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Anal Beads

by Bestvibe on October 19,2022

What are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are available in a variety of sizes, and the diameter of a single bead ranges from 25 mm to 125 mm or more. Most users like beads around 45 mm, but some users will become more adventurous with experience and try larger sizes. Anal beads are usually made of silicone, plastic, rubber, latex, glass or metal, with a ring or similar handle on the end. The purpose of this ring is to prevent the beads from being completely stuck in the rectum and to facilitate removal. The beads can be flexibly connected and need to be inserted separately or through a semi-rigid thin shaft, which can be inserted into the anus with only one movement.

Many nerve endings of the sphincter provide arousal during insertion and removal, and larger beads may create a sense of pressure in the rectum.Some anal beads are enhanced by vibration technology.

Anal Beads


Anal beads added during anal sex, butt worship, enema, or any process involving the buttocks, anus, or anal area.

As with all anal sex activities, the anal beads and rectum should be fully lubricated with a sex lubricant dedicated to anal sex. This is important because the rectum can easily be torn, torn or injured. Anal toys should be cleaned with warm soapy water and should be dried naturally after use. Or, you can put them in a condom, which is recommended if you share them with your partner.

Care must also be taken to count the beads before and after use to ensure that they are all removed from the anus. According to reports, the rope is used during intense rectal exercises. If the beads get stuck in the rectum and cannot pass out naturally, medical intervention may be required.

Anal Beads


Silicone, plastic, glass, etc.

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