physical new experience. The butterfly ring belongs to the erotic goods.

Butterfly Vibrators


The butterfly vibrator is a breakthrough in the traditional function of the traditional condom contraception, in addition to contraception itself, with the vibration of the shock, to increase the pleasure of intercourse, and pleasure. In the case of not using condoms, the butterfly ring can still be used as a stand-alone or with. The Butterfly Ring can be used by both men and women.


The butterfly ring uses weak DC electricity and is packaged in a vacuum to emphasize safety, hygiene and comfort. The vibrator is in direct contact with the woman's sensitive area, which helps with foreplay and aftercare.