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Waterproof Vibrators: Ultimate Toys for Wet Fun

Written by: Bestvibe Published on October 28,2022

Vibrators are battery-operated sexual stimuli that can be placed all over the body to ignite sensations within the body. Waterproof vibrators can be used on nipples, the clitoris, and the g-spot or around the anus to stimulate your partner and get them humming along to cool vibrations! They come in different shapes and sizes and with different functions or capabilities that one can choose from. In this piece, the Waterproof Vibrator is the toy of the hour; we get to explain what it is, what it can offer, and why you need to get one.

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What are Waterproof Vibrators?

Waterproof vibrators are an excellent toy to have in your toy chest. It is a vibrator that allows you to immerse it in water or will be resistant to a few water splashes. Always check which is which and if you cannot ascertain this, err on the side of caution and do not immerse it in water.

A Waterproof vibrator can be your perfect shower, tub, or swim companion. Take your toy with you when you go for a shower with your partner, and never let the party stop because of a bit of water.

What Kinds of Waterproof Vibrators are There?

We guarantee you’ll be like a kid in a candy shop scrolling through our collection of waterproof toys! We have a huge range of sizes, shapes, and colors that are sure to suit anyone and everyone, plus a bunch of handy guides to help you on your journey to finding the ultimate shaft.

How to Use a Waterproof Vibrator?

If you have already chosen a suitable toy, then before using it, keep in mind the following:

● Water-based lubricants are not suitable for showering, so take a tube of silicone grease that is not so easy to rinse with water. However, silicone grease is incompatible with silicone toys and other materials. Read the instructions for your sex toy and make sure that silicone lubricants are compatible with the device;

● Before going to the bathroom, make sure that the vibrator is tightly closed;

● The vibrator immersed in water works much louder; in addition, the walls of the bathtub also amplify the sound. If you want to be quieter, then using a vibrator is better in the shower;

● In tight spaces, you can use special devices for sex in the shower, which will help you find the best angles for penetration, and the vibrator will look organically on a bathroom shelf.

Things To Remember When Using a Waterproof Vibrator:

● Check the tag on your toy and make sure it is waterproof and not just water-resistant (splashproof)

● Always make sure the battery or charger cap is properly secured before immersing your vibrator in water

● Always give it a good rinse after use, especially if you take it to catch some waves

● Use it the same way as a normal vibrator, and as usual, ENJOY!

How to Clean Waterproof Vibrators

Use only water-based lubricants, and ensure that you read the label before using your new vibrator. Even if you are certain that you have properly cleaned your vibrator after using it, you might want to check to ensure it hasn’t picked up any dust or other debris before you use it. So you might want to give it a quick rinse; it won’t hurt!– Wash before and after every use (please see below how to clean your vibrator).

● Store at room temperature in a clean place. You can choose to store your vibe in a bedside cabinet or dedicated storage for an adult toy. Some people get bags to store their toys; the great benefit of utilizing a bag is that you can still charge the toy in the background while staying hidden. Some vibrators come with pouches when you purchase them.

● Use mild soap (or if you have intimate soap) and warm water; usually, this does the trick.

● Wipes: solely for convenience. You can find sex toy wipes, but baby wipes will do!

The Benefits Of Waterproof Vibrators

When discussing how to use waterproof vibrators, it’s also important to look at why you choose it in the first place. We have already stated its versatile use – you can use it in or outside water and enjoy both. It’s also a way to spice things up and take sex away from the bedroom. It’ll open your mind to exciting spaces within your home that you have never explored. A waterproof vibrator will also encourage a level of bonding that is always a plus. Exploring what gets your partner off and happy is such a great thing that many couples often need. Adding something as simple as pushing foreplay and actual sexual intercourse in your bathroom or pool can heat things!


● Waterproof vibrators may be more expensive than non-waterproof vibrators.

● Some people feel that waterproof vibrators are not more potent than non-waterproof vibrators.


How do I clean my Waterproof Vibrator?

Special care should be taken when flushing to ensure that water does not enter the battery compartment. If such a nuisance has occurred, remove the batteries and dry the compartment; otherwise, the contacts may rust, the motor may jam, and your favorite vibrator will become a dildo.

How can I tell if my toy is waterproof?

We wouldn’t blame you if you got excited and threw out the packaging. It happens, but fear not: There are a few steps you can still take to ensure your vibrator or sex toy can handle being fully submerged. If you threw out the instructions and box, you could find out if your toy is waterproof by checking the product for where the battery charger port is located. It is likely waterproof if it is completely sealed with a secure screw top.


Shower sex is fun, but adding waterproof vibrators will enhance the thrill. Call your partner to get naughtier under the shower and enjoy some raunchy acts and deep penetration once the waterproof vibrator has triggered all your sex hormones. Ensure you do not insert it into your anus once you have put it inside your vagina. Be cautious and safe, and have a healthy masturbating or intercourse session.


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