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Trying New Things

Written by: Tamara Earthsong Published on October 16,2023

Pulling dinner out of the oven, I heard footsteps coming down the hallway. Excitement filling me, I ran to the front door to let Ruth in. Our date had been planned for last night, but when her relief hadn’t shown up at work, she ended up working a double.


Throwing open the door at the first knock, I found a sleepy-looking but cheerful Ruth and swept her into my arms. “You poor thing, working so many hours yesterday. Come in and let me feed you before I ravish you.”


“Jace.” Giggling, she tossed a look down the hallway of the apartment building.


“What?” I asked with false innocence as I let her in. “This building has thin walls. They’re all going to hear me blow your mind later.”


Giggling again, she gave my ass a swat and took off her shoes.




“This was so good, thank you,” Ruth said, eyes on what remained in the pan.


Pushing the pan toward her, I urged her to help herself to the last bit. “You’re going to need your energy.” Giving her my best grin, I thought about the gifts I’d bought her. I really was going to blow her mind tonight. She made my life a joy and deserved every ounce of pleasure I had in stock for her.


We often washed the dishes together after meals, but I didn’t want her on her feet after standing for so many hours yesterday. Wanting her to relax, I turned her away from the sink and ushered her to the living room. Laying across the couch, I dangled one leg off the couch and motioned for her to lay down against me.


Turning on a movie, I ran my fingers through her hair. She made soft noises of contentment, enjoying the scalp massage. The feel of her fingers sneaking under my shirt had me squirming under her.


Brushing my lips against her ear, I whispered into it. “And here I thought I would be the one to get naughty first.” My body heated from her touches. Each brush of her fingers against my bare skin sent blood pulsing down to my dick.


Ruth turned around to face me, and the sight of her cleavage so close made me harden the rest of the way. “I spent all week waiting for last night.” Lifting the bottom of my shirt to expose my belly, she jutted her lip in a pout. “And then I got stuck at work.”


I planted a kiss on the top of her head. “I’m sorry the conference lasted several days. I hated being gone so long. It’s my fault we haven’t seen each other in a week.” Unable to resist anymore, I cupped her breasts in my hands. Her soft exhale, and the way her eyes closed to slits made my cock throb in my pants. “I bought you a few gifts to make up for it.”


“You didn’t have to get me anything,” she said. Brushing a kiss against my cheek, she wiggled down. I gasped in desire as her hot tongue sliced a wet trail across my belly. Lifting her head, she preened, pleased about the sound she’d made me make. “What are they though?”


“You’ll find out later.” Cupping the back of her head, I nudged her up a little for a kiss. Her lips parted under my own, and my tongue slid into her mouth. She melted into me as we kissed. Holding her in my arms, my fingers slipped under her shirt, teasing lightly at the small of her back.


Ruth’s weight was a welcome pressure. She soon maneuvered herself to get one of my legs between hers. God, the feel of her rubbing herself against me was always a rush. The inside of my pants would be a mess soon, but I always loved this teasing dance. Twisting, arching, and rubbing against each other while we kissed and touched. It amped up the anticipation for what would come after. It felt so good to move against her like this.


Kissing my way down her neck, I scraped my teeth against that sensitive flesh here and there, just a little to get her going.


“Jace.” My name sounded like a moan on her lips. “You’re making me soak my pants.”

“Good,” I groaned, flexing my hips to get a tiny bit of relief by grinding my hard-on against her belly. “I’ll be less embarrassed about how much pre-come’s leaked into my underwear. Mmm, you feel good against me.”


A heated noise sounded low in Ruth’s throat. I protested when she sat up, taking all that delicious heat away from me.


“I need my dessert,” she said, fingers prying open the fly of my jeans. Tugging the fabric down to my knees, two of her fingers skated upward, gliding along each side of my length.


I cried out from the feeling of her touching me now that there was less clothing in our way. Ruth’s lips curled up into a smile. An instant later my underwear joined my pants around my knees. Now nothing bared her from touching me directly there. My head reared back, thumping against the arm of the couch when she took me into her mouth. Pleasure suffused my entire body.


“Honey, I want to pamper you tonight,” I said, running my fingers through her hair. “I’ve got dessert in the fridge for later.” Cheesecake with strawberry sauce. Her favorite. The feel of her voice humming against my cock had me writhing under her.


Ruth pulled away only long enough to say that this was what she wanted for dessert, and then she swallowed me again. Tongue running up my length, she flicked against the head before swirling around it and heading back down. Giving me a playful look, she moved her mouth up and down my length slowly, just how I loved it. Teasing me by making it last.


