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Squirting Dildos Guide: Make Your Messiest Fantasies Come True

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 15,2022

There comes a time when a regular old dildo is not enough. You're getting that look and feel through the advanced toys, but you're not getting that final jizz. Some women might like that there's no mess to clean up afterward, but if you're a lady that likes getting things more on the wet side, then boy do we have a present for you. If you haven't heard, there's something called a squirting dildo that could be the solution to all your prayers. If you've ever been interested in buying a squirting dildo, then make sure you're going to want to read this guide. We'll talk about what these sex toys are and how to use them.

What Are Squirting Dildos?

You can ride a dildo, but you can't get the same feeling when you make your man's ball empty, do you? That's where squirting dildos come in to help you out. Squirting dildos are sex toys that give you a little bit missing from regular dildos. Once you're getting close to climaxing, this toy will eject a semen-like liquid right out of the tube to make it seem like the dildo is doing the same. Sometimes, this liquid is edible and flavored to add that oral sex effect to your sessions. Overall, this is a pretty thrilling toy for women that are used to a dry dildo.

Types of Squirting Dildo

● Syringe pump — this type of mechanism has a syringe attached to a tube that runs through the squirting dildo's shaft; fill the needle with a liquid of your choice; and push the syringe stopper when ready until the dildo squirts.

● Squeeze pump — similar to the needle, the squeeze pump mechanism pushes ejaculate out of the head of the squirting dildo; instead of filling a syringe, a pocket inside of the dildo itself is filled with the liquid, which, when squeezed, the pump pushes out.

● Squeezable shaft/balls — this may be the more realistic option! Once a pocket on the inside of the dildo is filled with the liquid of your choice, all you need to do is squeeze the shaft or balls of the dildo and watch as the liquid squirts!

Materials of Squirting Dildo

Many squirting dildos are made from lower-quality materials. While I can't explain the reason for this, it's a regular occurrence. Silicone is a high-quality material for any sex toy, but you can also find squirting dildos in jelly, PVC, or low-quality materials. This makes squirting dildos more affordable, but you will replace your sex toy more often over time.

Size of Squirting Dildo

Squirting dildos are generally larger compared to normal dildos. This is because the dildo has to incorporate the squirting structure internally. Always check the size of the dildo before purchasing one to ensure that you get the girth and length you can comfortably handle.

How to Use a Squirting Dildo

Contrary to popular opinion, using an ejaculating dildo is not as complicated.

1. Firstly, you'll have to refill the bowl. Some squirting dildos have a separate syringe, which you'll use to suck the sperm until it's complete.

2. Others look like a turkey baster, and you'll keep dipping the dildo's head in the semen and squeeze the balls to suck the liquid.

3. After you've filled the bowl with your perfect semen, lube your realistic squirting dildos and yourself to make penetration easy.

4. Lubing up relieves your ejaculating dildo of the stress and avoids unnecessary wear and tear. Most manufacturers provide lube in the package. However, if yours doesn't come with one, grab a water-based lubricant and enjoy the ride. We recommend water-based lube because it won't harm the dildo's material.

5. And now that you're all lubed up, slide the ejaculating dildo inside you and thrust slowly.

6. You can increase the tempo gradually and add lube in between the strokes.

7. You can regulate the semen stream to your liking too. Whether you want short, little squirts, or consequential, ceiling-heating screamers, anything is possible with squirting dildos. And once you're nearing climax, press the button to remove the semen for a fulfilling ejaculation.

Remember to Clean It.

Cleaning your sex toys is always very important, and a squirting dildo is no different. But there are a few key differences that you should keep in mind when cleaning it.

● Body fluids/lubrication can get in the squirting channel, and it can be very difficult to rinse it off as you would with a "normal" dildo. Most squirting dildos are designed with an external pump containing semen fluid. Simply clean that first, fill it with fresh water, and pump it through the dildo until it's clean inside. You might want to refill it several times to ensure it's completely clean.

● Leave the different parts out so they can dry completely. The tube, pump, and dildo contain small spaces where no towel can get to, so leaving it out to dry is your best option.

Choosing the Semen

Most importantly, never use cum lube with a substance or chemical you are allergic to.

● Water is the most common and safest option but also the most boring.

● Many brands sell cum lube, and the best lube for squirting a dildo is Bad Dragon. If you have the budget for it, I suggest you go with one of them.

Pros of Using Squirting Dildo

● Highly satisfying ejaculatory action

● Strong enough vibrations

● Solid, well-made, and crafted from quality materials

● Thick and very realistic in appearance

● Quality nut butter and flawless ejaculation mechanism

● A good price-to-quality ratio

● The very comfortable design of the dildo and waistband

● Good size and flawless squirting action

● Easy to use

Cons of Using Squirting Dildo

● On the expensive side

● The liquid holding reservoir is fairly small

● A few complaints about the stiffness of the toy

● Some complaints of synthetic odor

● The size makes it less suited for anal play

● A few complaints about flexibility


What fluid is used in a squirting dildo?

The most common thing to fill a squirting dildo with is lube. If you're only planning to squirt it on your face or around the house, you can make your fluid from things like cornstarch or coconut oil, but these should never be used in the vagina or anus. Some specially made lubricants look like semen, though other body-safe lubes should work well too.

Does a squirting dildo feel good?

It all depends on what you like; some people love being ejaculated inside, while others aren't fans. If you enjoy being ejaculated, you might like to try a squirting dildo.


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