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Written by: Vivan Murdoch Published on October 31,2023









This book is intended for adult audiences and contains adult themes. The acts in this book are not meant to depict an actual dynamic and can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Please play responsibly. Author is not held responsible for readers’ actions.

Kinks, Fetishes, Triggers:

Includes not limited to…

Daddy Kink, Slight Humiliation, Edging, Denied Orgasm, Spanking (honestly… this is pretty much my least triggery book.)



Frosty wind nips at my neck as I pack the last of our belongings into the little car. Up in the passenger seat, my wife squirms, her enthusiastic movements bringing a smile to my face. She needs this vacation.

Hell, both of us need it. With the long hours we’ve both been working, we’ve barely seen any of each other. But now that there’s a break, we can enjoy each other in the cabin I booked for a raunchy, fun-filled weekend.

My cock swells as I run my fingers over the duffle bag concealed amongst all the regular luggage. She thinks we’re just going upstate to enjoy a nice, relaxing time, but little does she know the plans swirling in my head. I’ve taken a peek at her books and noted the ones she’s come back to.

It seems as if my little wife is on a snowed-in kick. Granted, most of those stories have been with multiple men, and that sure as hell isn’t happening. I’m far too possessive of my wife to allow her to touch another man, let alone have him pleasure her.

However, I am more than willing to give her everything else her deviant heart desires. Glancing back up at the clouds, I pull out my phone and check the weather app. With any luck, we’ll make it to our cabin before it gets too bad.

My gut churns with anticipation as I slam the trunk and slide into the driver’s seat. The scent of her happiness permeates the space, like a little ray of sunshine on this dreary, bitter day. It’s been so hard keeping this surprise hidden, especially with how attuned she is to our bond. Since we’ve been married, I’ve never kept anything hidden from her unless I had to.

It’s been almost agonizing keeping all these thoughts and plans at bay; however, she’s never really pried. It’s the only saving grace right now. Closing my eyes for a moment, I feel the euphoric vibrations between us, her absolute joy as it sizzles across the bond.

Kayleigh looks over at me, her blue eyes shining with such happiness and excitement. With a chuckle, I lean over and cup her chin, pulling her face towards me. Her aroused gasp as I slide my lips over hers makes my balls clench, drawing them up until they ache.

It will be a long drive, but perhaps I can slake our lusts along the way. With a grin, I ease back and start the car. Once we’re on the road, I slide my hand into hers and squeeze tight, love making my heart pound.

Every day with this woman has been a miracle, and I treasure every moment. Even now, I crave her, as she sings off-key, her loud voice filling the space. There’s such a vibrance to her, an ecstasy that’s contagious.

Despite this song not being one of my favorites, I find myself singing along with her, joining in as we pass the time. Soon, however, we fall into a comfortable silence. She looks out the window, her breathing quickening as the first bit of fat flakes slam into the car.

She’s always loved snow. It never fails to bring a childlike wonder to her face. It’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about this trip. We both will be able to indulge in the things that make us the happiest.

Looking about, I notice how empty the roads are. They’re deserted, no doubt vacant because of the impending storm. I pull over into a rest stop nearby and smile at the thick woods behind it.

Next to me, Kayleigh squirms about, her eyes wide as she nearly bounces in her seat. “Don’t tell me you have to pee. We just got started!”

A dark chuckle falls from my lips as I lean behind her and pull out a small package. “Trust me. The needs I have right now have nothing to do with a bathroom break. Here. I was going to wait until we got to the cabin, but I can’t.”

She bites down on her lower lip, excitement lighting her eyes. “A present?” Her voice is high and squeaky, nearly vibrating.

“Yes, my love. A present. But a special present.”

I watch as her fingers tremble while opening the box. There, on a bed of satin, lies a band of thick silver in the shape of a circle. She grazes her fingertip against it, her touch nearly reverent.

“Is this what I think it is?” The awe in her voice causes my cock to harden.

“I think it’s high time we make this official. Don’t you?”

Taking the box from her hand, I open my car door and step outside. The frigid wind slams into me, nearly making me reconsider my plans. But I can’t. My need for her is too great.

