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Anal Douches

by Bestvibe on October 19,2022

What is Anal Douches?

Medical enema (enema) refers to the operation of lavage of the rectum through the anus. It is used to treat diseases (such as constipation), alternative health treatments, or illegal abuse (such as sexual abuse).Enema can also be used to clean the rectum before anal sex.

Anal Douches Anal Douches


Usually the enema ball is made of soft, smooth and durable high-quality silicon, which can provide the most comfortable and smooth use experience.

USING instructions:

Fill bulb with enema liquid. Position yourself in the most comfortable position. Squeeze bulb gently to flush liquid into bowel. Maintain liquid as long as possible before relaxing the muscles to release contents of bowel. Repeat process if necessary.

Cleaning instructions:

Separate applicator from bulb. Wash both parts thoroughly in the water before initial use and after each subsequent use. Rinse thoroughly. Dry out, make sure all parts are dry before storing.

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