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How To Make Orgasms Last Longer And Be More Intense?

Written by: Bestvibe Published on February 02,2023

The human body is a remarkable machine. The more it is pushed towards its limits, the more it adapts and becomes more powerful. When it comes to sex, the body responds similarly. When the muscles that play a crucial role in sexual function are toned and strengthened, the body becomes capable of experiencing more explosive and intense orgasms. But first of all, it's important to know what an orgasm is. Let's take a look at this post to know more about what an orgasm is and How To Make Orgasms Last Longer And Be More Intense?:

What’s An Orgasm?

An orgasm is a sexual excitement, pleasure, and euphoric state accompanying the release of accumulated sexual tension. A medical definition of the male orgasm is the climax that occurs once sufficient intensity and duration of sexual stimulation reach an ejaculatory “threshold.” The sexual climax consists of three phases—emission, ejaculation, and orgasm. When a specific threshold of sexual stimulation is reached, emission occurs, in which secretions from the prostate gland, seminal vesicles, epididymis, and vas deferens are deposited into the urethra within the prostate gland.

What Are the Different Types of Orgasms?

There are many ways to activate an orgasm, and it's sometimes claimed that there are up to 24 different types of orgasm. But as different sexual health experts define types of orgasms differently, there isn't a definitive list. Here are some of them:

Multiple orgasms – when you have a series of orgasms in a short period of time

Combination or blended orgasms – when orgasms are combined, the clitoris and vagina are stimulated at the same time, and you feel an orgasm in both

Pressure orgasms – these occur when pressure is utilized to stimulate your genitals

Relaxation orgasms – this orgasm comes from deep relaxation during sexual stimulation

Ways To Make Orgasms Longer and More Intense

Possibilities are somewhere in your sexual history; somebody may have encountered an intense orgasm that lasted longer than usual. Well, there's a name for that more drawn-out extreme feeling of sexual energy, and it's called an extended orgasm. This elongated feeling of climaxing qualifies as one incredibly sensual, long orgasm. But how can you make Orgasms Longer and More Intense? Here are some ways that can help you to make this possible:

Practice Edging Solo

Let your partner touch and tantalize you until you're at the brink of climax without letting you tip over the edge. Work on building your arousal slowly and delivering the pressure and feeling you need to expand pleasure exponentially.

Those with a penis can practice edging while masturbating by stroking until they get to orgasm and then backing off before ejaculating. Do this for however long you like. This creates the anticipation for a more powerful orgasm. Folks with a vulva can also practice edging while masturbating; just stimulate your clitoral area, G-spot, or both until you're about to orgasm, and stop before you get there.

Tone Down Stimulation After Orgasm And Ramp It Back Up

If you find yourself too sensitive after an orgasm to even think about continuing with a powerful wand, try to leverage that tendency. Continue stimulation but begin the next "wave" of sensation gently, raise the intensity, and drop it back down right after the peak. The result for me is multiple orgasms that blend and feel like one big one.

When a cervical orgasm dips toward the plateau, that could mean holding the dildo (or having a partner hold his hips) in place to bottom me out and press into my posterior fornix— then giving a few thrusts and maybe increasing speed until I come again. And repeat. Likewise, with a G‑spot dildo, except instead of pushing it all the way in, I'd keep it shallow, tilt it more steeply, and maintain stationary pressure before ramping the thrusting back up.

With a clitoral orgasm, that could mean turning the speed down, adjusting pressure, or positioning differently for a more diffuse sensation. For instance, my clitoris enjoys the Dame Kip's sharp edge and the Zumio's fine point for reaching orgasm, but immediately afterward, I need something broader, like the flat sides of the Kip or the Zumio's stem. With a finger against my clit, I'd prefer slowing down and switching from the fingertip to the pad of the finger and switching back when speeding up.

Combine Clitoral Stimulation With A Girthy Dildo

Girthy dildos press against the legs of the internal clitoris and provide the pelvic floor muscles some resistance to clench around. Pretty much any dildo (or penis) will serve this purpose,

Long-term habits for better orgasms Big, bold orgasms often go hand-in-hand with good sex and Kegel exercises for me.

Keep Your Pelvic Floor In Shape By Doing Kegel exercises

The pelvic floor muscles contract during orgasm. So the stronger they are (particularly the pubococcygeal muscle), the more intense the orgasms. Keeping them in shape also increases circulation to the vagina and vulva, improving sensation and making it easier to reach orgasm in the first place.

Other benefits I've mentioned before include "a strong enough grip to crack a friend's finger and easy enough relaxation to take a dildo bigger than a soda can."

If you can easily isolate your pelvic floor muscles (imagine you have to go to the bathroom soon and are clenching to hold it in), the easiest way to exercise them is to squeeze them for as long as you comfortably can, relax for a few seconds, and repeat. If you can't tell whether you're doing it properly, consider trying small weights you can set and forget or an electrostimulation vibrator to send electrical impulses to the muscles.

Other (often more fun) ways to work out the pelvic floor include:

● playing games on the kGoal app

● belly dancing

● vaginal weightlifting

Medibate With Breath And Energy Play

Amazing sex involves so much more than the genitals— breath, muscle tension, and mental focus all orchestrate the experience. For that reason, Barbara Carellas' book, Urban Tantra, is the best to take sex life to the next level. More specifically, there's a section where she instructs how to have orgasms by breathing and clenching your PC muscles while visualizing energy circulation through the chakras (energetic points in the body).

To some, this sacred sexuality technique might sound super woo-woo. It's an active practice in scanning the body at suggested reference points and practicing awareness of my physiological state. And that has only ever helped me boost my orgasms overall.


Why do people orgasm?

The male climax is tied in with ejaculation, it's unclear what the exact purpose of the female orgasm is. Here are some theories:

● The vaginal contractions experienced help to draw semen towards the cervix, which is good news for baby-making.

● In prehistoric women, the hormones released during climax caused their ovaries to release an egg. Hundreds of thousands of years later, females have evolved to ovulate independently.

How many times can you climax in a row?

If you have a vagina, you may be able to have multiple orgasms because you don't need to recover after having an orgasm like someone with a penis does. But you may just have 1, or none at all – and be happy with that too. If you have a penis, you may need to recover for a few minutes or a few hours before you can get sexually aroused and orgasm again.


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