Besides, once we reach the cabin, I’ll be warming her up in so many other various ways. Pulling my jacket tighter around my front, I race over to her door and open it before extending my hand. She shivers and burrows deeper into her coat, but doesn’t complain.

Hand in hand, I take her past the rest stop and into the tree line. Her blue eyes darken as a frown mars her face. However, if she has any concerns, she doesn’t voice them.

She trusts me with everything, and that trust is humbling and erotic at the same time. Pulling her against a tree, I slam my lips into her, tasting the peppermint she’d been sucking on while in the car. It makes my head swim.

Her arousal hangs thick in the air, clouding my senses until I can no longer think. Gripping her in my hands, I turn her until she’s facing the tree. The metal collar is cold, freezing, as I take it out of the box and ease it around her neck.

My little omega submissive shivers, but I monitor her through the bond, making sure it’s not only the cold that has her trembling in my arms. We can’t stay out here too long, and yet, the need to have her claws at the back of my head, burrowing into my brain until it’s all I can think about.

One taste. Just one fucking taste.

My fingers tremble as I place the screw in the back and crank it with a hex key until it refuses to budge. “You are mine,” I growl against the back of her neck. “But now, I officially own you. Spread your legs for your master.”

“Yes Sir,” she cries out, wrenching her thighs apart as far as they will go.

Reaching around, I shove my fingers down the front of her pants, my head swimming with need. I graze the edge of her panties as my vision fuzzes around the edges. Her need perfumes the air, dragging a ragged groan from my lips.

I slip past the band and down across her pussy. She’s soaked. But I knew she would be. Though she loves me in all ways, she gets even more arousal when I’m dominant with her.

Soft moans drift from her lips as I graze her clit. Sliding my hand up, I slip my fingers under the collar and grip her throat. Her heartbeat pounds against my palm as I squeeze ever so slightly.

Her body writhes beneath mine as desperate whines claw at her throat. Releasing her, I turn her around so she can face me. Abject lust and need cloud her vision. She barely even notices as I work at the buttons of her pants.

It’s not until the icy wind kisses her delicate flesh that she even realizes I’ve pulled them down. Her shriek is adorable as she tries to pull away and cover herself.

“Hands against the tree, submissive,” I purr, nuzzling her neck. “I’m going to take what I want, and you’ll be powerless to stop me.”

She melts against the tree at my command, her hands rising to grip the bark. Though she is always beautiful to me, she’s never lovelier than when submitting. She’s soft, pliant, and wholly delectable.

Sinking down to my knees, I ignore the sting of the snow as I slide her legs over my shoulders and bury my face into her pussy. Her arousal dances on my tongue like hot chocolate drizzled with caramel.

She’s my favorite dessert. Spreading her lips open, I flick the tip of my tongue against her clit. Through the bond, I feel the frisson of arousal as she bucks up against me.

Her orgasm hovers just out of reach. She’s close. So fucking close. I tease her, taunt her, and play with her, ramping up her need until she’s nearly delirious. Her legs tense around me as she strains.

“Please,” she whimpers, her body trembling. “Please let me come.”

Pulling away, I look up at her from between her thighs. “Have you earned it?”

Her brows knit together as she puzzles through my words. Chuckling against her delicate skin, I slide a thick digit into her pussy. I groan as she spasms around me.

“Teasing, love. You can come whenever you wish. You’ve been such a good girl for me.”

I watch as she rests her head against the tree, relief flooding the bond. I’ve denied her before, and though I could do so now, I don’t want to. At this moment, I need to feel her come apart around my fingers and tongue. I want to taste her orgasms.

Sliding out, I ease two fingers inside, my cock pulsing as her inner walls clamp down. My knot swells as need drips down my spine. But I don’t dare knot her here. Not out in the open like this.

I pump in and out, impaling her with my fingers as my tongue lashes at her clit. Her soft moans fill the air, startling the nearby wildlife. Pulling away, I nip her inner thigh.

