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How to Use Vibrating Dildos.

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 01,2021

How to Use Vibrating Dildos.

Vibrating dildos, as the name suggests, are dildos that vibrate. This is a vibrator that looks like a real penis. Vibrating dildos are usually made of Cyberskin or silicone materials, which are very suitable for women who like the inner feeling of the real penis. Compared with the abstract design of other vibrators, some people also find it more exciting.

In addition to the realistic appearance and flexible functions, another benefit of the vibrating dildo is its tapered end and bendable (depending on the variant) body can help you stimulate the G-spot, making it the best type of vibrator one.


For any kind of toy that needs to be put into the body, my suggestion is to clean it before using it. Simply wash the toy on running water and mild soap. Make sure to not put water near the buttons and battery compartment area.Choose a water-based lubricant that you like, and it's best not to be too far away from yourself.


Before starting to use it, it is best to make sure that you are relaxed enough to masturbate in the usual way. Make sure your body is ready.Remove all distractions. Put your sexy undies on. Read erotic fiction. Do whatever makes you all heated up.When you are sure that your body is ready, you can add a lot of lubricant to your vibrating dildo. Remember, the first time you use it, you must use more lubricating fluid. The more you use it, the less pain you will feel.


First, you can turn on the vibration, and then adapt one by one from low gear to high gear. First, slowly rub around your vulva, clitoris and other sensitive parts. After your body adapts, gently and slowly push the dildo into your body.When you feel the fun inside, you can try to change the gear or change your posture.

4.Wash after Use.

When you run out, please clean it as soon as possible according to the instructions and store it in a cool place. Remember to remove the battery when not in use for a long time.


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