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How to Use Anal Vibrators.

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 01,2021

How to Use Anal Vibrators.

Have you ever wondered how many sexually active adults have tried anal play?There are many different vibrators available, not all of which are designed to be used for anal insertion. Here at BESTVIBE we have a huge selection of vibrators, some are specifically designed for vaginal penetration, some for dual stimulation, and some are designed for anal penetration.

Before using the anal vibrator, you need to do a little preparation to make sure that you and your partner can go on smoothly.


Make sure you’ve evacuated your bowels fully that day.

You can use a mini enema or anal douche prior to any anal play.

Place a condom on your anal vibrator, sex toy or partner.

Keep a package of personal wipes nearby for quick clean up.

2.Use the Right Lube.

Under normal circumstances, silicone-based lubricants are more suitable for anal games. But if your vibrator is made of silicone, then the silicone-based lubricant will wear your toys and cause a bad experience. You can choose a water-based lubricating fluid, and you will never go wrong. But water-based lubricating fluid is not as durable as silicon-based lubricating fluid, so it needs to be refilled regularly. Make sure you have adequate lubrication.

From Small to Large.

Whether you use a vibrating toy or not, it’s important to start small and train your body to relax and accept something without pain and discomfort. can choose an anal vibrator as your first toy if you’d like – after all, you don’t need to turn on the vibrations if you’d rather start by concentrating the delicious ‘full up’ feeling of a toy in your bum.


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