“Quiet, love. You don’t want to let anyone else know the depraved things I’m doing to you.” Pausing, I look at her and wink. “Unless that’s exactly what you want. Hmm? Do you want some passing stranger to know you’re being pleasured by your Alpha? Do you want them to hear the moment you break apart for me?”

Though my wife has expressed a desire for an exhibition scene, we’ve not really talked about it. Granted, based on her reading habits, I know it’s more than just a passing phase. There’s a part of her that wants others to see her in the throes of passion.

However, as much as I want to indulge her, I want to do so where I’m not breaking the law. Thankfully, her sense of self-preservation is strong. Placing one hand over her mouth, she arches back against the tree and rests the other on my head.

Her nails dig into my scalp as I lick her again. That small bite of pain spurns me further until I’m practically devouring her. Now, her moans are muffled, quiet as she smothers them with her hand.

But I hear them.

I will always hear them.

Pressing three thick digits into her, I feel her legs tremble around me. I apply my tongue to her clit, lashing it back and forth until she can’t hold out any longer. Despite the faint sound, I feel and hear the full-body groan as it runs through her, making her body quake.

Her orgasm is a thing of beauty, and I’ll never tire of watching her fall apart around me. I continue to slide in and out, riding out her release as her sounds of pleasure become softer and fainter.

She slumps against the tree, replete, satiated, and practically glowing. Pulling out of her, I quickly undo my pants and shove my underwear down around my hips. I curl my left hand around her throat as I glide my right hand over my cock.

Reaching in between her thighs, I gather slick onto my palm and use that as lubrication. I fuck myself to her, watching the haze of lust swirl in her eyes. Her pulse flutters behind my other hand, an erotic cadence that sets the pace.

Growling under my breath, I slam my hand down, fucking my palm hard as my knot swells. I’ll be sore as fuck, but that will make taking her tight holes even more pleasurable. Just picturing the scene I have planned for her, my balls clench up tight.

Grunting, I grip the base of my cock, just above my knot. I’m not going to last much longer. Letting go, I strip my jacket from my body and lay it on the ground.

I don’t even have to order Kayleigh to move. She sinks to her knees and opens her mouth like the good little cumslut she is for me. Her pupils are blown as she sticks out her tongue, desperate to fill her stomach with my cum.

“That’s my good fucking girl,” I growl, gripping her hair.

Her lips wrap around my cock, enveloping me in the hot cavern of her mouth. The temperature difference alone nearly makes me explode. Holding her head still, I fuck her face, sliding my massive cock between her lips as far as I can go.

She takes me, nearly all of me. The corners of her mouth are white with how much she’s having to stretch to accommodate my girth. My knot presses against her as I surge in one last time.

A decadent groan rips from my throat as cum shoots into hers. She works me over, using her tongue to tease the underside of my shaft. Her throat convulses as she swallows, tightening around me, forcing more cum to slide down into her.

I temper my touch as she bobs her head, licking, sucking, and cleaning every bit of cum from my cock. Closing my eyes, I pour all the love I can into the bond, letting her know the depths of my feelings. My fingers slide through her hair as I cradle her close, choking her on my dick.

Even though I’ve already come, I’m still rock hard. Honestly, since marrying her, I’ve rarely found myself flaccid. Even when she’s not in heat, I crave her. Every day, I seem to want her even more.

Forcing myself from the heat of her body, I pull my pants up and get her back to looking decent. The snow starts to fall in earnest, sending a thrill of anticipation down my spine. Everything is coming together.

I grab my jacket from the ground and pull her into the shelter of my arms. As we make our way back to the parking lot, it’s still empty. More than likely no one heard us, but there’s still that chance.

Leaning down, I nuzzle her ear. “I wonder if the worker heard you crying out, desperate for my hands to defile you.”

A light blush stains her cheeks, drawing precum up my shaft. God, but I want her again. Chuckling, I force my mind away from her pussy and onto the trip ahead. So close, and yet so far. And once she’s in my grasp, I’ll finally be able to slake these lusts… for now, at least.



