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How to use Tongue Vibrators

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 01,2021

If you like the pleasures of oral sex, tongue-shaped vibrators are for you. The flickering motions and super-soft materials can reproduce the sensation of having your spouse put their tongue on you (without the tongue cramp!).

Why do People Enjoy Oral Sex Simulation ?

First, the clitoris receives a lot of attention, and second, their entire body is the focus of sexual activity. Although not everyone likes oral sex simulation, people who like oral sex, both men and women, like the patterns, textures and various movements that tongue and lips may do.

How to Use ?

Heat the entertainment toy by massaging to body temperature before use. If you plan to use it on the nipples and clitoris, use a lot of lubricant to simulate real licking. When you use cunnilingus toys for your spouse, enjoy cunnilingus toys until they satisfy you. The first piece of advice for cunnilingus is to find the clitoris and stick to it, as if your life depends on it. It should be noted that although the clitoris is important, licking it is not the only way to have oral sex. In these cases, your tongue shaking can help you. What can stop you? Whether it is a collective or a single orgasm, it is equally good.

So, use a vibrating tongue sex toy against the labia to generate tremendous orgasms, and as the vibrations travel through the body, the clitoral legs' vibrations will blow your mind. For extra pleasure and excitement in the bedroom, get the oral sex simulator for women and men.


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