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Strapless Dildos

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 04,2021

How to use a strapless dildo

Suitable for a variety of positions, the strapless dildo is used for stimulating couples' play and can caress the wearer's clitoris for mind-blowing external stimulation. So how is this popular dildo used? Tune in for the guide below!

1. Use with lubricant

Dildos are generally designed to be used for penetration, although plenty of them feel amazing on your external intimate areas, too. No matter how you’re using a dildo, adding lubricant will help make it easier to enjoy and more satisfying to use.

2. Step by Step

A good way to use a dildo is to start by making sure you’re fully aroused. Play with a toy that’s comfortable for you to insert before making a start with your new, girthier toy.

Dildos come in a large variety of sizes, from 4 inches in girth all the way up to 10 inches around, but even going from 4 to 5 inches in girth can feel like a huge leap. Becoming aroused beforehand will help to ease you in.

3. Explore Satisfying Positions

Whether you’re using a dildo hands-free in a strap-on harness or stroking your sweet spot from a comfy pose, dildos can open up a whole new world of pleasure. They’re not hampered by things like leg cramps and muscle fatigue, so they make great partners for positions you might find difficult to achieve otherwise.

In terms of multiple play positions,

strapless dildos you can get a hold of is one with a suction cup base. Check out our full guide on how to use suction cup dildos to learn more.

4. Share The Fun

Dildos make a wonderful third player in the bedroom with your partner. Not only are they firm and flexible, but you can even get double-ended ones long enough for you both to enjoy at the same time.


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