The sky grows angry as we make our way down the winding highway. As much as I trust Alex, there’s still that niggle of unease as the snow crashes down, unrelenting. I knew there was a chance of flurries, but this is something else entirely.

It’s not a blizzard, exactly, but the snow keeps piling up on the side of the road. From the looks of it, it’s got to be at least an inch by now. With a soft purr, Alex reaches over and holds my hand.

Even without the bond, I’m sure he’d be able to sense my moods. From the very beginning when we first met, he was in my head and heart. He’s always been attuned to me in a way no Alpha ever was before.

“And never will be again,” he growls, hearing my thoughts.

“Of course,” I soothe, a smile drifting across my lips.

Out of everything I love about him, his possessive nature never fails to make me tingle.

He brings my hand up to his mouth and nips at my palm. “That’s good. I’d hate to have to go to jail for murder.”

“So dramatic.” Rolling my eyes, I giggle but stop short when he spears me with his heated gaze.

“Don’t be so sure. Just the thought of another man touching you makes me homicidal.”

“Good thing I like you then, huh?”

“Cheeky minx.” With a laugh, he drops my hand and puts both of them on the wheel.

For the first time since we’ve started this journey, I feel a tendril of unease drifting through the bond. His gaze continues to scan the road and drift up toward the sky. However, until he decides to worry, I will choose to stay calm.

Slipping in a pair of headphones, I close my eyes and force myself to breathe. Before I know it, I’m asleep. Odd dreams plague my mind as we drive off to our destination.

* * *

The slamming of a car door jars me, and for a moment, I stare out the window and blink. I’m groggy. My head throbs. But one thing is absolutely clear. The snow has officially become a blizzard.

Terror seizes my lungs as I watch Alex trudging back and forth with our luggage. His jacket is practically coated with snow. It weighs him down in thick clumps. Poor guy has to be freezing.

As I reach for my handle to open the door, he stops by the window and shakes his head.

No, love, he whispers through the bond. I want you to stay as warm as possible. I’ll come get you when I’m ready.

Snuggling into my coat, I hold up my hands to the vent and allow the heat to wash over my tingling fingers. Just a few more trips back and forth, and Alex comes up to the door and motions for me to turn off the car. I manage to grab the keys just as he opens it up, allowing a blast of winter chill inside.

A shiver wracks my body as he holds out his hand and urges me to come out. Slamming it behind me, we both race toward the cabin, sighing as the heat envelopes us. We stomp our feet, getting as much snow off as we can before stepping inside.

From the foyer, the entire cabin opens up into one massive space. It has a kitchen and living room combo with what looks like a door to a bedroom off to the side. Alex looks over at me, his eyes twinkling.

“Well then, I guess we’re stuck here.” Both of us look over at the enormous bay windows. “The snow doesn’t show any sign of stopping. I guess we can’t leave until it all melts.”

“Right,” I play along, grasping at my chest. “I guess work will just have to miss me.”

Holding up his phone, he shows me a notification. Apparently, we really are truly stuck. All major roads are closed, and businesses have been notifying their employees not to come to work for the next few days.

My eyes widen as I fish out my own phone and stare at the text. Three days at least? “Wait, but we’ve only rented the cabin for the night!”

“Oh, ye of little faith,” he chides, his smile widening even more. “I’ve actually rented it for the week. And even if we didn’t get snowed in, I’ve arranged for both of us to have the time off. The fact that we actually are snowed in just makes it even more delicious.”

Before I can say another word, he strips off my jacket and tosses it toward the door. Soon, he pulls off my shirt and chucks it over as well. I turn and brace against the wall and hold my foot up so he can take off my shoe. Then the other one.

The clatter as they hit the floor sends a thrill racing through my heart. His fingers are warm, scalding even, as he reaches around to undo my pants. Gripping them and the band of my panties, he slides them down and eases them over my foot.

“Go through the bedroom and to the right. You’ll find the bathroom. Get the shower going. I’ll meet you there soon.”

“Yes, Sir.” The words flit through the air as I rush to obey him.

But more than that, I can’t wait for the hot water to run over me. The bedroom is far larger than I expected, and the bed in the middle is massive. My pussy spasms as I anticipate all the time we’ll spend there.

