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how to use masturbation cups

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 01,2021

How to use Masturbation Cups?

Looking for a sex toy to revolutionize your sex life?

Male masturbation cups give a more-than-real sensation and their texture stimulates and teases the nerve endings of the penis more than the hand, making them the most well-known erotic object and a great sex toy for men to use for the first time - they are easy to use, inexpensive, easy to clean, and provide over-the-top stimulation.

1. Choose the right stroker for you

Strokers are usually more discreet than other male masturbators and do not have an anatomical model, which makes them universally attractive and non-intimidating.

Strokers have an internal textured tube that stimulates the penis, while the exterior is usually ridged to ensure a good grip during use.

A primary masturbation sleeve can be used by beginners. It is made of simple and soft material. Therefore, beginners will not find the stimulator uncomfortable or difficult to use. Sex toys for men are inexpensive. The cups come with self-lubrication and all a beginner has to do is use it without having to prepare anything extra.

Use these suggestions to reduce your choices and have a good idea of the kind of male masturbation sleeve you wish to utilize. The moment you get the best male sex toy sleeve, you will experience great pleasure.

2.Be prepared

All masturbators need to be used with a sexual lubricant in order for the stroker to slide up and down the penis, providing delicious stimulation without any uncomfortable friction.

Apply the lubricant to the inside of your stroker and to your erect area. Once fully lubricated, you can begin penetrating to enter.

Start by working around the head of your penis. If properly lubricated, this should provide a smooth and stimulating sensation. When ready, enter the stroker.

3.Use masturbators yourself

‘Edging’ is a popular method of masturbation that can help you delay ejaculation.

You can condition the body’s responses during masturbation by stopping just before the moment of climax, waiting 30 seconds before continuing, and repeating this process.

You can repeat this method until you build a better pleasure tolerance level.

4.Use a stroker with a partner

Strokers offer an exciting addition to couples' play. Choose a clear sleeve so you can both see the intimate action.

Using a stroker is part of foreplay with your partner, but it's also great for mutual masturbation, or when you want to make out together but don't feel up to full-on sex.

If your lover is tired from giving you a hand job, a stroker will ease their task and you will love your stroker even more when your partner is working for you.


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