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Anal Lubes

by Bestvibe on October 13,2022

Anal lubricant is a special lubricant used during anal sex to reduce friction and promote anal penetration.

Anal lubricant is a special lubricant used during anal sex to reduce friction and promote anal penetration. This eliminates the possible difficulties of non-lubrication and finally brings fun to the mixing! This pleasure is comparable to the pleasure of vaginal sex.

Anal Lubes


Water-soluble: They are water-soluble and the most widely used because they are based on a material that is easy to collect-water! Water-based anal lubricant will be absorbed by the skin and evaporate, so it will dry out during use.

Silicon-based: These do not contain water, so they do bring a completely different atmosphere from water-based anal lubricants. In addition, they are insoluble in water and therefore will not be absorbed by the skin. Therefore, they last longer than water-based anal lubricants, and although they can be used with condoms, they may not be the first choice for many silicone sex toy users.

Oil-based: These are ideal sex without condoms! Usually recommended for couples, oily anal lubricant can easily add fun to the original sexual intercourse, make it slip in and out easily, and produce a longer lasting effect.

Anal Lubes


The established anal lubricant is used for anal penetration for ultimate stimulation! Anal lubricants themselves do not irritate the anus; they are more passive in their tasks than other sexual devices


Anal lubricants are made for anal sex and entertainment instead of using water as a lubricant. There is a reason for this, because they are more effective, even water-based lubricants! However, this does not mean that contact with water makes them useless. Everyone can get an anal lubricant that is completely suitable for their level of care, because the manufacturer will consider every detail in the production process. Silicon-based and oil-based anal lubricants are particularly waterproof and can be used in showers, bathtubs, swimming pools, jacuzzis, etc. anywhere!

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The anal lubricant is slippery, thereby enhancing the fun and intensity of the penetration process. They make insertion easier, and at the same time provide you with steam, heat and strong sensations during anal insertion. They reduce friction and give you the opportunity to slide in and out smoothly without worrying about anal tears. All you have to do is apply a lot of lubricant and then you can start.

Anal Lubes

Features of Using

1.Warm it up in your hands before applying it to the parts of your anus. This is to make the process more relaxing and soothing.

2.Use a large amount: you must apply the anal lube generously not only in your anus but also on the condom, body part, or sex toy you plan to use. This helps to ease friction and makes it less painful.

3.Start small: after applying anal lubes, you need to penetrate slowly and gently. You could start with a finger, just to get your anus prepared.

4.Reapply when needed: some lubes last longer than others. Do not hesitate if you feel the need to reapply.

Anal Lubes


1.Anal lubes help to minimize friction during penetration.

2.They reduce the pain of anal penetration to the nearest minimum

3.They increase intensity during penetration as they help the anus stay wet.

4.Anal lubes help prevent anal tears during penetration.

5.They also help you live your fantasy without fear.

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