Making a beeline to the right, I walk into the bathroom and pause. An enormous soaking tub sits in the middle with a glass shower off to the side. It’s large enough to fit several large people and has a bench on the side.

I slip in and fiddle with the knobs, groaning as warm water rushes over me. Steam fills the enclosure, warming me right up. Not wanting to waste any time, I lather up some shampoo and wash my hair.

Just as I rinse it out, the shower door opens revealing my naked husband. His cock juts out from his hips, bobbing as he makes his way toward me. Reaching out, I run my fingers over his chest, sighing as I melt into him.

He’s a pillar of strength as he gathers me into his arms. Laying my head against his chest, I listen to his heartbeat—strong and steady. With gentle movements, he runs a cake of soap over my back as he holds me.

I know he’s keeping himself gentle for me. Even now, I can feel the violence in his hands as drifts them up and down. Groaning, I pull away and let the water rinse me off.

His gaze is dark, hooded as he watches the water stream over my breasts. Pulling me closer, he wraps his lips around a taut peak and sucks, nearly driving me to my knees. His hands grip my waist as he turns us both toward the bench.

Hiking my leg up, he slides a finger in, his invasion eased by the slick gathering at my pussy. I’m desperate for him, his cock, his mouth… anything and everything. With a groan, he pumps in and out, driving me wild.

“Get on the bed,” he rasps, his control holding on by a thread.

Nodding, I ease out of the shower and towel off, tossing it to the floor as I hurry into the bedroom. A roaring fire crackles nearby, filling the space with heat. Around the bed, several candles twinkle. What stops me, however, is the tarp lying across the comforter.

My heart stutters for a moment as excitement races through my body. It’s been so long since we’ve done wax play! Wriggling with anticipation, I settle down on the tarp just as he enters the room.

We’re both silent as he pads over, holding a blindfold in his hands. Lifting my head, I sigh with contentment as he fastens it. Instantly, I’m plunged into darkness.

My breath catches in my throat as I listen for his movements, but he’s silent, not giving me any clue as to where he is or what he’s doing. His warm hand skims down my ankle for a moment before he grips it and spreads me open.

He binds me down, keeping my legs ajar, free for him to access any part of me. The next leg is the same, and then he moves onto my wrists until I’m spread eagle on the bed. My pulse thunders in my ears as all I hear is the crackling of the fire.

Soon, his hands are back, rubbing oil onto me. His fingers grip my skin, digging in as he massages me. Groaning, I arch up, relieved, as he runs his palms over my breasts.

His touch is like magic, making me melt as I burn. When he pulls away, I suck in a breath, waiting for the heat to sear me. It comes one drip at a time.

Hot specks dot my breasts and drip down my sternum. He drizzles the candle over me, not allowing me to know when or where he’s going to stop. Each plop of wax on my skin burns for a moment, a slight sting, before melting away into an indescribable warmth.

He decorates my body to his liking, sending the wax up and down my stomach before moving onto my thighs. My heart stops for a moment as the heat of the flame comes near my pussy. Just the heat before it dances away.

Again, everything is silent. I strain in the darkness, waiting, listening, hoping for the next burn of wax. But it never comes. Where did he go?

Thick fingers slide over my mound, spreading open my lower lips. He’s not going to pour wax directly on my clit, is he? He’s threatened before, but he’s never done it. I pause, waiting for his next move.

I breathe in the darkness, waiting.

And then it hits.

Warmth explodes over my tender skin. With a yelp, I jerk back, unease sizzling through my body. Alex chuckles, the dark sound playing over my skin.

“You like that, baby,” he groans, hitting my skin with another dash of warmth. “You like knowing I can do whatever the fuck I want to your body? Even put wax on this needy clit of yours?”

I moan, unable to answer him. Truthfully, I’d let him do whatever he wanted. And he knows that.

With another laugh, he glides the heat back over my clit and down my lower lips. It doesn’t feel like wax exactly. When he pulls away, I find I miss the warmth. It was oddly soothing and highly erotic.

