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Regarding Sex: Should I Be Jealous Of My Partner's Sex Doll?

Written by: Bestvibe Published on January 13,2023

People often include sex toys for fun in their sexual intercourse. Sex doll is one of the most popular toys many people use to intimate their feelings for each other. Performing solo sexual activity can be one of the best things you can use to satisfy yourself sexually without including anyone.

However, if your partner has a sex doll and often spends a lot of time with them. Then you should stop thinking about the question “regarding sex: should I be jealous of my partner’s sex doll?” It doesn't mean he hates you or no longer has an interest in you. Maybe they want to try something different or use their toy to enhance their capacity in bed. There are many benefits, such as increased strength of using sex dolls. There is a possibility that they are doing it for you to boost sex appeal in bed.

Happy With the Sex Doll

There might be a different story about why your partner bought a sex doll in the first place. There is a higher chance that it has been received as a gift from their friends or maybe your partner himself bought it as a gift for themselves. They do not see the toys as a replacement for you, but they are making sure that you do not feel cheated because whenever they want sexual pleasure from someone else, they can instantly fulfill their sexual satisfaction.

It does not include humans, so they do not build feelings for them. On the contrary, it is a secure way of performing different activities. Therefore, you should never feel jealous of these toys because they are not human beings, but they are the only toy that cannot replace you.

Not a Replacement

A sex doll doesn't replace you and you do not have to worry about the question “regarding sex: should I be jealous of my partner’s sex doll?” It provides a good experience for your partner. So you do not have to worry and not feel jealous about your partner's sex doll because no matter how the build quality of the toy is or whether it looks like a real human being, they will never be able to provide something that you can.

They are only toys for entertainment or to enhance your sexual pleasure. They are just sophisticated synthetic toys, or you can call them objects that cannot replace you. However, you can help your partner to get more attached to you with the help of a sex doll in various ways as you can fulfill their desire with them. Some of the most common activities you can perform with sex are as follows.

Activities Including Sex Doll


Every human being has their kind of fantasies and desires. One of the most popular fantasies that every man dreams of is having sex with more than two partners. It can be the perfect opportunity to make your partner happy without adding someone by which you can feel jealous. Not adding a real partner would be a good choice because your partner will never be able to develop any feelings for them.

A realistic sex doll will be able to complete all your fantasies with your partner, and you will never be able to see that you are not doing anything for your partner. It will make your partner happy, and you can easily make your bond stronger with your partner just by using a synthetic doll.


Anal sex includes a lot of penetration, and not everyone can hold up the penetration. If you are a person who cannot compete with anal sex, then it would be idle for you to use a sex doll as your partner to fulfill all your partner's desires. The second most common fantasy of every man is fucking butthole of a female.

However, this includes a lot of pain penetration, so your partner will never be able to express their desire in front of you because they do not want to hide you. But with the help, you can fulfill their fantasy easily without even handling the penetration of pain. They can effectively use sex dolls while looking at you.

Performing such activities can make both of you happy because you have fulfilled your partner's desire, and your partner has completed their dream fantasy.

Rough sex

Taking control of a woman and fucking her is a dream of many. However, getting rough can be very dangerous for your partner as you cannot hurt them. If you are using a sex doll to satisfy the needs of your partner, then it would be a good option for you because while having sex with a sex doll, they will never think of cheating.

And you will also be able to securely enjoy it with your partner because they are not cheating and having something with a real partner but using a synthetic toy. So they are pretty but not alive, and the one thing that you should always remember is they are not human beings, so they cannot replace you by any means. So you can enjoy pretty much everything with them, and they won't even complain to you.


Using sex dolls is not easy, and with the help of advanced technology today, there are many different variants by which you can select according to your cup of tea. Make sure whenever you use sex toys, it requires a lot of lubrication, or else you will end up hurting yourself. Do not worry about “regarding sex: should I be jealous of my partner’s sex doll?” Question because sex dolls can never replace humans because they cannot reply back to their actions.


1. Why is it important to use lubricants while using sex toys?

Ans. A person must use lubrication while using sex toys because it protects the user from any mistakes happening.

2. What is the difference between C-spot and G-spot vibrators?

Ans. For people who like to tease their clit most C-spot are specially designed for them. While G-spot vibrators are effectively used for hitting the G-spot.

3. How to store sex toys after using them completely?

Ans. Using sex toys is significantly easy, and so does cleaning them. Make sure only to use the simple cleanser to wash them and store them after they get dried properly.


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