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How To Choose A Hands-free Masturbator

Written by: Bestvibe Published on February 07,2023

For individuals who struggle with using their hands to masturbate or don't enjoy it — touching oneself can take a toll. You can have a hands-free experience with hands-free masturbators since they are operated with motors. There are many different types of automated hands-free penis masturbators, so you can select one that fulfills your demands and provides you with the best pleasure. Hands-free masturbators are also available for people with vaginas. Hands-free, self-thrusting dildos can be used to provide vaginal or anal stimulation. They are available in various types and sizes, so how do you find the best one for you? Here is a guide that can help you to find the best hands-free masturbator to have pleasure:

What Are Hands-Free Masturbators?

Hands-free masturbators are automated sex toys that let users delight themselves with minimal effort. These hands-free simulate a realistic sexual experience while allowing users to relax and avoid wrist strain. Fully automated stokers are intended to provide mind-blowing, powerful sensations without requiring the user to perform the stroking motions themselves.

Types of Hands-Free Masturbators

Hands-Free Strokers

A hands-free stroker utilizes a motor to operate. It has many options, such as vacuum suction, vibration, rotation, or a combination of all three. It also has bumps and ridges to feel like a real vagina. They can even come with sleeve warmers, making them seem even more lifelike.

Chainsaw 7 Thrusting Rotation Male Masturbator with Suction Base



Blow Job Masturbators

The blow job masturbators are just like the hands-free stroker masturbator, except it simulates the feeling and suction of a mouth during a blowjob. They also utilize a motor to operate. They can be textured to feel like a mouth and for a deep throat feeling. Some even have teeth to make it more realistic.

Fleshlights / Pocket Pussies

Fleshlights or pocket pussies are made to simulate a vagina, mouth, or butthole. They are often made of waterproof silicone. They have pleasure chambers that have bumps and textures to add stimulation.

Men's Vibrators

A vibrator for men is a device that massages the head of the penis. It is not only a male masturbator, but also a physical trainer, effectively improving your performance in the bedroom.

How To Choose A Hands-Free Masturbator

You should make your selection based on the material. Many of them are constructed of silicone, which is body-safe. You should also think about the suitable size for yourself, as well as the cost that your wallet allows. Whenever it comes to selecting the correct automated masturbator, you must have the essential information and understanding. You'll be dissatisfied and frustrated if you don't.


When it comes to selecting the perfectly sized hands-free masturbation toy, it all boils down to personal choice. Small sleeves and dildos are favored by some, while medium or huge sleeves and dildos are demanded by others. Your selection of a hands-free masturbator will be determined by your level of experience.


Penis sleeves are generally made from silicone and TPE. Silicone is preferred because it is nonporous and durable. This material is meticulously selected to make a pleasurable experience. It's simple to clean and keep up with.

Using The Hands-Free Masturbator

While it might seem like using a masturbation gadget is simple, it can take time to make it feel great and wonderful. Here are some other pointers to help you enjoy strong sensations and trigger heavy orgasms.

Review The Manual Properly:

Reviewing your hands-free masturbator's instruction booklet can help you get the most out of your investment.

Verify All The Parts Of Your Masturbator:

You'll have to set things up due to the type of masturbator you bought. You must check each component and confirm that it is in good working order. If you have a vacuum suction cup masturbator, for instance, you must ensure that the walls or base to which you intend to connect it are solid enough to support your weight. Furthermore, you must be relaxed while using it.

If you're masturbating with a dildo-mounted device, make sure it's solid and stable on the floor or wherever you're masturbating. Attach your toy to the rack or device, making sure it's securely fastened.

Create A Romantic Environment:

Hands-free masturbators can give you an even more intimate experience with your partner. It allows setting the correct ambiance to get the most out of these devices. Put on some lovely, quiet music, and make sure you have all you need. To get the romance started, dim the lights with your partner.

Always Use Lubricant Before Each Play Session:

You should use a lot of lubrication when utilizing an automatic masturbator. Apply lubricant to the opening of the masturbation sleeve as well as your penis. Because these devices provide automated stimulus, you don't want to be chafed if your genitals aren't sufficiently moisturized with lubricant. Excessive rubbing is unpleasant, so keep lubrication handy at all times!

Try It And Enjoy

The majority of automated massagers are made of flexible, smooth, lifelike materials that allow users to comfortably push and grasp. Customizable caps on motorized masturbators let you control the intensity of the vacuum and intensity. As a result, you can try different vacuum and suction intensities. Allow yourself to enjoy hands-free movements.

How Do I Clean a Hands-Free Masturbator?

Always follow the cleaning recommendations when you purchase a new product, as they'll differ slightly from device to device. Typically, though, you will remove the soft inner sleeve and wash it with warm water and sex toy cleaner. Make sure the inner sleeve is fully dry before putting it back into the base of the device; otherwise, you could cause a malfunction by introducing moisture to the system.


How Do I Find the Right Size Hands-Free Masturbator?

A flexible measuring tape works best, mainly to measure your girth (how big your penis is). If you don't have one, you can utilize a length of string or a shoelace – wrap it around, mark where it connects, then hold it up against a tape measure or ruler. You'll have to pay close attention to the "insertable" measurements of the product descriptions; the total length of the device is less important than how big it is inside.

Why Should You Use a Hands-Free Masturbrator?

Hands-free masturbators have become a must-have for individuals who want to get the most out of masturbation without straining their wrists and inducing a tight penile grip, which causes friction and lost sensation. You can avoid a tired wrist by using automated hands-free masturbators. This incredible sex toy will provide you with an immense solo sensation.


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