He rips the blindfold away and smiles down at me before holding up what looks like a fake candle. The tip glows with a small light, making it look like some holiday decoration.


I barely get the word out before he sets the end of the candle against my nipple. Warmth explodes over me, just like on my clit. And that’s when it dawns on me. He never put wax down there. It was the candle the whole time.

“I saw this device online and couldn’t wait to try it out on you. But the heat isn’t the only part that’s fun.” His eyes twinkle as he moves the fake flame back and forth in front of my eyes.

“Let me guess,” I tease. “You’re going to fuck me with it?”

“Good guess. But not like you think.” He fiddles with some buttons on the side, and I watch as the tip starts to vibrate.

The little light dances before my vision as he goes through the settings, showing me the different types of vibrations. “Now then, my little minx,” he murmurs. “Wanna come on my candle?”

“Yes, Sir.” My words come out in a breathy groan.

He slides down between my thighs and places the vibrating ‘flame’ on my clit. My entire body seizes as pleasure races through my veins. He’s used vibrators on me before, but this one is a little different.

The tip is perfect for teasing my clit. It hits just the right spot as he places it where I want it the most. My insides clench as ecstasy coils through me. I always come quicker with a vibrator, and this one is no different.

But as my orgasm starts to build, he pulls it away. A protest hovers over my lips but soon disappears as he places the warm part against me. Just a touch. A quick dab of heat, then back to the vibrations.

He plays this game with me, getting me close to the edge before dousing me with heat. Desperation crawls through me, making my skin tight. I need to come. I need it so desperately.

Pulling away again, he slides his fingers inside me, easing them in and out a few times before hitting me with that flash of heat. This time, when he puts the vibrating candle flame back at my clit, he keeps it here as he pumps in and out.

Moans bubble up my throat and spill out, filling the cabin with my pleasure. He slams his fingers into me, forcing my body to explode. Everything tightens as he pistons in and out, drawing my orgasm out. It rolls through me, each release melding into the next until I’m mindless and babbling.

Tossing the candle vibrator to the side, he surges into me, filling me with his massive cock. Unable to even breathe, I merely lie there as he slides in and out, his tip dragging along the nerve endings inside. Once he’s seated, he picks the toy up again and uses the hot end to tease my nipples.

With every thrust, he dabs the metal end onto my skin, making me moan and writhe under his expert touch. Through the bond, I feel his need for me growing. There’s a feral desperation there, one that matches my own.

Turning the vibrations back on, he eases the tip down between us, letting it brush against my clit as he pounds into me. Between the sensations of his cock stretching me out and the vibrator working over my clit, I’m a helpless puddle underneath him. Another orgasm slams into me, stealing my breath as I arch up.

This time, there’s no sound as I strain against him. My voice is gone as pleasure races through me, bowing me up. He pulls the vibrator away and envelopes me with his body as his hips undulate between my thighs.

His lips capture mine in a decadent kiss. I’m nearly drunk on him as he surges in one more time. His knot swells, locking us together. It presses against my G-Spot, making my pussy spasm around his girth.

Moaning into his mouth, I rock back and forth, fucking myself on his knot as I come again. He growls against my lips, his pleasure evident in the rigid way he holds himself.

The bond hums as we both lie there together, wrapped up in each other. After several moments, he unhooks my arms so I can wrap them around his broad shoulders. Soft kisses give way to hungry feral ones until I’m clawing at his back.

The wax rubs against him, flaking between us as it abrades our skin. Just one more sensation to make my toes curl. We’re making quite the mess, but that’s what the tarp is for. And know him, he’s going to do a lot more to me before he cleans me up.

Pulling away, he smiles down at me before holding up the vibrator. “I take it this was a good purchase?”

“Oh, yes. Definitely,” I hum, stretching out in satisfaction, like a cat sleepy from drinking cream.

“Good. Because I plan to use it on you again and again.”

Gathering me into his arms, he sighs against me as he holds me close, a purr rumbling in his chest. “I love you,” I whisper as I nuzzle into him.

“And I love you, my little minx. So very much.”

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