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How to use G-Spot Vibrators

Written by: Bestvibe Published on October 31,2021

Vital Feature

One vital feature in most of them is their curved, sometimes bulbous head designed to hit the elusive spot accurately and consistently.

Solo Using a G-Spot Stimulator

When you are awakened, the G-spot will become larger, thus creating a larger surface area for you to use. So, take your time and open it first. One way is to use G-Spot atmosphere on underwear or stimulate other sexy parts of the body, such as the neck or nipples. If you find it with your hands first, it will be easier to open it, so your senses will be set where you want to go. Before using the G-Spot vibrator, don't forget to apply some lubricating oil.

Adjust the angle of the vibrator so that the curved side points upward toward the front wall of the vagina so that you can hit the G point as you enter. Note that your G-spot is only a few inches, so use a shorter thrust, different pressures, and different speeds to have fun. It pays to spend time trying different positions to get the job done for you.

Using a G-Spot Vibrator with a Partner

Whether you are a female or male partner, if you like to use G-Spot vibrators on your partner or you, they will be fun. It's like a single player game, but this time, the atmosphere is handled by your partner. They will do their best to stimulate your interest and keep hitting your G-spots in different positions.

If you like double penetration, you can use it when having sex with a male partner. They hit point P, and the vibrator hit point G at the same time. You can prepare for a world full of pleasant feelings. Using a vibrator during partner sex can help you communicate your preferences to your lover. When used alone with you, your partner will feel different when using the same vibrator on you.


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