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How To Get More Comfortable With Anal Sex

Written by: Bestvibe Published on February 06,2023

There are approximately a thousand reasons to do anal. But you only need one: you want to! That's really all it takes. There's a lot that goes into having anal sex. If you have never done it before, for instance, you'll want to do everything in your power to make it a positive experience. And that means doing your homework to make sure you've done the necessary prep work and knowing all of the best practices when it comes to anal sex. Not surprisingly, you want to know the best ways to get comfortable with anal sex. Here is a guide that can let you know more about anal sex and How To Get More Comfortable With Anal Sex:

What Is Anal Sex?

Anal sex is any sex act related to the anus. While it sometimes involves anal penetration with a penis, anal sex can also take the form of fingering, oral sex, pegging, and anal sex with a prostate massager or other sex toy. Individuals of any gender and sexuality can experience anal play. Stimulating the sensitive nerve endings in the anus and rectum can lead to a pleasurable orgasm.

How Can You Relax Before Anal Sex?

It's impossible to enjoy the experience if you can't get it out of your head. Doing whatever you generally do to unwind, whether that's taking a bath or getting a massage. Once you're in the bedroom, pay special attention to foreplay. Knocking out a few orgasms before you go through the backdoor will undoubtedly relax you and loosen you up, so don't hold back. Most notably, don't forget to breathe. The more deep breaths you take, the easier it will be to relax the sphincter muscles, which you often tighten up as a first reaction because you're nervous. Once these muscles are relaxed, you'll be able to focus more on pleasure.

How To Get More Comfortable With Anal Sex

All bodies have holes with sensitive nerve endings, and they have things to put into holes. Sometimes it feels good, and some holes take more preparation than others do. Such is the case with anal play, where concerns like cleanliness, self-consciousness, and physical vulnerability are potentially even more pressing. There are, however, many internal structures that make butt stuff feel good. They include the legs of the internal clitoris or penis, the prostate or urethral sponge, and the densely packed nerve bundles in the anus itself.

Maybe You're Curious And Squeamish

Before getting tips and toys for anal training, you should be aware of cleanliness.

Think Of The Colon As The Living Room And The Rectum As The Foyer

Generally, poop remains in the colon and only drops down when it's about ready to exit. A bowel movement and shower a half-hour before butt stuff is enough for many individuals to clear that area out. In a nutshell, fiber supplements, a towel, and barriers (like latex or nitrile gloves, dental dams, and condoms) help stay clean. Plus! If you have long nails and don't want to trim them before fingering, you can stuff a glove's fingertips with cotton balls for cushioning. And massaging with fingers is a great way to get started with butt stuff.

Before Starting Anal Penetration

A key thing to keep in mind is that the anus has two sphincters. The outer sphincter is easy to consciously relax, but the inner one takes a bit more finessing. Mindset is essential, so take some time to wind down. Deep breathing and arousal help the pelvic floor relax. As with vaginal penetration, anal penetration is much easier when you're already relaxed and aroused, so do external stimulation first. An external flicking toy can also feel especially pleasurable at the anal opening. And, of course, rimjobs from a partner offer sensations that toys can't quite replicate.

Personal Lubricant Is A Must!

For butt stuff, water-based lube with a gel-like consistency is best. They're slippery while compatible with all materials, and you can "refresh" by spraying water on them.

Oil-based and silicon-based lubes last longer, but you have to consider what you are using with them. Oil degrades rubber (think condoms, TPE, and TPR), and liquid silicone can degrade solid silicone. So if you plan on utilizing silicone toys, stick to a water-based or oil-based lube.

Make Sure You Lubricate The Anus And Whatever Is Being Inserted

Lube shooters are great for that. As an additional safety reminder, never use anal numbing creams. If your rectal area feels pain, it's a signal to do something differently or stop, and that shouldn't be ignored.

Things To Try With Toys And Fingers

The area is packed with feel-good fine touch receptors. So it helps to pair external anal stimulation with another activity before even thinking about penetration. Think, for instance, of oral while circling the opening with a finger or lightly textured plug. When starting, penetration starts slow, of course, by slow, slower than you think. But once about an inch is in, hold it in place. Don't start thrusting. Don't put the rest of the object in. Just keep it there for a minute. Clench and relax around it to get comfortable with its presence.

Then Slowly Twist It Or Revolve It In Circles While Inside

The circling motion "tricks" the anus into perceiving the object as a little wider than it actually is, helping to relax and get ready for more. Then press harder, add lube if there's resistance, and insert more of the length. Think of it as massaging behind where the pubic bone is and a little bit deeper. Fingers are fantastic for this, as are curved toys.

The Best Positions For Enjoying First-Time Anal Sex

This can also be the best option for your hunt on How To Get More Comfortable With Anal Sex. Many positions can be adapted for comfortable anal play—much of it varies with angling and leg positioning, so a sex pillow can make a big difference. Two types of positions stand out for newbies, though.

If The Receiving Partner Is On Top, They're In Control Of The Thrusting Depth And Speed

And knowing that they can start super slow and shallow can go a long way in putting their mind at ease. As well it potentially leaves both partners' hands free for external stimulation. There's plenty of room to use a wand massager on the receiving partner.

Spooning And Side-Lying Positions Are Also Ideal For Anal Because Much Of The Receiving Partners Weight Is Supported

If someone has mobility problems or is full-figured, it may be a bit harder to stay elevated and sustain shallow penetration when on top. In any case, if you know you want to limit penetration depth, an Ohnut can take up room on a dildo or penis shaft and buffer some of the lengths.


Why Do People Like Anal?

The anus is full of sensitive nerve endings that are stimulated during anal sex, and this can make it enjoyable for all genders. For cisgender women and those assigned female at birth, it can sometimes reach the G-spot and, wait for it, the A-spot. Yes, there's another spot in there, located near the G-spot along the vaginal wall, and some find that when these are stimulated indirectly during anal sex, it can bring on more intense orgasms.

Can Women Orgasm From Anal Sex?

Yes. Just like with vaginal intercourse, females often get twice the pleasure and erupt into orgasm when clitoral stimulation couples anal intercourse. Stimulating the anus, or the surface of the anus can send a contraction all the way to the clitoris. While some females don't like extremely deep penetration, it's possible that for some, vigorous motions might stimulate other internal structures in the woman's body that could be erotically stimulating — possibly the sacral, pelvic, hypogastric, or vagus nerve.


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