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Anal Vibrators

by Bestvibe on September 27,2022

There are two types of vibrating prostate and anal orifice. At the same time, some can be inserted into the anus and stimulate the perineum. This category is a subcategory of Anal Toys.

What is Anal Vibrator?

Vibrators are arguably the most common of all adult sex toys. Anal vibrators are a subcategory of Anal toys.Most of them could be in form of the Prostate massagers, anal beads, or even butt plugs, which with multi vibrating or thrusting functions. They are great for relaxing the rectum and stimulating the A-spot and p-spot.

Anal Vibrators


The size of the anal vibrator is usually about the size of a normal adult penis.

Anal Vibrators

Stimulation Zones

Anal sex toys have the clitoral, prostate, and penis stimulation zones.But the anal vibrator can not only vibrate, but some have the function of inflation and expansion. Just make sure your holes were lubed sufficiently.


Anal vibrators are mostly made from siliconeļ¼Œstainless steel, and glass. These are safe, non-toxic, and non-porous materials, keeping bacteria exposed enough to be easily wiped away!

Power Types

Anal vibrators come in the major power types as seen below:

Replaceable batteries

Rechargeable batteries

Both replaceable and rechargeable batteries

Having a Anal vibrators with both options is most convenient. Rechargeable anal vibrators come in second. So, if you have no issue with swapping out batteries once in a while, then you're good to go with the replaceable battery models.Most rechargeable vibrator charging plugs are not water-proof.

Care and Cleaning

Keeping your sex toys clean is important, especially if you use them with a partner. You may be able to clean hard plastic and silicone toys with antibacterial soap and water. Anal vibrators involve electrical components, so you should avoid immersing them in water. Instead, use a soft, damp, soapy cloth to wash them. Your toy may also come with instructions on cleaning; if that’s the case, read and follow them.

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