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Using Sex Toys During Solo Play Can Help You Experience Better Orgasms

Written by: Bestvibe Published on January 12,2023

Masturbation, self-pleasure, flicking the bean—whatever euphemism you want—is integral to understanding yourself sexually. Many well-meaning sex-positive advocates will fall into the accidental trap of suggesting that it's essential for women to know themselves sexually to have better Sex with a partner. But what's also true is that masturbation and solo sex are worthy endeavors all on their own. These activities have more value than just being practice or a warm-up for partnered Sex. Let's know more about solo Sex and how Using Sex Toys During Solo Play Can Help You Experience Better Orgasms:

What is Solo Sex

Solo sex can be a little bit more intimate and involved than masturbation—any form of self-love or self-touch can count as solo Sex, even if you don't end in an orgasm. Penis-owning people often don't need to be encouraged to self-explore. Most have been touching themselves one way or another since they discovered they had feelings down there. Self-pleasure in these forms allows you to explore your body and figure out what sorts of things turn you on and offers some surprising health benefits.

Creative Ways To Take Solo Sex To The Next Level

There's no denying that Sex with a partner can be erotic, intense, and satisfying. Solo sex is another popular way to find that much-needed sexual release. Here are some ways to enjoy solo sex and masturbation like never before. So grab your lube and favorite sex toy:

Stimulate All of Your Senses

Masturbation is about more than just getting off. While touch is the main focus of most solo sex sessions, it shouldn't be the only one. Your other senses are extremely powerful and heightened during the sexual experience. If you've ever been blindfolded, you know that the minute you can't see, all your other senses are instantly intensified. Every sound, touch, and smell seems stronger and more intoxicating. Blindfolds aren't just for living out BDSM fantasies. You can cover or shut your eyes during solo Sex for a more intense experience. By stimulating all of your senses during solo Sex, you can easily send your body (and your orgasm) into overdrive.

Practice The Art Of Edging

One way to enjoy all the glory and pleasure that solo Sex has to offer is by going slow, taking your time, and practicing the art of edging. If you're not familiar with this practice, edging involves controlling your orgasm. As you feel the pleasure building in your belly and between your legs, and you're ready to explode in a powerful, body-shaking release, you stop. And then let your arousal levels dip down before building it up again.

Invest In New Toys And Products

What better way to add some excitement to solo sex than by investing in some naughty new products? From vibrators and dildos to lingerie, clamps, pumps, masturbation sleeves, and countless other items, you can explore your body and pleasure in ways you never thought possible! Start off with some beginner toys like a bullet vibrator or a masturbation sleeve, and experiment with different types of lubricant, from water-based to CBD oil-based. Rabbit-style vibes are another popular choice for vulva owners who enjoy dual stimulation. When you're ready to upgrade to some more adventurous items, try adding to your collection butt plugs, anal beads, nipple clamps, penis pumps, and suction cup dildos.

Switch Things Up

Whether you're in the shower, laying on your back in bed, or sitting in front of your computer watching porn, spice up your solo sex life by flipping the script and switching things up.

Instead of masturbating while lying on your back in bed, try lying face down, sitting, or squatting. Take your favorite waterproof sex toy in the shower, or slowly and methodically touch yourself in a warm, soothing bath. Vary the speed, tempo, and energy of your solo pleasure techniques as much as you can.

Create A Naughty Scenario In Your Mind

Solo sex is about exploring your sexuality and pleasure on your own. But that doesn't mean you can't incorporate other fantasies or people into your one-on-one session. Try imagining a naughty or even taboo scenario while masturbating. Close your eyes and envision someone there with you, controlling your hand or toy.

How To Choose Sex Toys For Solo Play

Whether you're a seasoned masturbator or a newbie, it never hurts to have a few toys around to help keep things interesting. The main rules to follow when choosing a sex toy are, first, to make sure it's made with safe materials, and second, to make sure it's going to do what you want it to. Safe sex toys are non-porous, can't harbor bacteria, and are free of toxic chemicals found in plastics that could get into your bloodstream through your highly innervated private parts (like phthalates).

Look for sex toys made of silicone, stainless steel, borosilicate glass, or lucite, and avoid the cheap ones made from anything porous, like rubber or cheap plastics. Even if you don't always need lube, it's a nice thing to have on your nightstand if you want to try something new, like a butt plug, or want an extra-slippery experience every once in a while. Get a water-based one for easy cleanup and minimal potential for irritation.


Why is solo Sex good?

It helps with relaxation and sleep: An orgasm also releases a hormone called prolactin. This hormone makes you feel relaxed and sleepy, which is why most of you feel extra tired after Sex. The release of this hormone leads us to that nice drowsy state which is why masturbation is great at helping you de-stress and sleep.

Is solo Sex good for a woman?

Better than any cream or lotion, masturbating gets the blood flowing to your lady parts along with natural lubrication, and by working your vaginal muscles (which an orgasm does naturally), your entire genital region becomes stronger, more elastic (and so less painful during Sex) and youthful.

Is it okay to use sex toys?

Yes, dear. Sex toys have nothing to do with health. It's for more fun, more enjoyment, and more exploration of once-sexual fantasies and desires.


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