I was helpless under her. My fingers raked through my hair as she brought me to the edge again and again until she had me gasping so hard from the need to come that I started feeling lightheaded. My balls clenched tightly, demanding to release their load, and I pulled myself free of her mouth.


“It’s your turn now, darling.” Sitting up, I caught the hem of her shirt and pulled it off. The moment it popped over her head, gleaming locks of hair spilled down from her ponytail. It had grown hot in the room, so I pulled my clothes the rest of the way off. Soon Ruth’s pants joined mine on the floor. Sitting back to enjoy the sight of her in her panties and bra, I felt proud about having chosen a color that looked good on her. I’d bought them for her birthday recently and loved seeing her wear the lingerie I’d bought.


She’s going to love the toys I bought her.

Taking her hand, I led her to the bedroom. I pulled back the covers and turned the air conditioning on low so the room would cool, but Ruth wouldn’t get too cold. Bringing my arms around her, I filled my hands with her ass. The horny little noise she made had my cock jumping into the air. Flexing, I rubbed the tip over that sexy little belly button of hers.


Massaging her ass, I kissed her again. “You should get on the bed, honey.” I glanced at the pillows. Underneath them were the gifts I’d bought her. Fully charged and waiting for the best moment to bring them out.


Taking my hands, Ruth sat on the bed and pulled me over her when she lay down. Once she had me where she wanted me, she let go of my hands and settled her own at the small of my back. Her fingertips rubbed softly back and forth as she looked up at me.


“Why are you blushing?” I asked.


She ducked her head shyly. “Because of the way you’re looking at me.”


“Mmm, well. It’s time for my dessert, isn’t it?” Not giving her time to answer, I bent down and kissed her. Her tongue danced with mine, and her legs wrapped around me. The heat of her core was almost scalding. I loved it. Pulling away the tiniest bit, I kissed her chin, then tilted her head up to kiss under it. Her legs tightened around me as I licked a path down her throat.


Sliding my hands between her and the bed, I unhooked her bra but didn’t take it off. Oh, no. Not yet. I was going to make her wait and beg me to remove it.


Planting kisses all over her collarbones had her making small noises as she moved her hips against me. Bit by bit, I made my way down to the top of her breasts. Dipping my tongue into her bra, I licked and teased her, carefully keeping away from her nipples.


Realizing she was trying to pull down her bra straps to get the garment off, I took her hands into my own. “Uh uh. Ask for what you want,” I told her. When we’d first started dating, she’d been painfully shy in the bedroom. Erotic, and giving as hell, but she couldn’t for the life of her ask for anything she wanted for herself. We’ve been working on that for the past few months.


“I–” Breath coming in little pants, her words faltered.


My tongue dipped into her bra again, stretching out long and licking right beside her nipple. Her hips jerked up in the air. Arching her back, she tried to maneuver her body in such a way as to get my tongue where she wanted it.


“What do you want?” I asked. “You only have to tell me what it is and I’ll give it to you.”


Fingers clawed at my back. “Jace, I–” She broke off again, undulating her body. Hands grabbed my hips and pulled me down against her. The feel of her silken panties against my cock had my breath rushing out of my lungs. They were soaked. “I need–”


“You can tell me.” Kissing the tops of her breasts, I kept my tongue from her.


Hands cupped my face and she pulled me up for a kiss. Her breath rasped as she begged me to take off her bra. Rewarding her at once, I brought my face to her breasts again. “Jace!”


“What?” I asked, trying not to smirk. “I took off your bra like you asked.” The cranky look she shot me made me chuckle. “Was there something else you wanted?”


Her face turned adorably red. She looked away, trying to hide the cutest little smile that had spread across her face. “My nipples need to be touched.”


She’d spoken so softly I could barely hear her, but she’d done what I’d asked.


“Good girl.”


Ruth’s head lolled back when I took one of those hard little nipples into my mouth. I held it gently between my teeth, tongue flicking back and forth over it as she mewled under me. Letting it go, I turned my head and my eyes fell on her other breast. I sucked her other nipple into my mouth. The sounds she made had me stroking myself.


My free hand trailed down her belly to feel her muscles twist and flex as she squirmed. Ruth had wonderfully sensitive breasts, I loved playing with them. I kissed and licked and sucked until she had to pull away for a breather.


