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Try Out Electric Sex Toys To Get More Pleasure In Your Sex Life

Written by: Bestvibe Published on December 19,2022

Sex toys, also called adult toys or "marital aids," — are objects people use for more pleasure during sex or masturbation. However, when you want all the stimulation of intercourse without the full cardio workout, an electric, rechargeable sex toy can have all your bases covered. The electric sex toys can be rechargeable, battery-powered, or plug-in. Let's know more about electric sex toys:

What Are Electric Sex Toys?

Electric sex toys transmit waves of electricity throughout your body. The waves stimulate your nerve endings which make involuntary muscle contractions that are highly arousing. As far as sensation goes, electro-toys feel like a mixture between throbbing vibrations and pins and needles. While this may not sound amazing, it's super pleasurable.

Types Of Electric Sex Toys

Battery-Powered Sex Toys

Battery-powered sex toys are a pretty common sight in novelty stores. Common amongst cheaper, smaller toys such as bullet vibrators, these need one or more batteries to turn on. A lot of the time, the batteries won't come with the toy, and you'll have to buy them separately.

Plug-In Sex Toys

Corded or plug-in sex toys must be plugged into a wall socket to turn on. Many powerful personal massagers are corded. While this kind of toy doesn't need much preparation to use, you must be close to a wall socket to use them. Spontaneous toy enthusiasts will want to keep corded sex toys to a minimum.

Rechargeable Sex Toys

Most electronic technology is already battery-free, so why shouldn't sex toys be, too? With rechargeable toys, you have to charge your toy using the included cable every so often to keep it ready for action. Though generally, more expensive, rechargeable toys are worth it in the long run.

How to Choose the Best Electric Sex Toys?

Before selecting the right electric sex toys, you need to consider your experience with electrostimulation and how advanced you want your toys to be. The best electric sex toys produce delightful shocks that stimulate your nerve endings. Additionally, they should have a wide range of intensity levels so you can adjust the settings to your liking.

If you're new to electro-shock sex toys, here are some features you must consider:

● Make sure it has graduated intensity levels. Ideally, your electrical toy should have five or more voltage levels for you to select from. This way, you can begin with a lower intensity and make your way up as you become more comfortable with the sensation.

● Make sure it has a safety shut-off button. Most electric shock sex toys come with a button that allows you quickly shut down the machine if the sensation becomes too intense. Never purchase products that don't have this feature, specifically ones that aren't intended to be used as electric sex toys.

● Look for rechargeable batteries. Some electro-stimulators are powered by standard batteries, which die quickly. Others plug straight into the wall, which makes them susceptible to electrical power surges. Therefore, rechargeable toys since they are eco-friendly, efficient, and long-lasting.

How to Have Fun With Electric Sex Toys

Electric Sex Toys are exciting and can feel fantastic if you know where to put them. If you're a man, try placing one probe on the outside of your left butt cheek and the second on the inside of your right butt cheek. This will stimulate your buttocks and, if placed accurately, provide deep internal p-spot stimulation. If you'd like to stimulate your front, put electrodes on either side of your groin, where your thighs meet your lower abdomen. The electrical current should stimulate your entire erogenous zone, down to your penis and scrotum. If you're a female, place the electrodes in the crease where your thighs meet your lower abdomen to experience waves of joy pulsing through your most intimate areas. You may also enjoy placing the electrodes on your lower leg just above the ankle. This will send enjoyable shocks up your calves and thighs to stimulate your whole lower body.

How To Properly Clean Sex Toys

Cleaning and maintaining your devices isn't always easy, but it's necessary. Depending on several factors, the clean-up routine will vary slightly. Some toys need special attention and specialized cleaning solutions or renewal powders to keep them fresh. You must read and follow the care instructions included with your toy to clean and maintain it safely. If you don't follow the cleaning instructions and follow your own way your toy gets damaged. As for proper maintenance of your sex toys, a good cleaning routine will take you further than anything else ever will. Also, don't forget to register for any warranties provided to protect yourself from any mechanical malfunctions.


Can Everyone Use An Electrical Sex Toy?

If vibrators always felt too extreme, you might want to sit this trend out. Also, you must keep the vibrator away if you have a heart condition. Electricity can also jolt your ticker, so don't use it above your waist. Also, keep your spine and area with piercings off-limits. But if you have none of these conditions and want to experiment with an electrical vibrator, make sure you use a water-based gel. The gel will amp up conductivity and aid you in avoiding burns.

How Often Should You Change the Batteries in Your Sex Toy(s)?

You must change the batteries in your sex toy or sex toy remote at least once every 3 to 6 months. Old batteries tend to leak their acids into the housing of your sex toy, rendering the mechanical components useless over time. Leaving your sex toys out in the open or extreme temperatures can tremendously shorten the battery's life expectancy. Not only that but doing so can also make the fluids leak despite the age of the battery itself. Remember that each battery type has its unique shelf life, so determine that information to save yourself some trouble. Some manufacturers' warranties include coverage for damage caused by prolapsed batteries, but that's not always the case, and it's better to be safe than sorry.


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