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Unboxing Review | Remodeling model, your second lover

Written by: Bestvibe Published on July 26,2023

Unboxing Review | Remodeling model, your second lover

Welcome to our Sex Master column.

Our Unboxing Review is a cool new venture by Bestvibe. Each month, we have our members try out new products for free, snagging the most raw feedback and the raddest fun ways to use from our users' real-life experiences. The main category for this round's review is: Realistic Butts. We roped in two members (using nicknames here): Haiden, a seasoned masturbation hobbyist, and Jay, a fan of SM and thrill-seeking outdoor sex. 

The main category for this round's review is: Realistic Butts. We roped in two members (using nicknames here): Haiden, a seasoned masturbation hobbyist, and Jay, a fan of SM and thrill-seeking outdoor sex.

We shipped out two different realistic bust models to them. Let's dive into their feedback!

First impressions: Unboxing

Haiden was immediately drawn to the product's big bust. "Man, the size of those definitely caught my eye more than anything else. I spent a good chunk of time looking at them, feeling them up, and watching how they jiggled and moved before I even glanced at the vaginal and anal.”

Initial Reactions: Unboxing

Haiden was hooked right from the get-go, noticing the grandeur of the product's bust. "You know," he said, "those twins immediately caught my attention. Spent a fair while admiring, prodding, and being mesmerized by their lifelike jiggle before I even took notice of the other two interesting parts.”

Jay, on the other hand, was keen on inspecting the product just as it was received. He remarked, "The box arrived with some heft to it, sparking a sense of anticipation while waiting for the mailman to do his thing. It was packed discreetly. Though it was a little distorted due to travel, it straightened right out, leaving me in awe of the design and feel. It has a firm yet squishy waist, perfect for a grip, and though getting the right pose was a tad challenging initially, I eventually mastered how to manipulate it without causing damage.”

All in all, fellas, these life-like bust models will start tickling your fancy from the moment you order them. Unboxing reveals a highly detailed creation that will leave your jaw on the floor. With an inbuilt skeleton, the model offers stability, allowing you to play as you wish.

The Test Run

Haiden gleefully shared: "That torso comes into play brilliantly, especially when I found my sweet spot. Missionary was a bit of a tough nut to crack. I reckon a waist-high desk or table would do the trick. On the other hand, cowgirl was a walk in the park. Guiding the movement for my pleasure and witnessing the bouncing, jiggling twins was nothing short of magnificent.”

Jay was equally enthusiastic: "I started off with missionary to get a feel of the toy, but soon found myself spreading her legs for a deeper sensation. The best part was being able to go hands-free, getting lost in the moment. Flipping it into doggy style and the ability to adjust the pose was a great feature, but the cherry on the cake was the weight and the push back it gives, especially when you grip its waist and really get into the groove."

The takeaway? Both gents highly recommend the Missionary and Doggy styles for these life-size half-length bust models. The experience? As real as it gets. Bedroom, living room, or shower, this lady's ready to go wherever you want, always accommodating you - a loyal sidekick.

Handy Hints

Our seasoned experts have also shared some pro tips:

1. Dress up the half-length bust model to your taste. If you're an SM enthusiast, tying the toy up could add an extra kick.

2. If you decided to skip the built-in vibration function, you could always add a little DIY fun. A vibrator in the other orifice, perhaps?

3. Lube is your friend. Particularly for the larger gentlemen, it will greatly enhance the experience.

4. As it's quite a step-up from your standard cup or mold, hold onto the box for storage. Just slide it back in the closet or basement when you're done.  


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