Getting up, I filled two tall glasses with water and brought them to the bedroom. “We’re going to need to stay hydrated tonight,” I said, handing her a glass.


Her eyes fluttered at my words. “Are we now?”


Mmm, watching her throat work at swallowing the water reminded me of when she’d drank my load for the first time. It had been such a rush feeling her throat working to swallow everything I shot out.


I’d started going soft during our little rest but the memory made me harden again. Reaching out, Ruth ran her index finger along the underside of my cock and curled it up over the tip, catching a drop of precome onto it. Smiling, she popped the finger into her mouth and licked off my essence.


“You make it very hard to give you a break,” I said. My tongue flicked against the back of my teeth as my eyes roamed her body. She was still flushed from our foreplay. I loved foreplay. For me, it was the best part about sex. Tonight I aimed to give her tons of it to make up for having been gone for several days.


Setting the glass on the bedside table, Ruth turned onto her side. “I’m all rested up.” Starting at my hip, her hand traveled up my body. My belly tightened under her touch, and when she reached my chest, she gave me a coy look. The sensation of her simply flicking a fingertip against my nipple was so strong it caught me by surprise. I coughed to cover my embarrassing moan.


Chasing her fingers from my nipples, I claimed her mouth and kissed her again and again. This time when I kissed my way down her throat, I didn’t stop at her breasts. Oh, I gave them more attention of course. They deserved it. But I kept going after that, peppering kisses all over her belly.


Ruth’s hips twitched under my fingers as I moved lower along her body. My tongue traced a circle along the small patch of hair she kept and then darted lower. She gasped in anticipation, but I swerved to the side and ran my tongue along the side of her outer lips. She made a frustrated noise when I did the same thing on the other side.


Hands fisting in my hair, she glowered at me.


“Did you want something, honey?” I asked, voice dripping with fake innocence. I knew exactly where she wanted my tongue. Again a lovely blush colored her cheeks.


“I want you to lick me,” she said, speaking quickly, embarrassed from asking for what she wanted. She pointed to her slit, then pulled the outer lips apart to reveal my prize. “Here.”

I stroked her hair. “Thank you for telling me.”

Half the residents on the floor probably heard the moan she let loose when I sucked that pretty little pussy into my mouth. My tongue ran over each inner lip, hunting for every drop of her cream. The sound she let out when I sucked her clitoris into my mouth was gratifying. My cock slid back and forth against the sheet as I ate her out. Peeking up, I found her eyes were closed, euphoria filling her features. Continuing to lick at her, I stretched an arm out, reaching under my pillows to pull out the first gift.


Flicking my tongue over her clit until her thighs trembled, I brought my mouth lower and thrust my tongue into her hole. Ruth gasped, knees coming up off the bed. Placing the sex toy over her clitoris, I pressed the on button. Her sound of pleasure was music to my ears. Ruth’s hands went from softly running through my hair to moving up to feel what I’d put on her. She used her elbows to prop herself up and look at the gift.


“What is that?” she asked, head tilting to the side in confusion because what she felt wasn’t a vibrator.


“It’s a clit sucking toy,” I said. My cock wept more precum as I wondered how good it would make Ruth feel. “How does it feel?”


A few moments passed before she answered. “It’s interesting.”


Clicking the button again, I brought it to the second setting.There we go, I thought as Ruth’s eyes fluttered. “Want me to turn it up a little?” At her nod, I clicked the button again, taking the little machine to the third setting. Her look of shock had my cock bobbing in the air. Her knees rose into the air again, legs spreading wide.


Holding the toy in place, I returned my mouth to that delectable pussy and ran my tongue over everything not covered by the toy. Hot little surprised noises kept pouring from Ruth’s lips. “Do you like your present, honey?”


“Ahh, yes,” she moaned, flexing a hip into the air. Her hand covered mine and pressed the toy harder against her. “Mmm, just a little bit to the side.” She pushed our joined hands a touch to the left. Fingers from her other hand tugged her outer lips to the sides and she started humping the machine.


I kissed the inside of her thigh and squeezed her hand. “Hold the toy wherever you need it, darling.” Letting her take it, I thrust my tongue up into her pussy and used it to fuck her as she ground up against me and the toy. Cream poured out of her, and I lapped it all up. “God, are you trying to drown me?”


Hearing her giggle at my words, I turned the toy to the next level. The sight of her hole clenching had my cock throbbing. Wanting to feel how tight she was, I thrust a finger into her.


