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The Complete Guide To Getting High On Orgasms With Inflatable Dildos

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 01,2022

Inflatable dildos are sex toys that enable you to pump and pump until you're filled right up! So, if you love the sensation of fullness, an inflatable dildo may be the perfect toy for you.

Inflatable sex toys great for more advanced play and safely testing your limits. But before you dive right in, here's everything you need to know about inflatable dildos to help you get started.

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What is An Inflatable Dildo?

An inflatable dildo is a sex toy that can inflate in size once inserted by using an attached pump to increase the size of the dildo and achieve a feeling of complete 'fullness.'

Since vaginas differ in size and shape when aroused, inflatable dildos take advantage of the fact that arousal causes the upper two-thirds of a vagina to expand, even to the point where it can double in size; this is known as vaginal tenting.

Types Of Inflatable Dildos

As you may have guessed, inflatable dildos come in three basic types.

● The curved ones are for G-spot stimulation.

● Then, we have the much-sought-after inflatable vibrating dildo (think the Inflatable Vibrating G-Spot Pleaser).

● The curved ones are for G-spot stimulation. And last — but not least — come the squirting ones like the Silicone Inflatables.


As far as materials go, an inflatable silicone dildo is the safest and highest-quality option. However, you won't find that many inflatable silicone products on the market as they are more difficult to make. Other common materials include plastic, vinyl, PVC, latex, and rubber. Those are porous and impossible to completely sanitize.


Knowing your body well is key here. You want to get a dildo that's neither too small nor too big for you. This is particularly important if you use it for anal-training purposes: it won't stretch you much if it fits just right.

How Do You Use An Inflatable Dildo?

Did you know when vaginas are aroused, they have different shapes and sizes? The upper two-thirds portion of the vagina grows bigger during arousal. This phenomenon is called vaginal tenting, and inflatable dildos can use this to their advantage. The vagina can accommodate the penis and inflatable dildos, which can double in size when inflated.

● The first thing you need to do is relax. Your vaginal muscles need to relax, too.

● Always apply enough water-based or silicone-based lubricant to avoid discomfort during insertion.

● Slowly insert the inflatable dildo into your love canal and pump it slowly until you've achieved a feeling of fullness.

● The key is to avoid pumping too fast, especially if it's your first time. Pump slowly but surely. Give your vagina enough time to adjust to the growing dildo.

● Likewise, you must deflate the dildo slowly before taking it out of your pussy.

● If a partner is pumping for you, ensure you make him aware of your limits. You should also have a safe word if using the toy for bondage/BDSM play.

● If you experience pain, stop, and give your muscles time to relax. However, if the pain continues, you must stop and remove the dildo.

How to Clean The Inflatable Dildo?

People must clean their inflatable dildo before and after every sexual activity to make it free from germs and bacteria so that it does not cause any infection. To clean the inflatable dildo, people easily use water, toy cleaner, or antiseptic liquid. Once you make your dildo sex toys clean, then use clean clothes or a dryer to make the dildo sex toy dry. After that, wrap your inflatable dildo with a clean cloth. Always store your inflatable dildo sex toys in safe, calm, and dry places.

How To Choose Inflatable Dildo

● The most important thing is the material. You should always buy an inflatable dildo from non-porous and non-toxic materials, such as silicone. Sadly, you won't find many good inflatable silicone dildo models on the market, and you may have to buy a latex product. But make sure you're not allergic to latex! You can read more about safe materials in our comprehensive sex toy material guide.

● You should also think about the dildo size. If you're a beginner, go for flaccid girths around 3-4 inches, like Cock Locker 6″ above.

● The inflatable dildo should be pleasing to the eye, hence think about the design. Some models, like Cock Locker, have a realistic design and texture, while others, like Expander, don't look like a dick.

● Do you like vibrations or targeted stimulation? Then think about the features, such as vibration modes and G-spot/P-spot stimulation.

● You should also make sure the inflatable anal sex toys have a quick-release valve, so you can quickly deflate them.


● You can reach a max size of a whopping 9″ circumference.

● The big inflatable dildo has an easy-to-use hand pump.

● It has a quick-release valve for safety.


● It's made of latex.

● Difficult to insert while flaccid.


Are inflatable dildos safe?

Yes! Inflatable dildos are safe if you follow simple guidelines: 1) Always listen to your body and stop when it becomes painful. 2) Use plenty of lubrication 3) Start small and increase the size gradually 4) Always choose a toy with a quick-release valve and manual pump

How does an inflatable dildo feel?

This varies from product to product. Some have a solid core, which can make insertion easier, while some do not. Inflatable dildos are made of soft, stretchy materials such as latex or silicone, which feel smooth against your skin and slide in easily with some lubrication. Once inserted, you can inflate the toy and will start to feel a pleasant pressure pushing against your vaginal or anal canal. If that pressure feels uncomfortable or painful, you can deflate the dildo with the quick-release valve.

Can you use an inflatable dildo anally?

Yes! Inflatable dildos and inflatable butt plugs are great toys to use anally as you are in control of the size. Always use extra lubrication when using your dildo anally, and start small and slow.


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