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What Makes Elf Sex Dolls Great to Use?

Written by: Bestvibe Published on December 21,2022

To many people, elves represent purity and raw nature, as depicted in many movies and books. However, these flawless and magical creatures boast special uniqueness that instantly melts your heart. And now you can have an elf sex doll in your bedroom!

Imagine waking up next to a gorgeous-looking elf. Elf sex dolls will make all your fairy tales and sex fantasies come true – making every night memorable and adventurous for you.

What Are Elf Sex Dolls?

Elf sex dolls are mannequins with metal, plastic, or ceramic skeleton and fabric bodies. They are designed to resemble attractive women and come in a wide range of sizes, colors and shapes. They may have wigs or hair made from human hair or high-quality synthetic materials. The faces usually have the same expression as those carefully hand painted by an artist. You can even choose the eyes' colour or customize your elf sex doll's face to look like somebody you know!

If you are wondering what makes elf sex dolls so popular among customers, then you should know that they are so natural looking that it is hard to tell them from humans without touching them.

What To Look for When Purchasing Elf Sex Dolls?

Material & Construction:

Choose a material that feels comfortable to the touch. The elf sex dolls made of silicone are more expensive but far more durable and immune to damage than those made of TPE. Every elf sex doll will have a skeleton frame, and some models come with movable joints that can be adjusted according to your instructions. Unfortunately, the skeleton frame is usually made of rigid plastic or metal, which can create sharp bumps when you touch it. This is less of a problem on the elf sex dolls with soft bodies, but you should still pay attention to it just in case you want to buy one for yourself later.


As we have discussed, these are very realistic in appearance. You do not have to look for many colors and designs – choose the model you like the most. If you are buying one for your partner or a friend, you can choose the elf sex doll with a more attractive body shape. In general, elf sex dolls with soft bodies are more expensive than those with hard ones, but they are worth it because they feel nicer to the touch.


The elf sex dolls' proportions should be adjusted to your tastes and preferences – if they do not match your expectations, they will be left in drawers and ignored after you are done with them. The elf sex dolls' body sizes are usually made to be smaller than women, but this is not something you should worry about too much. The only important thing is that they accurately match your expectations.


The elf sex dolls usually have a wig and accessories like eyelashes, eye shadow and painted fingernails. You can choose to buy the accessories separately or choose them as part of the elf sex doll package that you buy from an online retailer.

Where Can I Buy Elf Sex Dolls?

You can find a wide selection of elf sex dolls on the Internet. Just visit some online forums where people discuss them, and you will find several reputable websites that sell them. Then, you can place an order from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to your door without hassle or delay.

Features Of a Good Elf Sex Doll


The most important thing is to pick a skin-friendly and durable material. The elf sex dolls made of TPE are the most popular options because they are solid and easy to maintain, but the silicone ones can hold their shape much better overall.


The elf sex dolls with posable joints allow you to position them in any way you like. This is useful if you want to create a particular pose – something that might be impossible with models that do not have them.


Many customers prefer buying models with rigid skeleton frames because they feel realistic. However, if you want something that feels nicer to the touch, you should choose the elf sex dolls with TPE bodies.


The elf sex dolls made of silicone can hold their shape for years, but the TPE ones will sag after a few months of regular use. You should know that they are also more expensive than their counterparts, which is why some people wear silicone ones even though they are less comfortable to touch and maintain.


Choose the elf sex dolls' size according to your preferences – if you want to use it as a display model and do not care about its actual size, then you can go with something big enough. But if you want one that can be used for sexual purposes, then you should pick one that is smaller than it looks in the photos. The elf sex dolls that are too big for the user might appear more realistic but uncomfortable to use.


Overall, the elf sex dolls are something you should try out if you are looking for something fun and new. They make great gifts for your partner or one of your friends who like to play games that do not involve much pre-planning or effort on your part. They are also affordable, durable and realistic – pick one from our website and give it a try!


How Do I Use an ELF Sex Doll?

You can use them for any sexual activity that you enjoy. Some people dress them up in costume, while others prefer to keep it simple and enjoy the feel of the alien material.

Why Would I Want an Elf Sex Doll?

There are many reasons why someone might want an ELF Sex Doll. You are a huge fan of sci-fi movies or TV shows, and you have always wanted to experience sex with an elf. Or you are simply curious about how it would feel to have sex with something that is not human.


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