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What Is A Automatic Male Masturbator?

Written by: Bestvibe Published on December 07,2022

For a lot of males, there is a sense that sex toys aren't that necessary. You got a hand and lube, and you're good to go. Over time, however, more and more sex toys that cater to guys have become available. But even with this new tool that can enhance their solo experience, guys are still iffy about using toys. How different is it from using your hands? Well, maybe that's why automatic male masturbators exist. The automatic male masturbator is a revolutionary design for males. Let's know more about automatic male masturbators:

What Is An Automatic Male Masturbator?

An automatic male masturbator is a masturbator toy for males. It can move up and down automatically, stimulating the penis. You can adjust the speed and intensity yourself. If you want to get an orgasm but do not want to use your hand? Put the penis into the automatic male masturbator and lean back.

Types Of Automatic Male Masturbators

Thrusting Masturbator

The basic type of automatic masturbator. These move the sleeve in and out of the container with the help of a motor inside the cup itself. Basically, you can just hold the cup in place, and the sleeve will be the one stroking your penis for you.

Rotating Masturbator

An automatic masturbator that makes a rotating motion instead of, or alongside, the thrusting motion. This adds an extra dimension to the stimulation you get when using your masturbator.

Suction Type Masturbator

This is another type of automatic masturbator, but this one creates a suction motion. It creates a small vacuum within itself to replicate how it feels like to have your penis sucked.

Size Of Automatic Male Masturbators

They come in different sizes. You can choose them according to your choice. If you need one that is particularly large to ensure it fits and is comfortable, you might need to look at the opening size and the size of the model. If you want to keep it somewhere discreet, then you might not want something too huge.

Material Of Automatic Male Masturbators

They are available in different kinds of materials. You can choose them according to your choice. Many people find certain materials can irritate or give them some sort of rash. For instance, many people find that latex causes rashes and skin irritation. Silicone is very popular as it is waterproof but also can be really good for your skin and cause very few issues, especially when used with a good lube.

How To Use An Automatic Male Masturbator

Start by stimulating the penis head softly, and enter the automatic male masturbator when ready. You need to choose the right one for yourself and put on some lubricants both to the stroker and your erection, making sure you're getting a smooth massage. Once you have the lube on, begin to enjoy your journey. You can switch to different modes, feeling the various sensations. Control your ejaculation with different frequencies; absolutely, you can find a special feeling you've never experienced.

How To Clean Your Automatic Masturbator

You should always follow the rules and regulations that the manufacturers set out when you are cleaning your masturbator. Waterproof products are a lot easier to clean as you can wash them out with hot soapy water. You can use specific sex toy wipes and sprays. For most people, this is no problem, and wipes and other cleaning products do a great job. Even the products that can't be submerged in water are often easy to clean, and if they have an internal sleeve, then you can often take this out and rinse and thoroughly clean. You should make sure you clean properly after every single use.

How To Choose An Automatic Male Masturbator?

However, before purchasing an automatic male masturbator, we should observe a few simple things to achieve full pleasure.

Figure Out Your Preference

First of all, of course, you should be clear about what your particular preferences are. Which is your ideal color for automatic strokers? Which function do you need? What's the best price for you?

Make It Clear - Penis Size

You should also know the dimensions of your penis so that you buy the correct size. Although most automatic strokers in Sohimi are suitable for almost the penis, you should pay attention to the product introduction because unsuitable size may cause an uncomfortable experience when masturbating.

Other Features

Besides those things above, what are the other features of an automatic male masturbator you care about? Easy cleaning is an essential factor. The automatic male masturbator must be thoroughly cleaned after each use to prevent bacterial infestation and ensure a long service life for your masturbator. The duration of an automatic male masturbator is another essential factor. Besides the good maintenance after purchase, the durable material is also an important factor. All in all, think clearly before buying an automatic male masturbator.


Can You get hurt by using an automatic masturbator?

It is possible that you can get hurt if you do something wrong, but only if you do not follow instructions or allow the product to become hazardous, for example, using it in water when it is not submersible. You should use lubricant, as this will make movement much more free, quick, and easy. It is unlikely that you will be hurt if you follow the instructions, and manufacturers will tell you how to use the masturbator with instructions when you buy.

Can individuals get addicted to the use of a masturbator?

A masturbator is not more likely to cause any sex addiction than any other form of sexual pleasure. Though sex addiction is a very real condition, it is very unlikely that a product like this will make you addicted, and if you do, there are types of therapy that can be sought to help. A masturbator itself is not like a drug or alcohol; it will not automatically make you addicted. Unless you already have a problem with sex addiction you should not need to worry about purchasing one.


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