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Incredibly Useful Guide To Store Sex Toys For Your Next Use

Written by: Bestvibe Published on December 08,2022

Over the past few decades, the sex toys industry has seen impeccable growth. From singles to couples and teenagers to the elderly, sex toys have been a hot-selling product for everyone. Sex toys are known to help you get some action when you are alone and let things steam up when partners use them together.

However, just like after a satiating meal, dirty dishes cannot be ignored or skipped, so cleaning up your sex toys after using them for pleasure should not be missed. Maintaining hygiene while using sex toys is not only about cleaning them before or after use but also about how to store sex toys.

What are Sex Toys

Sex toys — also called adult toys or "marital aids" — are objects people use for more enjoyment during sex or masturbation. Sometimes sex toys can also contain medical uses if you have a sexual dysfunction or medical necessity. There are many different kinds of sex toys, and people use them for lots of different reasons.

Types of Sex Toys

There are thousands of different adult toys out there. Some of the most common ones include:

● Vibrators — Objects that vibrate to stimulate your genitals. It's very ordinary for people to use vibrators to promote their clitoris and other parts of their vulva and vagina. But vibrators can also encourage the penis, scrotum and testicles, nipples, and anus.

● Dildos — Objects that go inside an anus, vagina, or mouth. Dildos come in many shapes and sizes, but they're usually shaped like a penis. Some look like realistic penises, and others are more abstract.

● Sleeves — You put your penis into soft tubes. Sleeves come in all shapes and sizes and often have different textures on the inside for more sensation. Some even have vibration or suction.

● Penis rings — Rings that go around your scrotum and penis. Penis rings slow blood flow out of the penis when erect, increasing sensation or making your erection harder and longer-lasting. The safest penis rings are made from soft, flexible materials that you can easily remove, like rubber, silicone, or leather with snaps.

How To Store Sex Toys Safely

It's essential to know how to store sex toys safely, whether you have a vast vibe collection or a small range of favorites. For the lifespan of your toys and your health, dust and fluff-covered sex toys shouldn't be welcome in the bedroom.

Along with causing a whole range of intimate issues, fumbling around under the bed or through the bedside cabinet for your toy of preference when the moment calls aren't exactly the best foreplay. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to store your best sex toys. From the softest satin bags to bump-proof boxes, this is how you should store your sex toys and accessories:

Make Sure They're Clean And Dry

It's important to clean toys with an appropriate sex toy cleaner and leave them to air dry before storing them. Make sure you know how to clean sex toys before you put them away.

Play Sound

Porous and semi-porous sex toy materials entrap lube and bodily fluids in their micro-pores during use. Failing to correctly wash these toys before storing them ensures bacterial growth. Giving this bacteria access to your soft bits by using the toy unwashed is likely to result in a yeast infection.

Silk Or Satin Storage Is Best

Now you've gone through cleaning your sex toy and drying it off, you can put it away. Here, it's essential to consider the material your toy is made out of. Wetness can cause mold, and leather needs to breathe, so a silk or satin storage pouch is best.

Store Sex Toys Of Different Materials Separately

Most sex toys are made of silicone, and these can be kept together, but if you've got ones made of other materials, like glass, metal, plastic, or jelly, these need to be kept separately.

This may mean separate pouches for each toy or storage boxes for silicone and cheaper-material toys. "Vibrators and dildos usually come with satin bags to store them; it's best to use these.

Remove Batteries Before Storing

Vibrators soak up battery life during storage, and your sex toy may be out of power when you need it the most. If you use battery-powered toys and vibrators regularly or have a big range of app-controlled vibrators, and you don't want to splash out on batteries every five minutes, then take them out before storing them. This will extend the life of the motor and batteries.

How To Properly Clean the Sex Toys

Sex toy curation and ownership are a privilege, not a right. And as with any privilege, this one comes with many responsibilities.

Cleaning and maintaining your devices can be challenging, but it's most certainly necessary. Depending on several factors, the clean-up routine will vary slightly. Most of the time, however, post-sex janitorial work includes a quick bath in warm water with an antibacterial soap.

Just be sure your sex toy is waterproof before cleaning it like that. Some toys require special attention and specialized cleaning solutions or renewal powders to keep them fresh.

Read more to learn how to store sex toys.

Pros of Using Sex Toys

Spice your sex life – Sex toys will help you create intimate moments with your partner. You can explore numerous ways to use a single-sex toy to reach satisfaction and pleasure.

Attain another level of personal gratification – Sex toys are the best for personal gratification. If you wish to get sexual happiness without any partner, sex toys are for you.

Gain confidence – Living a happy sexual life can boost your confidence. The chemicals released during sex affect your mental state, which will have a prolonged effect on your confidence.

Stimulate mind and body – Using sex toys can elevate your physical responses. The chemicals stimulate your brain and body, which helps in getting better immunity and a positive mood.

Cons of Using Sex Toys

Excessive use can harm private parts – If the sex toys are used frequently, they can damage the tissues near the private parts, causing irritation and allergic reactions.

Incorrect use can cause more harm than good – You must be careful in using sex toys if you are using them for the first time, as incorrect usage can harm the private part.

Sex toys can pass STDs – Continuous touching of private parts from one person to another increases the risk of transferring STDs. Hence, sex toys should be used carefully in this case.


Why Do People Use Sex Toys?

It's hard to say why any one person uses a sex toy. The reasons why someone would like or dislike a synthetic marital aid is based on countless individual factors, including but never limited to the person's personality, the conditions of their love life, their partner's wishes, their sexuality, their romantic intentions, their budget, the presence of unsatisfied fantasies, any physical limitations, the need for stamina training and the desire for general sexual exploration through safe and healthy means.

What are the Best Ways to Store Your Sex Toys?

There are three things to recognize when storing sex toys: dust, accessibility, and temperature. Choose a storage option that will help protect your sex toys against dust from getting wet or damaged. Additionally, you must store your sex toys in a cool, dry place, as too much heat and moisture may damage your sex toys over time.

Why it's important to store sex toys safely?

If you don't store your sex toys safely, there's a huge chance that dirt, dust, pet fur, etc., will find its way into your collection. "Your sex toy will be teeming with bacteria. "This damaging bacteria can induce an imbalance and an itchy infection if it transfers to your vulva and vagina during the next session. Storing toys on the floor, under the bed, is a good option. It's quick and easy after a sizzling session, but it's not safe or hygienic. So it's essential to know how to store sex toys - and keep them away from the floor under your bed.


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