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Masturbation Sleeves For Men To Experience Real Vaginal Pleasures In Solo

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 21,2022

Sex toy helps you understand your orgasmic response to enjoy future experiences with a partner (if you choose to have those). It also allows you to try new types of stimulation and experience pleasure in new ways. A masturbation sleeve may also be a pocket pussy, cock sleeve, stroker, or male masturbator. Masturbation sleeves have a lot of nicknames, but not many pleasure-seekers know what they are or what they do.

What is a Masturbation Sleeve?

Masturbation sleeves are sex toys designed to stimulate the penis in a way that simulates manual, oral, or penetrative sex or provides a unique sensation. They usually consist of a soft, pliable sleeve into which the penis is inserted. The sleeve is then either moved up and down manually or it's designed to move or vibrate independently. They often have a primary opening that mimics lips, a vulva. Some are closed at the opposite end, where the head of the penis winds up, and others have a nondescript hole, usually smaller than the main opening.

Types Of Masturbation Sleeves

● Hands-Free Masturbation Sleeves: This newer type of masturbator includes a textured sleeve and a plastic case around it featuring buttons and housing internal motors and mechanisms to allow the sleeve to operate independently. This lets the person simply hold the device, find their favorite settings and allow the machine to masturbate for them.

● Vibrating Masturbation Sleeves: This type of masturbator is similar to the one above. It only includes vibration.

Materials Masturbation Sleeves

Masturbation sleeves come in a wide range of materials. Some are made of thermoplastic rubber (TPR) or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE.) These materials are considered body safe, but they're also porous. Pure silicone is the safest because it is non-porous and free of chemical additives. Some other materials used are polyvinyl chloride (PVC), jelly rubber, and many "Cyberskin" or "fantasy skin" toys.

Size Masturbation Sleeves

Generally, sleeves with a snugger fit provide more intense stimulation, while bigger sleeves provide a feeling of envelopment, which is more subtle. They are available in a wide range of sleeve sizes.

How To Use A masturbation Sleeve

While masturbation sleeves are an excellent way to spice up your masturbation practice. They can be used during partnered and multi-partnered play, too.

Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation is a low-risk activity that allows you to touch your own body to the arousing scene of your partner touching theirs. While mutual masturbation can be an equipment-free experience if you or your partner have masturbation sleeves. But observing them receive joy in a new way can be even more arousing because of the novelty factor.

Video sex

You don't have to be in someone to enjoy a mutual masturbation sesh that features a masturbation sleeve. If you're enjoying video assuming your virtual play partner(s) consent—masturbation sleeves are on the table. Use even more lube than you usually use.

Hand sex

"Masturbation sleeves make an excellent addition to hand sex," You can use it during the beginning part of hand-job play, in the middle, or right at the end.

Oral sex

Open masturbation sleeves allow you to use the mouth on your head while using the stroker on the rest of the shaft. Some masturbation sleeves look more like donuts and are open on both ends. These variations are an excellent addition to oral sex on a penis, especially for givers who have a sensitive gag reflex or don't enjoy deep-throating. Consider using a flavored lubricant.

Anal play

Just because your backside is being pleasured doesn't mean your front side should be ignored. So, while you're enjoying receptive anal sex, being fingered anally, or being rimmed, why not use a stroker on yourself?

Care And Cleaning

Almost all sex toys are quite easy to clean. You should wash the masturbation sleeves with soap and water and let it dry. The toys made with silicone can also be boiled in water to help wash them. Once the toy gets dry, you can keep your toy in a safe place.

How To Choose Masturbation Sleeves

When buying a masturbation sleeve, always first think about the material and size of the masturbation sleeves you want to prefer. After that, consider the following things:


Most insertion toys fall into two style categories: open-ended or close-ended. Open-ended toys are great for people who want something that can be used in combination with oral stimulation from a partner. Open-ended sleeves can also accommodate folks who are a bit bigger since there's nothing to stop them from pushing through the open end of the toy. Close-ended toys offer more in the way of suction and are excellent for people who like the sensation of being fully enveloped.


The vibrating toys are the ones that are smaller and focus the vibration. Some sleeves offer vibration and provide a feeling of enveloping or friction. However, some of these vibrating sleeves don't deliver on their promise because the vibration is distributed across too large of an area, or the vibrator is positioned in a way that doesn't stimulate the user's most sensitive bits.

Pros Masturbation Sleeves:

● They usually provide some level of suction to the experience.

● They catch the ejaculate for less mess.

● Many men like the feeling of their dick head popping in and out of the end of them.

Cons Masturbation Sleeves:

● They don't always work out well for men with long pricks.

● Open-ended masturbation sleeves don't provide any suction.


Why try a masturbation sleeve?

It's a smart solution to add texture and softness to spice up "the regular". Switching up the "grip" and intensity of masturbation can help to prepare the nerve endings of the penis to experience joy in a different way, a big bonus for individuals who can only orgasm in one specific way.

How do I use a masturbation sleeve?

Masturbation sleeves can be used before the penis becomes fully erect or after the fact. Just turn the sleeve inside out so that the textured surface is on the inside of the sleeve. Lubrication can be used either to the shaft of the penis or to the inside of the sleeve. The sleeve should fit comfortably around the shaft of the penis with the inside-texture making a pleasant suction or bearing down sensation.


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