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Why Couples Love To Buy Sex Dolls For Them

Written by: Bestvibe Published on January 09,2023

In a real-life situation, couples often become quite possessive about their partners. They would not like them to have sexual relationships outside of marriage or outside their relationships. But at the same time, human nature is such that it calls for regular exploration of new things and also getting to try out new fantasies. It is all the more prevalent between males and females as far as sex is concerned.

Sex dolls that are made could perhaps support couples in the bed to have threesome sex without that feeling of jealousy and possessiveness. Threesome sex with a sex doll could, therefore, be considered an amazing experience that could be invigorating while not disturbing a committed relationship. Let's know more about sex dolls:

What Is A Sex Doll?

A sex doll is a life-size doll with realistic features. They're usually made of soft materials like TPE or silicone, and most are anatomically proper enough to let their owners utilize them for sexual pleasure. Some dolls lean more into fantasy than reality, and their appearance may not be totally human or entirely realistic.

Types Of Sex Doll

● Full Body - the most realistic sex dolls have the whole body from head to toe, so that's the primary focus

● Parts Only - you can also purchase sex dolls with just some parts of the body, which makes them easier to move.

Reasons Why Couples Buy Sex Dolls

Now that some of the stigmas are gone, different subsets of individuals are buying these dolls. One such subgroup is 'couples.' But Why Do Couples Buy Sex Dolls? Here are some reasons:


Many individuals have a secret fantasy of having a threesome. It would be embarrassing to invite that hot colleague over, and a shamble with your neighbor could start all sorts of gossip in the neighborhood. A sex doll could be the best solution to your problem. She is shaped like a human. Yes, there are male dolls too. With her as a third partner in your bed, you can explore everything you ever wanted to try.


What if you or your partner are in a long-distance relationship? That, too, makes for the perfect circumstance for adding a love doll to your home. Instead of spending all those nights alone, you can embrace and cuddle with your artificial partner. She will always be available for whatever you can think of. And if you don't want to do it on your own, turn on the cam and allow your partner to enjoy the show.


Perhaps you're very lonely and would like somebody in your home who you can talk to and who you can give cuddle. You can change her clothes, do her hair and turn her into the friend you have always wanted. She's also a useful companion if you're insecure in bed and would like to practice your abilities.


For couples, there are many uses for a sex doll. One advantage is that she's an excellent partner to practice your intricate bondage designs on. She is perfectly shaped; she's got the best boobs to turn your rope around, and she won't complain. Where human partners might get bored at some point, you can try again and again with your synthetic friend. Finally, you get to live out your dreams and tie intricate knot patterns while your human partner is free to move around and get you coffee.

Tips For Couples Using A Sex Doll

Use these tips to have an amazing experience:

Turn Off The Light

You should make your room dark. But if you want the room to feel sexual, add a candle.

Get Your Sex Doll Ready

The male sex doll will lay down ready for your partner, with vibrators and lube next to it. The same involves when you utilize female sex dolls. Ensure that she's in place and ready for both of you beforehand.

The Real Threesome

Give your partner oral sex and let your partner do the same. For a male sex doll, let her get on top of it. And ride him while you kiss her body and suck her ass till she begins to moan. You can come in front of her to give you oral sex as she continues to ride the male sex doll. The same also works with the female sex doll. The only difference is that the male would have to please both the woman and the sex doll. You can dip into both of them and see who will make you cum faster. Anytime she wants, she can switch from the doll and use you instead. It boosts pleasure and feels so sweet. Couples can start by giving the man oral sex. Then he can start to have sex with the doll while she explores his body, and she uses a vibrator on herself to remove the image of the man with another girl.

How To Shop For A Doll Together

Now as you get to know the reasons that Why Do Couples Buy Sex Dolls? It's time to know how to buy one. If you're initiating the use of sex dolls together, it is a really excellent idea to make some expectations together and familiarize yourself with the different options out there. Besides, it's an excellent chance to discuss your interests with your better half. "When a couple says, 'hey, I think this doll looks good,' it means 'Hey, this is my dream fantasies' or 'Hey, this is what I'm interested about. Your partner would understand your sexual needs better."You can shop together online or in person. When you have your sex doll, have fun in it with your partner in a few ways.

How Do You Clean Them?

The cleaning procedure relies on the type of doll you have. TPE dolls are porous, so it's essential to clean them thoroughly so they don't develop bacteria. For both silicone and TPE dolls, it's good to give them a shower once or twice a month. Just set them up in the bathtub and wash them with mind soap and warm (not hot) water. Don't get water into the head or neck - if you want to clean the face, use a microfiber cloth.


Why should couples explore with sex dolls?

You never know what you're missing until you give it a try. Using sex dolls with your partner will breathe something new into your sexual life and improve your love for your better half. Sex dolls can also spice up your marriage and enhance your life. Anything that offers you and your partner the ultimate pleasure will only lead to further understanding of each other and allow you to enjoy a more passionate moment with each other. Using sex dolls helps couples open up more to each other. Once a partner is confident enough to introduce sex dolls into their sex lives, an opportunity to explore mutual pleasure opens up. This will develop intimacy and build trust, which can spread to other parts of the relationship.

Are sex dolls only for sex?

No. Sexual gratification is likely the number one reason that people buy sex dolls. But there's no doubt that people form bonds with their dolls regularly, and their presence can stave off loneliness in various individuals. If you're considering getting a doll for non-sexual reasons, that's totally normal.


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