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What Are Anal Beads And Their Various Types?

Written by: Bestvibe Published on September 19,2022

Have you heard of the various toys that are used at the time of sex? There are various options available these days. Some are available with some side effects, while others are entirely safe for the person to use. The most appropriate option for people is the Anal Beads. Now we will discuss everything about anal beads to make them a good choice for use.

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What Are Anal Beads?

If we talk about anal toys, they are mainly made up using multiple beads whose arrangements have been done in ascending order. First, the placement of the smallest bead takes place, and then slowly and gradually, the one with the increasing size.

There are various names for anal beads, about which some people have an idea, like anal balls, butt beads, and sex beads. A person can use the beads at the solo level with their partners. But if a person wants to use it effectively, the partner will be the best choice.

Details About The Anal Beads

As we all know, anal beads are mainly a series of beads connected in a specific order. Therefore, the classification of the anal beads is possible based on various factors. Let us look at the classification in detail for a better understanding.


They are toys made of unique materials like silicon, glass, rubber, and latex. Out of the various options, most people go for silicon anal beads as they are known to have flexibility and provide complete safety to the users. The person can select the material as per their level of comfort.

Size Of The Anal Beads

The anal beads are generally oval in shape, so they will have a diameter that will mainly define their size. The anal beads are known to have a diameter between 25 to 125mm. The variation in the diameter of the anal beads ate available in the market. Therefore, a person can choose the size with which they are comfortable.

Shape And Design

When do you think of the beads, which shape comes to your mind? For example, with the anal beads, most people think they are oval in shape. But sometimes, they are even oval, but when their joining takes place in a specific manner, they ultimately turn out to be cylindrical.

Tips For Choosing The Beads

After having the idea of the various types of anal beads, the main question is as to how to choose the same? If a person wishes to make the proper selection of anal beads, then going for the useful tips is a significant factor for the person.

So his try must always be on getting the option that will; give him the best result. Some of the common factors to consider are as follows:

• A person needs to be careful in choosing the safe material for the body. For example, going for the medical grade silicon or the anal glass beads will be best.

• The ones that are easy to clean for the women must be the people's choice.

• If you are using them for the first time, then the ones which are smaller in size are good ones.

• A person can try the various types and then fix the one that is most effective.

Ways To Use The Anal Beads

Once the person has decided on using the Anal Beads, he must have an idea of the right way to use them. Using the long anal beads is a bit complex, so the initial use must be of the ones that are smaller in size. Some basic things must be evident during its use.

The anal beads are generally not shoved into the anus of the person. The push of the anal beads requires a lot of effort from the people. With time the person needs to stop to get good results. The person needs to keep pushing the bead until he feels uncomfortable with the further pushing. The best thing about the beads is that men can use them anytime and place.

How To Clean The Anal Beads

As the anal beads go in the butthole, their cleaning in a proper manner is a must for the people. Out of the various types of anal beads, some are very easy to clean, while others require a lot of effort of people. So a person can make the analysis and then go for the one that can be cleaned quickly to avoid future problems. There are various ways of cleaning the anal beads:

• Firstly, the person can clean the beads with mild water and the soap

• Another option is to dip in the solution of the bleach and the water

• Just washing the beads is not sufficient. Proper cleaning of the beads is also a mandatory step before they are used for the next timer.

Pros Of The Beads

• People normally use it at the time of the anal training

• Increases the excitement of eh couple at the time of the sex

• It is an excellent option for use for the partnered sex

• A person can control the beads so the users can make the changes as per the level of comfort.

Cons Of The Beads

• They are an inconvenient option for the solo sex

• The process of insertion and removal process is a bit difficult

• If they are stuck in the butthole, then they create problems

• They are expensive for people.


A. Is It Easy To Use The Anal Beads?

There are various types of sex toys available on the market. Using the anal beads is a bit difficult compared to the other available options.

B. What Is The Use Of Anal Beads?

The main task of the anal beads is the stimulation of the anal, and the insertion of the beads takes place in the anus as per the need of the



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