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How to use Clitoral Suction Vibrators

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 01,2021

How do Clitoral Suction Vibrators Work?

It is a figure eight sex toy that uses air, suction and vibration to stimulate the female clitoris. There is a nozzle on the top of the clitoral suction device that can go over the glans of the clitoris. This part of the woman's body is outside the labia. The clitoris sucking vibrator sucks the clitoris and moves in different patterns according to the intensity you want. It is a sex toy that can be used by women alone or by their partners to enhance the sexual experience. Men can now enjoy sexual intercourse to please their partner.

How to Use?

1.There are many ways you can explore the use of clitoral suction cups to achieve the most anticipated orgasm. Whether you are riding alone or with a partner, you can use clitoral suction cups. It is not much different from someone or using clitoral sucking toys alone. For those who wish to increase interest in their relationship, clitoral suction cups can be used during foreplay or even during intercourse. In addition to the clitoris, it can also be used for other parts, just find other sexy parts of the body. This can be the inner thighs, breasts, or even the armpits.

2.Clean the clitoris sucker, especially when you know how to start your partner's emotions. It is best to start with foreplay and then use clitoral suction cups frequently. Although clitoral suction cups are important, you use clitoral suction cups as a way to reach new heights during intercourse. In addition, if you want to take a break between strokes, you can use clitoral suction cups to make things happen or solve them at the same time. For women running alone, apart from having a partner, you can adjust the female suction vibrator to any level, as long as you can handle the intensity state you set. Similarly, it’s important to understand your limits. The more you use the toy, the more you can handle higher modes.

3.You must be careful when considering using a clitoral sucking vibrator during intercourse. Already, when you activate your partner’s clitoris, the tendency to penetrate into sex is high, which is good, but you must find a way to keep the clitoral vibrator on the clitoris while enjoying sex. But not many people know how to constantly stimulate their partners and ride on the wings of love.

4.For starters, when trying to combine clitoral sucking vibrators to enhance your sex life, it is best to start with a missionary. In the missionary style, your weight, if placed properly, can help hold the toy in place and stimulate your partner at the same time.

5.You can also explore other sex positions, but it is best to refine these positions first, and then achieve suspension outside the bedroom. For sexual exploration, you need to proceed step by step. You don't want to hurt yourself to improve your sex life. In addition, as you gradually explore, you will learn new knowledge about your body as a woman and partner.


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