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How to use Bead Vibrators

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 01,2021

The particles belonging to the rabbit stick, on the basis of the rotating bead stick, add a rotating member to the bead stick, plus the swing or rebound function, and it may also be turned out. The birth of transparent bead is because of the elasticity of the packaging material in the early days, so the material is relatively good, you can choose transparent pvc material, etc.

With the current increase in silicone technology, many new manufacturers gradually no longer produce transparent bead sticks NS. Of course, the natural rotation can have a transparent bead rod for sales promotion, because the transparent bead rod presents a sharp impact visually. Seeing the 360° rotation of the bead or the violent roar of the top of the rod, people have a kind of both. The resulting pleasure.

How to Use Bead Vibrators ?


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