“Ah, yes,” she gasped, feet scrambling across the sheets as her lower body twisted this way and that. “Another. Please!”


“Good girl,” I growled, thrusting a second finger in. “Never be afraid to ask for what you want. Now, I want you to come for me. Cum all over my fingers and the gift I got you. Cum for me.”


“Yes,” she mewled, riding my fingers.


I thrust them deeper into her, watching her approach an orgasm. Fisting my free hand around my cock, I stroked myself slowly. “Oh yes, you’re going to come for me, aren’t you, honey? Go ahead. Come.”


“Jace!” Reaching for me, she made a sweet little sound. I let go of my cock to take her offered hand.


Stradling one of her legs, I kept her pussy filled with my fingers and rubbed the head of my cock against her inner leg as she came. I crushed her mouth against mine when the orgasm finished. “So beautiful. Do it again.”


“Jace, I just came,” she panted. Shrieking in surprise when I turned the machine up to the halfway point, her head arched back. “Oh my god!”


“Come,” I encouraged. “I want to feel you clutching around my fingers again. Cum from the toy.” In no time at all the machine’s suction on her clit had her coming again. “God yes. I’m so glad I bought this. Now, come five more times for me and I’ll turn it off.”


“What?” she asked, blinking up at me.


I flashed her a wicked smile. “There are ten settings. We’re on number five.” With that, I clicked up to number six. Crying out, Ruth kicked out a leg. A moment later, it hooked around my hip to help her move. “Oh yes. Ride my fingers, Ruth. Come for me again.”


Grabbing my cock, she stroked it a few times, then tried to angle it down to her hole.


“Soon,” I promised. “Cum again for me and I’ll give it to you, but you have to ask for it. Use your words.”


She voiced a little whine but the look in her eyes was all heat. Her pussy was so wet the toy slipped. Moving it back into place, her eyes widened in shock. Clamping a hand over her mouth, she cried out loudly. Her inner muscles rippled against the fingers I had buried in her.


I pressed kisses against her belly. “Does it feel good, honey? Do you like it?”


“Yes,” she moaned, bringing her knees farther back, offering her body to me. “God, it’s so good. Please fuck me, Jace!”


Her words excited me beyond measure. My cock ached to bury itself in her, but I held myself back. “Come again and I’ll fuck you. I can’t wait to bury myself inside you, Ruth. Fuck, you’re leaking so much pussy juice it’s soaking the bed.”


Giggling, she squirmed again. “Sorry.”


“Oh, don’t apologize. It’s turning me on so much.”


Her breath strained and then she was coming again, looking surprised about it. It made me laugh.


“I love you so much, honey,” I said and kissed her.


Ruth ground herself against my hip. “Please, I need you inside me.”


Unable to hold back anymore, I positioned myself at her entrance. Ruth moved the toy, turning it to have the handle facing the other way so my path wasn’t blocked.


“Boop.” Making eye contact with her, I turned the toy up to the seventh setting right as I thrust into her. Ruth shrieked as the toy sucked her clit faster and I filled her. “Oh my god.”


Her core muscles clutched at me, practically dragging me into her. It felt incredible. “Did you need me this badly, honey?” I asked. “I’m sorry I made you wait.”


“Yes,” she cried out. She managed to hook one leg over my shoulder. The other curled around my hip. “God, your cock’s so hot.”


“Not as hot as the inside of your pussy. Fuck.” Shifting, I found a position to let me get deeper inside her. Her inner muscles clutched at me, and I heard her wail. “Are you coming again?”


Unable to suck in enough breath to speak, she nodded her head vigorously. The heels of her feet dug into me, giving her anchors to fuck me back and let her match each of my thrusts.


So good. She felt so good. “Oh my god, Ruth.”


Legs releasing me signaled the end of her orgasm. Her lower body fell to the bed along with the toy. She tried to get her glass of water, but it was just out of her reach. I grabbed it for her and she held it with both hands, tipping it up to drink. “Sorry. Just need a few seconds. Mouth dried out from panting too much.”




Laughing, she took another long drink, and I picked up my glass.


“No, stay inside me,” she said, wrapping her legs around me when my cock retreated.


Pleased, I did as she asked. I gave her a minute to catch her breath before setting the toy back over her clit. “Don’t hide your smile from me,” I said, pulling her hand away from her mouth. “It’s too cute to be hidden.”


Her lips parted under mine. My tongue slid into her at the same time my cock did. “Now, I believe we’re at the eight setting.”


Her breath came out in a rush. “You’re going to melt my brain.”


