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How to Use Kegel Balls.

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 02,2021

How to Use Kegel Balls.

The principle of kegel balls is to put a ball with a certain weight inside the vagina. Through the static falling weight, the tension of the cell tissue is caused to stimulate the enhancement of the cell tissue. At the same time, the steel ball in the shrinking vaginal ball slides when the body is turning, which makes the vagina feel irritating and produces a tightening effect of peristalsis.

For Kegel Exercises.

The user should lie on their back, lubricate the balls, and insert them into their vagina.

From there, they should squeeze their pelvic floor muscles around the balls.

Hold the exercise for about 5 seconds.

Release the muscles, rest, and then repeat the squeeze.

What to do After They Come in?

What you do after inserting Kegel balls depends on why you use them.

If you want to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, targeted exercises will help you identify and adjust the muscles.

If you want to try, you will pay less attention to sports and pay more attention to personal exploration.

How to Remove Them?

You can leave the Kegel ball for up to six hours, depending on the ball used and your personal body chemistry.

1.If your Kegel ball has a rope or loop removed, you should:

Lie down in a comfortable position.

Add more lubricant to your vaginal opening.

Slowly pull the disassembly ropes until they slide out.

2.If your balls are separated, you should:

Stand with your feet slightly wider than the hip distance.

Bend your knees slightly until you squat comfortably.

Squeeze your vaginal muscles to push it out, just like using other sex toys or even tampons.

If the ball does not come out immediately, try to stay calm. You can coax them out by adding more lubricant. You can also cough, walk around, and even jump up and down to help your muscles contract and relax.

How to Clean and Store Them?

Keeping the Kegels ball clean is essential. If they are not properly cleaned and stored, they may introduce bacteria into your vagina and cause infection.

After taking out the Kegel ball, you should:

Run them under warm water and clean them thoroughly with antibacterial soap. Then rinse under water to wash off excess residue. Make sure they are completely dry before you put them away.

After drying, store them in your own box.


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