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Women's Preferences For Penis Size: The Ultimate Guide

Written by: Bestvibe Published on December 14,2022

Penis sizes vary from person to person, and it is a matter of preference. Many females prefer a longer penis, and many females are satisfied with a small penis. Individuals do not understand that a small penis can give satisfaction similar to a longer penis if your partner knows all the correct moves. So, women don't fall for numbers; a person with a longer penis often can not provide you the satisfaction you deserve. Let's know more about penis sizes and women's preferences:

What Is The Average Penis Size?

The average erect penis is 5.21 inches or 13.12cm in length and 4.59 inches or 11.66cm around. But what's considered 'medically small'? Well, only 2.28 percent of the population falls under this category, defined as an erect penis under 7cm (or 2.76 inches). While many males wish for a larger phallus (45 percent), those with distinctly average penises tend to worry more than males with genuinely small ones.

Types Of Penis

According to science, there are four types of penis men have:

The Big Guy

The average penis size is 5.54 inches (14.07 cm) in length and 3.11 inches (7.9 cm) in girth. A study also showed that the average length of an erect penis stands is 14.15 cm, and the mean circumference is 12.23 cm. However, that is just the average size. Penis sizes can range from 5.5 to 7 inches. If your organ measures that much, you are the big guy. And big penises can be fun as they can penetrate more, stimulating every part of a woman's vagina.

The Curved One

This type of penis is not about the length but the shape. Guys with a curved one can have their penis measured between 5.5 and 7 inches, but it can be slightly curved in the front, pointing upward. This has nothing to do with the joy a man can give his woman because looks don't matter in the end.

Always Hooked

This type of penis is almost the same as the curved penis, only that it is curved a little downward from the tip. Well, the only hitch over here is that it is pointing downward. It might not be a pleasure during missionary, but a fantastic match for doggy-style fun.

The Little One

You might misjudge its potential, but the little male is the safest in long-term relationships because it promises the right fun, less soreness, and much less recovery time. The little one might measure less than the average 5.5 inches.

What Size Penis Do Women Want?

No matter the type of penis you have, What Size Penis Do Women Prefer is something crazy. According to a recent study, women like a larger-than-average penis size of about 6.4 inches and a 5-inch circumference for casual encounters, while a 6 inches erect penis with 4.3 circumferences is what they prefer during long-term relationships. Women don’t mind getting along with the little guy for a long-term relationship for the safety and comfort it provides. After all, the little guy wins when wooing the female and keeping her hooked for a long time.

What Kind Of Penis Do Women Want, And What Are The Indications Of A Perfect Cock?

Does the perfect cock exist? Females have specific standards when selecting the type of penis to spend the rest of their lives with. What would they be checking for?


It's understood that a female will touch or taste your penis at some point during the relationship. They will withdraw if they smell something funky or see something disturbing down there.

This is for men with uncircumcised penises or impenetrable bushes. Just remember to wash and trim.


Don't bother about the length of your penis if you've got the girth. A penis girth of 5 inches or more can get a lady off even with a length of 3 or 4 inches. It may not be aesthetically satisfying, but females rarely consider a penis's appearance if it's enough to get her off.


If your penis has an odd appearance, make sure that you tell your lady about it. Some ladies do not know how to handle surprises.


Females don't want to see your penis for more than a couple of hours. They have other things to do, and walking around with your dick out can be distracting.

The Twins Should Be Trimmed

The balls are the most blatant accessory any guy can have. Try not to tug on them while masturbating, and always wear the prerequisite support they require, specifically when partaking in sports. Women prefer not to touch hairy balls, so don't forget to trim down there.

Average-Sized Cocks Are Supposed To Be Better For A Long-Term Commitment

It's thought that if a guy has an average-sized cock, there is more of a chance for long-term commitment than a larger penis, which could signal a hook-up. This viewpoint varies from woman to woman.

How To Have The Perfect Cock For Your Woman

Pay attention if you want to know how your cock can be the best for the widest majority of women. Do these few things and your penis will look great!

Keep It Clean And Fresh

Just keeping it clean in the shower and trimming it when required is all it takes. If you've been sweating excessively and want to get frisky with your lady, hop in the shower for a minute or so just to freshen up.

Have Confidence In it

If you're insecure about your penis, your girlfriend will be, too. She'll notice more flaws if you're always worried about it and ask if it's okay for her. Have some confidence in your equipment. Own it! The more confident you are, the sexier you'll be to her.

Learn how to use it well

Truthfully, a woman isn't caring what your penis looks like if you know how to use it well. You'll have to practice a lot to figure out what she likes in bed. Don't just depend only on your penis to do the work. Do some learning.


What Do Women Think About Penis Sizes?

When it comes to what women think about most penis sizes, a vast majority (84%) think their partner's penis is fine. So, What Size Penis Do Women Prefer? Only about 14% of women wished their partner's penis was larger, and 2% wanted a smaller one. More illuminating is that women feel more satisfied than men about the size of their penises. In almost every circumstance, men rated their penises as smaller than what a woman would rate it.

How Do You Measure Your Penis?

Measuring penises is both easy and complex for several reasons. Nevertheless, most studies try to get a varied set of volunteers and measure everybody in a standardized way. And by using a disposable tape measurer. The authors of the study suggest a disposable tape measurer for hygienic purposes. In most erect penis, sexual arousal has to be prompted by the participants when watching pornography or after receiving a prostaglandin injection.


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