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Accessories for Sex Machines

by Bestvibe on October 21,2022

Sex machines are either automatic or manual devices with some serious torque output. This is what makes them explosively pleasurable. They are a lot more sophisticated and complex compared to normal vibrators. They can be a source of never-ending source of vibrating, thrusting and pleasure. Just like other sex toys, fuck machines come in a wide variety of materials and styles.


Saddles – A saddle-type sex toy machine is a vibrating device that users can ride. These typically come with varying speeds of vibration and have a soft seat for the comfort of the rider. While these devices are pleasurable and super powerful, they can be noisy. To make it more discreet, you can use it on top of a carpet. Usually, the saddle comes with a dildo attachment that has textures designed to stimulate the clitoris, vagina and also the anal area. These sex machine toys are generally powered by a remote control.

Thrusters – A thrusting sex machine provides forward and backward motions instead of vibrations. They come in myriad variations and sizes, from handheld to non-portable ones. While handheld devices are easier to clean, larger ones deliver more power. Stand-up thrusters can be set on a table or floor. They typically come with a rod at the end and you can attach different sex toys to it. When buying this device, make sure to go through the thrusting sex machine reviews regarding this device so that you make the right choice where the penetration depth is concerned.

Monkey Rockers – Monkey rockers are popularly known as sex rocking chairs and they come with a dildo attachment. These toys work mechanically and work when you swing backward or forward while a dildo comes up and down.

Strokers – A stroker is a male sex machine and it is also known as a masturbator. They have a hollow tube that is specifically designed to stroke the penis. The hollow channel has special textures or grooves inside, which is designed to deliver earth-shattering pleasure. Strokers are typically handheld, small toys that are designed to look like body parts like, mouths, anuses and vaginas. There are also available in non-anatomical designs. A stroker is a portable sex machine.

Gliders – Gliders are similar to saddles. But, unlike the saddle-type fuck machine, gliders are powered by your body. No cords or plugs are required. You can control the vigor and speed of penetration with your body’s movements. You can use any kind of sex you attachment with gliders, from prostate stimulators to vac-u-lock dildos.

Fucking Rods – Fucking rods are sex machines that are usually meant for doggy style penetration. They are automated sexy toys and can be adjusted for speed and power levels.

Accessories for Sex Machines