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How to use Handheld Masturbators

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 03,2021

How to use Handheld Masturbators

Masturbation is always fun, and employing a handheld masturbator in the process is guaranteed to give you an overwhelming solo experience that has hitherto existed only in your dreams.

1. Warm up

Try running your fingertips gently over your body to warm up your outer erogenous zones. Gently stroking your neck, inner thighs and nipples is a great way to get your motor running.

2 Use lubricant

When you feel aroused, start stroking your genitals. We really recommend using a lubricant here; not only does it enhance sensation, but it also makes masturbation easier.

If you have a penis, try gently stroking your penis up and down. When your penis is nice and hard, take your penis in your hand and move it up and down. Don't forget your balls either. You can try gently squeezing them or carefully pulling on them to increase pleasure.

3 Stroking

First try stroking your outer area with a few lubricated fingers. To stimulate your clitoris, gently draw circles around it. Once you get the hang of it, try applying more pressure, or speeding your hand up slightly.

Another great way to stimulate your clitoris is to kneel on the floor and place a pillow between your legs. Here you can rub yourself on the pillow, thrusting up and down, controlling the rhythm and speed.

You can also try adding internal stimulation to your solo session. Try inserting a finger or two inside your vagina while rubbing your clitoris.


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