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How to use Clitoral Vibrators

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 01,2021

Clitoral vibrators can be round with a long handle and held in the palm, or a small one, held between the fingers. Not just to stimulate the clit, these vibrators are also used by couples to spice up their sexual life.

How to use a clitoral vibrator?

This depends on whether it is a manual clit vibrator or the hands-free type. Manual clit vibrators are used by handling with the palm, and they are usually connected to a power source with a cord. The hands-free clit vibrators are used by strapping them on, and they work remotely.

Mode of using

1. Manual Clit Vibrators

The manual clitoral vibrator is used through palm processing. They come in a variety of designs and sizes. Many wand vibrators are usually connected to a wall socket via a long cable. Vibration from external power sources makes them unsafe in humid environments. Due to the limitation of rope length, these vibrators are inconvenient. As one of the earliest types of vibrators, these manual clitoral vibrators are still in trend. Compared with other types of vibrators, they are generally powerful, providing stronger stimulation and longer life.

2. Hands-Free Clitoral Vibrators

Hands-free vibrators for the clitoris are usually smaller and weaker, and can be secured in place with a belt or safety belt. The most common hands-free vibrator is a small egg-shaped vibrator connected to the battery with a long wire. Over time, many advanced inventions have appeared in the design and operation of hands-free clitoral vibrators. They can be used remotely via an application on a mobile phone or remote control. You can also change the settings in these vibrators according to the required vibration intensity.


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