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Written by: Bestvibe Published on July 15,2022

A session of this tantric massage helps you get to know your body better and warms up relationships at the same time. It is for the vagina and the area around it, which includes the lower abdomen and part of the back. It doesn't always result in the climax we associate with an orgasm, though it may. Knowing oneself, arousing pleasure, and discovering erogenous zones or locations that you had not yet considered are the key objectives. In addition, massage aids in relaxation after a demanding day, so it may be utilized for this as well.

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Yoni Benefits

A. Education. The outside of the vagina is recognizable to the majority of women, but many of the erogenous zones are still concealed. In this instance, the vaginal canal has other potentially erogenous regions in addition to the G-spot, which might enhance intercourse or masturbation.

B. Stress relief. Any other type of stress, including sexual tension, is tension nonetheless. Everyone does not need it in life; otherwise, there wouldn't be any asexuals. However, it might be helpful if you formerly saw it as an important part of your life but are now not doing it for any reason. Additionally, proponents of yoni massage are confident that the method helps ease the physical strain that many women unknowingly carry in their pelvic region.

C. New Horizons. Massage may be performed with a partner as well as by oneself in a dimly lit space. Then it will become a sexual game aspect, and being lax will strengthen your bond.

How To Do Yoni Massage

Yoni massage how to do the right technique is not as difficult as it might seem. Here are the basic rules:

1) It creates an atmosphere. It would be great if you chose the right day, the right music, and the right lighting for this practice. Everything that relaxes you, makes you feel comfortable, gives you self-confidence and positive emotions. It can be a bath filled with milk and rose petals. Or maybe clean linen on your favorite bed and a bag of lavender under the pillow.

2) Take a comfortable position. Once you decide to try it, make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. Lie on your back in a comfortable position, place a pillow under your hips (and possibly under your knees), and apply a massage oil with a pleasant aroma. Tip: if there is no special oil, you can use coconut oil. It does a good job with all the necessary tasks.

3) Get ready for a new experience. Will it work or not? It all depends on how ready you are for it. Many experiments turned out to be "not very good" precisely because the experimenters were not open enough to them. This is judging from the reviews. Therefore, you should not do it "just to try." It seems that you really should be interested.

4) Take it easy. It is clear that such things are not done in the middle of the working day, when the children need to eat, and the boss demands a report. And yet, try to allocate for this not just 30 minutes of free time, but a couple of hours, when all the work has already been completed and no one needs you for sure. Breathe deeply, realize that some mystery is about to happen, and be relaxed. Then everything will definitely work out.

5) Don't limit yourself. While the yoni has its own rules, you can always play your own way. It's like playing the piano virtuoso. In sexual stories, you don’t need to be shy at all so as not to lose the main grain. It is about enjoying yourself in one way or another.

6) Use lubricant. Even with normal sex, lubrication is not always enough-and that's okay. But if you practice playing with yourself, it makes sense to purchase a special lubricant with a pleasant taste and smell that will help facilitate any penetration process.

7) Listen to your body. Throughout the process, it is important to remember to move slowly and listen to your own body. Take your time, don't push yourself, and don't try to do everything exactly as recommended. That's why they are recommendations, which allow, if necessary, a retreat in the right direction. The main thing is that you like everything.

8) Breathe slowly. As you probably know, tantric sex is the slowest process with the same result as regular sex. This applies to any action with the word "tantric", so you should prepare for Yoni in the same way as for meditation, for example. Deep breathing will help you tune in to the right wave. Inhale as usual, and exhale as if through a tube, so that all processes in the body slow down and focus on the relaxation that awaits you.

9) Take breaks. When practicing tantric sex, it is recommended to pause to stretch the pleasure. Here the scheme also works. Pauses will help you not to rush and give you the necessary breathing space for beginners to realize how they feel and how much they like everything. Sexologists add that this approach is also useful in terms of the quality of sexual relationships in general.

10) Feel the "sexy glow". Even if you've never heard of it, we'll tell you everything now. Scientists have found that after sex, when a lot of hormones of happiness, affection, and pleasure (underline as necessary) are released in the body, we find ourselves in a state of euphoria for 1-2 hours. This effect is called "sexual glow." What happens at this time inside is good not only for your physical health but also for your mental health. Apparently, not only sex with a partner is capable of something like this, but also masturbation and yoni massage. Therefore, immediately after the session, do not run to the kitchen to cook borscht, but give yourself a few minutes to lie down, get high on how good you are and that everything around you is good.

Basic Techniques

On the net, you can find information that the correct yoni technique is any. This makes sense, because deviating from the scheme is not prohibited. However, it is worth understanding how "professionals" do it in order to deviate from at least something.

Here are some popular Yoni massage techniques that you can try all together or separately. They can also be combined into comfortable pairs so as not to "overload" the body at the initial stage but to "upgrade" the process.

1. Circling

You need to drive around the clitoris with your fingertip, gradually expanding, then narrowing the circles. You should move smoothly. But the degree of pressure can be adjusted as you like.

2. Tapping

Use one of several fingers to tap on the clitoris in different rhythms. Try to tune in to your favorite music; it may have a greater effect. The goal is to understand which option works best for you.

3. Push-pull

Unlike tapping, there should be slow pressure movements on the sensitive area. From time to time, the pressure can be pulled slightly towards you to make it feel better. And then let go and move on.

4. Rolling

Again, gently pull the clitoris, but this time do not let go, but move back and forth. Also, the labia can be folded and rolled, as it were, in order to properly massage them.

5. G-spot massage

To find the G-spot, bend two fingers in the shape of the letter "C" and, in this position, insert them into the vagina. Feel for the slightly raised area at the top of the vaginal canal, 2 to 3 centimeters below. Massage at a pace that seems pleasant to you. At the same time, you can engage the labia or press on the pubic bone—those who practice yoni say that this way to reach the "highest point" is faster (although we remember that this is not the goal).


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