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How To Buy And Use Male Sex Toys

Written by: Bestvibe Published on December 14,2023

Purchasing a sex toy is a private matter for most guys. If you purchase online, you can safeguard your privacy. And you can get any sex toy you like to satisfy your kinks. Yet buying toys online isn't only about knowing they will come in a discreet shipping box. You'll make the most of it by prioritizing your turn-ons and the body. What feels amazing for some men may not feel at all pleasurable to you. Therefore, it's essential to concentrate on your requirements and passions first. Utilizing a sex toy feels different than using your own hands or playing with your partner. The purpose is not to replace what you already enjoy but to add more to your satisfaction arsenal. Then you must know how you can use it to get the most pleasure. In this guide, you will get tips on how to buy and use male sex toys.

How To Buy And Use Male Sex Toys

Tips To Buy Male Sex Toys

Avoid Toxic Materials

It will help if you always look for body-friendly sex toys that suit your skin and do not absorb bacteria. The bad thing you can do is purchase cheap sex toys that could give you a skin allergy. Luckily, many body-safe materials feel awesome. To avoid any risk, only utilize non-porous sex toys made of silicone, glass, stainless steel, and ABS plastics, and avoid porous materials. They are toxic to your body, they'll smash down quickly, and they'll emit undesirable smells.

Choose An Appropriate Size

This is incredibly important when it comes to male sex toys. For instance, if you are a beginner to anal toys, you'll want to begin small and work your way up. You'll also want to ensure that anything developed to hold your shaft is big enough. So make sure you choose a size that fits well and is not too small or big. During your search for male sex toys, whether anal sex toys or something else, make sure it fits well. If you are buying a sex toy for your penis, you should measure your penis before buying to get the right size.

Look For Scams

You must buy your sex toy from trustworthy sources and choose the vendors you think are the most secure. When you choose a retailer, you should give some time to read reviews on the products from their customers. And if there are more positive reviews, the retailer may be trustworthy. But don't blindly trust a retailer with only positive reviews on its site; it may be a sign that the retailer is unreliable. Choose a retailer with a ratio of more positive reviews and less negative reviews. You'll not get scammed if you choose the leading sites and brands. Always examine the vendor's return policy and notice if you can send your sex toy back if something's wrong.

How To Buy And Use Male Sex Toys

How To Use & Get Most Out Of Your Male Sex Toys

Get A High-Quality Sex Toy

If it's your first sex toy, you may be nervous and doubtful about using it. Don't fall into that trap. A poorly constructed toy could destroy your experience. It happens when you try to save some bucks and buy a cheap sex toy that will be a waste of your money. So, always invest in quality toys made of body-safe materials built to last and develop with the actual human anatomy.

Use A Lube

Now that you've bought a good-quality sex toy, it's time to buy a good-quality lube. When it comes to using strokers, lube is your best companion. Many toys are heavily textured. That means they can get you sensations you wouldn't find elsewhere. Utilizing sufficient lube will ensure smooth and pleasant moments. It's good to bring a large tube of water-based lubricant. Many sex toys are constructed of silicone, and water-based lube won't harm them. So use plenty of lube on your penis and the opening of the masturbator.

Ensure You Have Uninterrupted Time

It will help if you have time to get to know your new sex toy. It's best to begin exploring when no one is at the house so you can have privacy and relax. Turn off the phone and lock the door – ensure you have no surprise guests that can disturb you. Set your mood, just like you would for an intimate play. You can also play music or close the curtains and darken the room. Choose a comfortable place to sit or lie in if you want to. Confirm you have everything you require with you so you don't have to ruin your enjoyment by having to get upright in the middle of things. Take the time to find what works well for you and what doesn't.

How To Buy And Use Male Sex Toys

Explore The Fantasies

Many strokers are out there, developed to cater to every craving and fantasy – from realistic to simple to high-tech. All of them vary in their shape and size. You can select different levels of tightness; get an open-ended pocket-sized one that wraps half your shaft or one that engulfs your entire penis. Realistic masturbators resemble an actual body part – a vagina or mouth, although you can also buy a whole torso or full-sized doll. Some of the masturbators are even modeled after real porn actresses. If the realistic way isn't your thing, you can select a different option, like a masturbation sleeve. They usually have a lot of added texture on the interiors and provide a much more intense and unique sensation.

Involve Your Partner

Masturbators are suitable for solo play and are also excellent for partners! Involving a partner in your sex toy exploration is good for communication. Strokers can improve your foreplay. For instance, your partner can utilize one rather than rubbing your penis with their bare hands to kick the intensity up a notch. Or they can utilize a shorter sleeve to add to oral sex for a new experience. Your partner might be part of the fun of exploring and selecting a suitable sex toy for both of you. Introducing sex toys into partners' play is a wonderful way to begin a conversation about what you like, need, fantasies, and sensations you want to explore. And good communication leads to better and more enjoyable experiences! 


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