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by Bestvibe on October 26,2021

Boxer shorts are men's underwear, also known as boxer shorts. Because they are loose, they are more comfortable to wear than triangular underwear. In informal occasions, people are sometimes seen wearing shorts. But it's underwear after all. It's only seen by the sea or in boys' dormitories.

Seamless has become the biggest selling point of flat pants this season. In the design of boxer pants, the mouth of the pants will move down, so as to maintain the smoothness of the hip line behind the pants and will not produce the Le mark of the underwear. With the seamless flat foot underwear design required by business men in summer, when the material is thin in summer, the seamless design will not embarrass business men because of their "appearance" underwear.

In addition, flat foot underwear is also suitable for sports. The flat angle design can protect the muscles of the upper leg.