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10 High-Quality Luxury Vibrators That Are Worth Your Big Bucks

Written by: Bestvibe Published on November 02,2022

A luxury vibrator can be that guilty pleasure or secret treat you have for yourself – particularly when you really need a luxurious feel. Luxury vibrators are high-end because they have exceptionally realistic functions that will blow your (or your partner's) minds.

From remote-controlled vibrators to romping rabbits – there are a ton of options available to choose from.

Top 10 Best Luxury Vibrators In Bestvibe.com

Super-realistic 3 Thrusting & Rotating 3 Speeds and 7 Patterns Vibrating Rabbit Vibrator Sex Toy



Bestvibe 9 Vibrating Dual Motor 30° Wave-motion Prostate Massager



Ice Cream Wand Massager



What is Luxury Vibrator

A luxury vibrator is another high-potential way of appending more enjoyment to your amusing sex life. Luxury vibrators come in multiple shapes and sizes, offering various speeds, adjustable rotating, and pulse pattern equipment.

All vibrators use only the highest quality substance, whether soft/ hard plastic, silicone, or gel, you name it. Many products are waterproof so that you can play around with your toy in the bathroom and free-mindedly take it in the shower without worrying about it getting damaged as you use it in water.

Types of Luxury Vibrators

Remote Control Vibrators: Remote control vibrators are pretty much exactly as they sound — vibrators operated via remote control. The variation of pulses, vibrations and speeds are controlled by a remote or, in some cases, a smartphone app.

Bullet Vibrators: Of all the different types of vibrators, bullet vibes stand out for their simplicity and versatility. Offering direct, localized stimulation, a good bullet vibrator is surprisingly powerful for its size.

How To Choose The Right Size?

Depending on whether you want to take this vibrator on holiday will determine the size that you go for. For a lot of people, the size of a vibrator doesn't matter as they will only use it in the comfort of their own home. However, others, particularly long-distance couples, require more compact and travel-friendly. We recommend that if size does matter, opt for egg vibrators or app-controlled vibrators that won't require you to carry a remote control with you, too.

Luxury Vibrators Material

High-quality materials such as real leather, metal, and hand-brushed aluminum make luxury vibrators. The heads of luxury pressure wave vibrators are made of the finest liquid silicone.

How to Use a Luxury Vibrator

You may feel intimidated if you've never used a vibrator before. Take the pressure off:

1. Start slowly, and don't rush.

2. Start by setting the vibrator as low as possible and seeing how that feels.

3. Make sure you use lots of water-based lube to maximize comfort and pleasure.

You can try plenty of different motions, but the most important thing is listening to your body and trying out what feels good; you make the rules! Try holding the luxury vibrators inside you while it vibrates.

Cleaning Luxury Vibrators

Waterproof luxury vibrators can be easily cleaned with lukewarm water and mild soap. After you have washed your sexual wellness device well, dry it thoroughly with a lint-free cloth and treat it to an extra dose of hygiene with a special disinfectant suitable for sexual wellness devices. But please note that luxury vibrators shouldn't stay in the water too long. After all, you want to enjoy these high-quality materials for a long time.

How to Choose the Best Luxury Vibrator

Now, it's time for a more serious section. When choosing the right vibrator, the most important thing is safety. Unsafe materials can cause a lot of damage to your body, sex toys touch the most intimate and sensitive parts of your body, and anything that is not 100% body-safe is not gone! Don't buy anything that looks cool without checking the materials first. Plenty of harmful ingredients can be included in one product; even known and trusted stores make this mistake. Be safe and check twice before purchasing anything!

Luxury Vibrators Pros:

● No need to buy batteries as they are rechargeable and great for on the go.

● They can be controlled via an app for additional excitement.

● The design is specifically for clitoral stimulation, which is excellent for those who struggle with normal vibrators with less focus.

● The 8-meter range means you can spice things up with your partner.

● The unique shape and multiple vibration settings give earth-shattering orgasms.

● Great for beginners who are looking to focus on clitoral stimulation.

● You can truly customize your experience by using the app.

● Great for those who want specific focus on clitoral and g-spot stimulation.

● Great for couples who want to experiment with a new type of vibrator.

Luxury Vibrators Cons:

● Cannot be used with silicone lubricant.

● Vibrator is slightly smaller in comparison to others on the market.

● Clitoral stimulation may feel too intense for some who are very sensitive.

● Not ideal for those who don't want to target the prostate.

● Material and shape may not be to everyone's taste.

● Color and style may not be to everyone's taste.

● Not suitable for those who may find these types of toys too sensitive.


What is the best luxury vibrator on the market?

We'd be biased if we told you, especially as opinions are often subjective, and what works for one person may not work for someone else. We'd have to say that the best luxury vibrators cater with rechargeable batteries, easy-to-use designs, and a ton of vibration settings to get your money's worth.

Are luxury vibrators waterproof?

Most vibrators will be water-resistant, but it's essential to check the package and product description before you start to submerge it in water. Waterproof vibrators will often be a little bit more expensive, so if that's a must for you, expect a slightly higher price point overall.

How does a luxury vibrator work?

Luxury vibrators are the perfect sexual wellness devices for real connoisseurs. Beautiful designs and the latest technology lead you to climax in style. Whether in bed or in the shower, your luxury vibrator will get you in the mood and bring you to orgasm at your chosen place. All of the luxury vibrators can be operated without batteries. The integrated power pack can be easily charged using the USB cable provided.


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