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How to use Magic Wand Vibrators

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 01,2021

Wand vibrators are great for solo sexual stimulation and couple sex, as it is one of the more versatile and handy sex toys in the industry.

Popular Types and usage

Personal Massager Wand

How to use it?

First of all, you must charge this wand vibrator because it is one of the vibrators that requires a battery before use. After fully charged, you can use this wand vibrator for at least two hours (isn’t it amazing!). After charging, you can now continue to arch your back (or your partner's back) and use the ultra-portable wand magic in your pleasure zone, in and out until you reach a beating climax.

Squeaky Wand Vibrator

How to use it?

First, make sure your squeaky wand vibrator is cleaned before and after use, because this pet-sized vibrator is one of the smallest vibrators on the market and it is a bit complicated to clean. When you are done, make sure it is charged to prevent it from stopping in the middle of intercourse. After completing these two steps, you can put it in the stimulation zone to please yourself. Do it a few times, and over time, you will discover what makes you like it!

Magic Wand Vibrator

How to use it?

First, make sure your magic wand vibrator is fully charged, which usually takes two to three hours. After covering it, you can continue to place it on the other side of the skin and it will start to vibrate. Choose from ten different vibration settings, the rest depends on your imagination and skill level!


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