I arched an eyebrow at her. “Good.”


Ruth jumped when the toy came back to life, driving me deeper inside her. I quickly clicked through the settings to get to the eighth one. This time, instead of matching me stroke for stroke, she outpaced me, slapping her hips back and forth and holding the toy against herself with a possessive grip on it.


“Again,” I said after she came and clicked the toy to the ninth setting.


Crying out my name, she didn’t slow her hips and I strived to match her pace as her eyes widened.


“Fuck, you just barely finished coming and you’re orgasming again,” I said, panting from the strain of not tumbling over the edge with her. But unlike my best friend who could ejaculate a ridiculous amount of times in one night, I came twice at most. I aimed to cum with her when the toy was at its highest setting and then again when we used the second toy I’d bought.


One of her hands held the toy against her clit. Her other arm had a death grip around me as she clung to me for dear life. The moment she finished coming, I turned the toy to its highest setting and she screamed, screamed, in pleasure. My cock buried itself to the hilt in an instant.


She’d come so much she was getting tired, so I did more of the work this time while she held on to me. Breath heaving, she lost her hold on the toy. Snatching it, I put it back into place. Head whipping back, she told me it was too much.


Turning it back down to the ninth setting, I kept going. Ruth’s voice grew more shrill by the second as she vocalized her pleasure. Suddenly, she grabbed both sides of my face and yanked my head up to get me to look at her.


“I’m going to come.”


Staring intently into my eyes, her chest heaved from her rapid breaths. I expected her head to rear back again, but instead, it was mine that did as her inner muscles spasmed around me and she shrieked my name.


“Oh my god!” Ruth had clenched so hard from her orgasm that she actually pushed me out of her. It was hot as hell. Giving her a few seconds, I thrust back in, and then I was lost to the pleasure, my seed erupting out of the slit in my cock.


“Yes!” Grip on me tightening, the sounds she made changed a little.


“Are you okay?” I asked because she sounded like she was crying.


“Don’t stop!”


“Okay, okay.” I kissed her in apology. “I’m sorry. I thought I hurt you or something.”


“No,” she said, breath straining. “It just feels so good I can barely stand it.”


“Ohh. I like that. Hmm, I wonder how you’ll get through round two then.”


Her chest shook with silent laughter. I caught one of those pert nipples in my mouth and sucked. Shouting, she arched under me, and my dick found a little more to shoot out.


“You’re going to be the end of me,” she murmured, turning the toy off and rolling over.


Spooning her against me, I kissed the back of her shoulder. “Noooo. I’m just the man who’s going to bring you to higher levels of bliss.”


She nuzzled my arm. “Mmm, you aren’t wrong.”


I was a little disappointed when she fell asleep, but she had worked a sixteen-hour shift yesterday and just finished cumming her brains out. Of course, she was tired. Eventually, I fell asleep too.




Blinking, I tried to figure out what had woken me. Something wet brushed against the head of my cock and heat ripped through my body. Pleasure gripped me as I realized Ruth was rubbing herself against me in her sleep. The soft little moan she let out made my nipples harden. For some reason it made me burn with the need to touch hers.


Reaching around her, I found her nipples hard and rubbed one between my fingers. “Are you having good dreams, honey?”


“Mmhmm,” she said sleepily. She gasped a moment later and rolled over to face me. “Haven’t you had enough?”


“Never,” I told her. “But you’re the one who woke me up with that wet little pussy pressing against the tip of my dick. What are you going to do about it?”


Moaning, she ran her wet slit over the length of my hardened rod. “Well, if I’m the one who caused this, I guess it’s up to me to soothe it so you can go back to sleep.”


Before I could say something to tease her, she slid back and forth against my dick again. My tip brushed against her hole this time, and all coherent thought fled my mind. I needed her again.


“Mmm, my load’s still leaking out of you,” I said, feeling a rush of fluid coat me. It let us move easier and our paces increased as we ground against each other. Kissing her deeply, my hands wandered all over her body. I was thrilled that hers did the same. I loved every touch she gave me.


“You know,” I whispered in her ear. “I haven’t given you your other gift yet.”


Excitement glimmered in her eyes. “What is it?”


“It’s a little like the first one, but. . .  more.”




Reaching under my pillow, I pulled out the curved pink toy. It had a clit sucker like the first toy, but it also had a vibrating dildo attached. Looking the toy over, Ruth bit her bottom lip. She wrapped her hand around my cock.


