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User Sharing丨Penis as hard as Iron Man? Try the Spa Masturbation Cup for Massage and Strength.

Written by: Bestvibe Published on December 21,2023

The following content is from real user reviews received by the Bestvibe team. Authorized for commercial use

Recently, I have certain requirements for the erection speed and hardness of my penis. It just so happened that Bestvibe put this dual-purpose masturbation + erection training airplane cup on the shelves. So I bought it as soon as possible and actually tried it for a month. Below I will share my ratings and true feelings. 

Comfortable Colors
I named this airplane cup: Sap Cup. Its spa function is what attracted me the most this time. 

Let’s talk about the appearance first. Compared with the traditional black and white airplane cup, the green color really makes my eyes shine. The transparent shell allows me to know very clearly the status of penis erection or masturbation. The overall size of the cup is: 10.3 inches. It’s no problem to put it in a drawer or wardrobe at home.

Liner length: 3.7 inches. It conforms to the usage space of the average male penis after erection. After erection, you can just experience the tongue licking function of the inner bladder. The tongue is covered with particles, hoping to enhance some stimulation. But from my subsequent experience, the stimulation brought by adding warm water is more stimulating than tongue licking.

The angular shell is a thoughtful design. When lubricant is used, you will know how difficult it is to hold an airplane cup. The appearance of edges and corners increases friction and reduces a lot of trouble when holding the airplane cup.

User experience

I know that most people buy airplane cups for personal use, and I do the same. Once I unpacked it, I couldn't wait to try out its features - the suction is very powerful yet comfortable and gentle to use. 

Of course, increasing the intensity is always possible and you can choose between 3 different intensity levels (low, medium and high). Because of the super strong suction power of a penis pump, it must be done with caution, especially in the beginning.

I also add some warm water. When the water responds to the tongue licking, it feels like my partner took a mouthful of hot water and gave me a blowjob. Passionate and provocative, very exciting.


I use Sap Cup  2 times a week. Because it can be IPX7 waterproof, I will choose to do it in the bathtub.Each use basically involves 5-8 minutes of negative pressure training, 5 minutes of sperm control training, and then ejaculation. 

Rinse both product and yourself together.So it doesn’t waste any of my other time, and it’s very convenient to clean.

Basically I trained this way for about 1 month. If I want to talk about the results, my wife is very satisfied with my recent sexual performance. I think this is the credit of Sap Cup.


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