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The Ultimate Guide To Penis Pumps: What They Are And How To Buy Them

Written by: Bestvibe Published on August 17,2022

An effective tool for males with erectile dysfunction is the penile pump. The pump aids in getting an erection by producing negative pressure. What exactly is the penis pump's role in treating erectile dysfunction, though? Can men who do not have erectile dysfunction still use a penile pump? And how harmful is a penis pump? In this article, we'll tell you how that works. The models that we tested and found to be the greatest penile pumps are listed below.

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What Is A Penis Pump?

A penile pump serves as a tool rather than a pure sex toy. Although it can be used without this clinical image, its main audience is males who have impotence or erectile dysfunction. Even guys who don't like their member's natural curve can benefit from the penile pump. The pump can make sure that the penis stays straight when erected because the curvature only matters in the erect state. Penile curvature correction, in contrast to impotence, is a long-term process that may take many months and numerous treatments.

To keep the penis erect, the penile pump applies negative pressure. Blood enters the area where the pump is located (in this case, the penis). Thus, the blood enters the member and leads to an erection. The pump frequently allows for a lengthening of the leg as well, making it interesting even for men without impotence. Although the penis cannot be made noticeably bigger by the penile pump, the member can nevertheless be slightly enlarged.

The penis pump can also help with age-related, retractive penises. Due to natural aging processes, the penis frequently shrinks with age. However, this is merely an optical illusion; the leg seems smaller and the penis "slides" further into the body. The member can be made to appear larger once again by using a penile pump to pull the penis a little more from the body.

Penis Pump Types

Penis pumps can be categorized into two groups based on how they are used: mechanical pumps and hand-operated pumps. The required result must be achieved by manually pumping the hand-operated variants. Here, the pumping effect's intensity can be more effectively managed. To avoid inappropriate use, beginners in particular should take into account this model (e.g., excessive pumping).

On the other hand, motors or other forms of drive are used in mechanical or electric penile pumps to permit automatic pumping. For those who have a bit more experience with this sort of pump, the electric penis pump is appropriate. The pump is simply turned on after being placed over the penis. The erecting effect is produced by the automated pump's creation of negative pressure.

There are a few other subcategories of penile pumps in addition to this general classification, some of which are appropriate for extremely particular application areas. For instance, the medical penis pump, which the doctor typically employs, should be noted here (e.g. by the urologist). This kind of pump is not appropriate as a sex toy because the emphasis is largely on treating erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps are utilized for a few other purposes as well. For instance, penis pumps are well-liked by users who require extra stimulation to achieve an erection. However, the vibration function might still provide extra sex stimulation for individuals who do not have erectile problems.

How To Choose The Right Penis Pump?

The penis pump should prioritize quality above everything else, as with any other product. Usability and polish are also crucial. The desired impact will be challenging to obtain if the pump is tough to operate. As a result, a simple-to-use pump should always be selected. Beginners should start out by using a hand-operated penile pump. This helps you get a feel for the pump and how it operates, and since you can control the pump's intensity, the risk of improper use is greatly reduced.

Consideration should also be given to the material. It should be made of a material that is friendly to the skin, especially for pumps that immediately enclose the penis. The use of water in more recent penis pump versions should make them more comfortable to use. Since there is water inside the pump, wearing comfort should be improved. The basic concept of how the erection is achieved, by the penis pump creating negative pressure, remains unchanged.

Penis pumps should always be acquired from reliable suppliers to prevent unpleasant encounters. There are a lot of subpar models in the male sex toy and sexual aid market that do more harm than good. As a result, whenever you make a purchase, you should constantly pay attention to elements like user evaluations and feedback from previous customers. Such reviews might be very beneficial while hunting for the best penis pump.

How To Use A Penis Pump?

The penis is either placed within the penis pump or is positioned over it in almost all types. The pump is then used to create a vacuum. Both manually operated types and variations with mechanical pumps are available. The penis pump needs to be used for a few minutes in order to be effective. To avoid inappropriate use, read the operating directions attentively at all times.

There are a few fundamental things to remember when using a penile pump properly. In order for the pump to adhere to the skin more effectively, the genital area should ideally be shaven before use. Preparing the penis before utilizing the pump is also advised. This involves thoroughly cleansing the penis as well as warming it up to encourage blood flow before utilizing the penile pump. Here, the limb and the area around it can be gently massaged to promote blood flow to the penis and vaginal area.

A manual penis pump requires physical stimulation to produce a pumping action. The pump is actuated by a piston in a manner akin to a manual air pump to accomplish this. This motion causes the pump to start pumping, which produces a vacuum. With the aid of a built-in motor, the electric penis pump takes over this function. As a result, the user scarcely needs to do anything to get an erection: just put on the penis pump, turn it on, and wait for the pump to do its thing.

The penis pump's effects, nevertheless, are just momentary. A pump will not cure erectile dysfunction because the body's natural ability to control the erection is compromised by hormones. Users of the penile pump frequently report that the erection was only temporary. Due to this, a lot of people depend on a penis pump and cock ring combination: The ring is put on top of the erect penis once the blood has been effectively pumped into it and an erection has been obtained. As a result, the erection can be sustained and the blood in the penis is kept flowing.

Penis Pump Advantages And Disadvantages

Penis pumps are very useful for men who have erectile dysfunction. For impotent men, the pump offers a practical alternative to sexual enhancers by enabling an erection without the use of drugs. Penis pumps are a reasonably risk-free method of getting an erection because of their non-invasive nature. Because many men are averse to utilizing medicines like sexual enhancers, employing a penile pump is a wonderful substitute. The penis pump can be quite effective, especially in the treatment of impotence. Many urologists use the pump as a supplemental strategy for long-term treatment of erectile dysfunction. Success stories have demonstrated that a penile pump can significantly improve erectile dysfunction with regular use.

A penile pump may nevertheless revitalize the bedroom, even for a man without erectile trouble. After utilizing the pump, several customers claim that their penis is unusually hard. A penis pump can also support sex without experiencing impotence. However, there is a chance of harm while utilizing a penis pump. The body's blood flow is being altered, so many different adverse effects could result. For instance, excessive pumping may result in headaches or dizziness. The pumped-in blood then disappears from other areas of the body. Therefore, in order to prevent such errors when using penis pumps, the supplied instructions for use should always be followed.

Another drawback is the erection's generally brief duration. Here, using a penis ring or similar device to keep the erection strong is advised. Even though a penis pump is a straightforward method of getting an erection despite erectile dysfunction, one shouldn't expect miracles from it either.


1. How does a penis pump work?

A penis pump works by applying negative pressure to the point of use using mechanical or manual pumps. As a result, the blood flow in the relevant area rises, causing an erection in the case of the penis.

2. How good are penis pumps?

Penis pumps can be effective for many men with erectile dysfunction. They are used both during sexual activity and as a long-term impotence treatment. Although many users of penile pumps report having a pleasant experience, each individual must finally decide for himself whether penis pumps are beneficial.

3. After utilizing a penile pump, how long does the penis remain erected?

In general, there is no clear-cut solution to this problem because it frequently depends on the level of impotence that is present. While some customers claim that the erection only lasts a few minutes, others say that they have no trouble having sexual activity after using the pump.

4. How long should a penis pump be used?

That is contingent upon how long it takes to achieve an erection. Some users may need to pump for 20 minutes (or longer) before getting the desired effects, while others may have an erect member in just a few minutes.


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