I pulled free of her grip. “Cum for me and I’ll let you have it. Lay down on your back, honey. I’m going to make you feel so good with this.”


Rolling onto her back, Ruth eagerly spread her legs for me.


“So wet for me,” I whispered when the toy slid right in. She moaned as the toy filled her. Turning the lamp on low to let me see what I was doing, I lined up the clit sucker with her body and pushed the toy in a little deeper.


“What made you decide to get these?” she asked, moving her hips in a circle to feel the toy filling her.

“I kept seeing people talking about them online. I was curious and a little doubtful, but they’ve won me over.”


Her giggles filled the room. “They have my seal of approval.”


“You’re enjoying it so much, and I haven’t even turned it on yet.”


“I like the shape,” she said, blushing a little. Panting when I turned on the vibration, she started grinding herself against it. Watching her enjoy it, I waited a while before turning on the clit sucking part. She squeaked in surprise, eyes practically rolling back in her head. It made me laugh.


“Mmm, I hate to rush you, but I need you to cum for me soon because my dick needs to be inside you.”


Her hips flexed, lifting her ass off the bed. “Turn it up a little?”


I brought both parts up to the fourth setting. Grabbing a pillow, Ruth pressed her face against it. Muffled moans filled the room. Watching her orgasm on the toy and seeing how her body reacted to it had me rock hard.


“Roll over, honey. Fuck, I need to be inside of you. Can I fuck your ass while you cum on the toy again?”


“Yes,” she mewled.


Grabbing the lube while she got into position, I poured some over her ass and worked a finger in, then a second, getting her ready for me. This time it was Ruth who turned the machine up another level, gasping in bliss when she did. She looked at me over her shoulder. When she begged me to fill her rear, I almost lost my mind with desire.


“Oh, honey,” I moaned, kissing the back of her neck. Her hole resisted me a few moments, but when it let me in I sunk into her. The vibration in the toy made my breath hitch in my chest. “This is the easiest you’ve ever taken me back here. God, you feel amazing.”


Her muscles loosened around me, then tightened when I moved deeper.


“I’m so full.”


“Do you like having both holes filled?” I asked her.


“Yes!” Her movement cause the toy vibrating in her pussy to press against the tip of my dick. It took all my self-restraint not to spill into her right now.


Rotating my hips, I kept rubbing the head of my dick against the length of the vibrator buried inside her pussy. The toy’s other end kept sucking that gorgeous little clit, and I filled my palms with her breasts.


“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,” she cried out as I filled her ass with my length over and over. She was on the edge of orgasm again.


“Oh, I almost forgot,” I said, remembering what I’d read on the website where I’d bought the toy. “It has some sort of flapping mode as well?” Reaching under her, I searched for the appropriate button.


“A what?” she asked, confused.


“I’m not sure what it does.”


Finding the button, I pressed it a few times, and the way Ruth screamed my name as the added stimulation instantly threw her into an orgasm set my blood on fire.


“Yes, honey, yes. Come for me,” I said, thrusting into her. Inside her, the toy buzzed and pulsed against the thin wall separating her holes. “God, this thing feels incredible.”


She wailed her pleasure into the pillow, but I had nothing to muffle myself with. The toy sucked, vibrated, and pulsed inside of her where I could feel it, and it sent us both over the edge. I probably woke up half the damn building with how hard I came, but I didn’t care as my dick spewed out jet after jet of hot liquid into the woman I loved.


Ruth collapsed onto the bed first though I wasn’t far behind. My arms barely had enough strength to take some of my weight so I didn’t crush her. We both lay there gasping like fish out of water as the toy gave us aftershock after aftershock until we were trembling messes.


Rolling onto my back, I pulled her with me, moving slowly so I could stay inside of her. Getting overstimulated, she turned the toy down a little but didn’t turn it off. Caressing her and holding her against me, I shook from pleasure. My cock softened, but I managed to keep the tip inside her.


At some point, Ruth turned the toy off and we both flopped onto our sides, facing each other. I kept her close to me as we dozed on and off until we woke to sunlight spilling into the room. Sheets a mess and our hair sticking up everywhere, we smiled at each other as daylight bathed our bodies.


“I love you,” I told Ruth, caressing her face.


“I love you, Jace,” she said, nuzzling my hand. Stomach issuing a growl, she slung a leg over my hip. “You and these toys have burnt every calorie in my body. You’re cooking breakfast.”


Chuckling, I kissed her forehead. “Anything you want, honey.”


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