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Gifts for Jace

Written by: Tamara Earthsong Published on November 16,2023

Waking, I found Jace still deep asleep next to me. He slept on his back, one knee slightly drawn up. My heart thumped in my chest when I saw one of his hands lying on the mattress, fingers stretched out as though he’d reached for me in his sleep but hadn’t found my hand. His other hand rested on his stomach, rising and falling with each of his breaths.

I slipped my hand into his. He made a cute noise in his sleep but didn’t wake. He’d kicked most of the blanket off at some point over the night. It only covered one of his legs and a bit of his waist. A warm slice of sunlight peeking through the curtains shone on his bare upper thigh.

I watched him sleep for a minute, enjoying how peaceful he looked, but my bladder was insistent about me getting up. Heading into the bathroom, I relieved myself, washed my hands, and tip-toed back to bed. I’d been gone just long enough for the sun to have shifted position. The slice of light had moved upwards to shine over his balls.

The noise he made in his sleep let me know the warm beam of light felt good on him. It was kind of adorable. Stretching in his sleep, Jace’s bent leg straightened, and the other drew up. The motion made his cock shift, and now I was no longer thinking about making him breakfast before he woke anymore. No, now a whole different hunger had me.

I’d had a whole plan laid out for last night. A sexy plan. Then friends stopped by shortly after Jace arrived, and we ended up going out for a night on the town with them. It had been a fun night, but we’d gotten back very late and gone right to bed.

My nipples hardened as I looked at that soft cock. I wanted to feel it grow hard in my mouth. Wanted to taste his cum and drink it all down. Sometimes he could come twice, and I had a whole plan to ensure that happened. The other week, he’d bought me two presents and given me an incredible night. The next day, I bought him two gifts which had arrived yesterday. I had them charged and ready.

Picking up an elastic, I tied my hair back. Leaning over Jace’s sleeping form, I drew my tongue gently along his length and felt it stir at my touch. Pushing my tongue between his cock and body, I used it to lift his cock up. Next, I sucked the tip into my mouth.

Jace’s breath came out in a rush, but he didn’t wake. His dick did, though. I drew more of him into my mouth and felt him grow hard in stages as I sucked gently. It was such a turn-on to feel him harden in my mouth. Reaching over him, I pressed a hand down on the mattress to help ease the pressure off my neck from the position I’d had to take. Once he hardened fully, I let him slip out of my mouth and licked him up and down.

The little noises he made in his sleep had my pussy working on making itself wet in preparation for when he woke. Precum dribbled out of his cock, and I licked it up. The small taste made me want more. Sucking on him, my tongue prodded at his tip to see if I’d missed any.

Jace woke with a gasp. I looked up in time to see him blink down at me as he rose up onto his elbows. Sucking harder, I heard him moan.

“Ahhn, Ruth,” he gasped, sinking his fingers into my hair. His legs splayed, and his breath caught in his chest when I took him as deep in my mouth as I could. “Ngh. Good morning, honey.”

Giving him a cheeky little wave, I bobbed my head up and down his length. My tongue ran up the sensitive underside of his cock, and a long moan poured out of his mouth. Head lolling backward, he let himself fall back against the pillows. Ass muscles flexing, he raised his groin to me in an offering. I continued sucking on him until my lungs started to burn.

“Morning,” I said, coming up for air.

Gripping me under my arms, Jace hauled me up and kissed me. I straddled him so I wouldn’t squash him and kissed back. His tongue pushed against my teeth, and I opened my mouth wider for him.

“Ahhh, yes,” he groaned. Using his grip on my sides, he moved me to where he wanted me. My body slid up and down against his. My breasts dragged along his chest from the movement. “Your nipples are so damn hard. Why are you up already, honey?”

“I’m hungry. I wanted breakfast.” With that, I moved back down and sucked him into my mouth again.

Crying out, he writhed under me. “Ahhhn, Ruth. Turn around.”

I ignored him when he tried to tug me back up, knowing he wanted my pussy on his mouth. Anytime he did that, I lost my concentration on him because it felt too good, so I stayed where I was. “Nope. You don’t get your way until you feed me breakfast.”

The confused sound he made and the way he blinked down at me let me know he was only half awake. I tried to take him completely into my mouth, but the back of my throat gave a warning tingle, and I had to back off. Still, he made a very nice noise in response to how far I’d managed to take him.

Popping his cock out of my mouth, I drew my tongue over his balls, and he squirmed under me. Sucking one into my mouth had his fingers digging deeper into my hair. I played with it, feeling the texture change repeatedly as his muscles flexed and released, then gave the other side the same treatment.

Jace’s breathing grew more rapid. Cupping my face, he looked at me with desire in his eyes. I pressed a kiss to his belly and ran my tongue up the side of his cock and back down the other side. Feeling it throb, I took him back into my mouth and started sucking. I took my time, teasing him, letting the sensations build up.

“Please,” he gasped and tried to pull me up again.

The look on his face took my breath away. I’d never seen him like this. I’d seen him full of need plenty of times, but this, this was something more. It made me want to tease him until he came undone.

“Not yet. You have to feed me first.” I planted my hips solidly against the bed and resisted him trying to get me turned around. He wanted a turn at making me feel good, but I wasn’t done yet. My tongue lashed back and forth across his length, working its way up and then back down. I increased the strength I used as I went. God, I loved the sound of his breathing as I had my way.

His breath caught in his chest, and then he exhaled in a rush when I sucked him in again. His hips shot off the bed, and I had to raise my head to not choke on him. The backs of his knuckles caressed my face in apology. “Sorry.”

I pat his hip to let him know it was okay. I’d been the one to wake him with sex, after all. Of course he’d lose control a little. His body seeking pleasure on its own was a pretty big turn-on for me. It meant I was making him feel really good. Flattening my tongue around the underside of his cock, I hollowed my cheeks.

“Ffff–ahhhhn, yes.”

My ponytail was no doubt a mess by now, but I didn’t care. I kept sucking on him. Remembering the time I’d watched him masturbate, I cupped his balls in my hand and gently ran the pad of my thumb between them. His hips bucked again, though he was awake to control it better this time and didn’t choke me.

Eyes widening as I swear I felt his cock trembling in my mouth, I increased my pace. The back of my neck burned from keeping this position for so long, but I didn’t care. I wanted to taste him. Flicking my tongue over the head of his cock, I drove my mouth right back down.

“Ruth!” Knees shot up off the bed. Jace gripped my face, holding me halfway down his cock. God, the sounds he made for me as I drank down everything he shot into my mouth. My hand wormed its way between me and the bed because my clit desperately needed to be touched. I loved making him cum, and I was making him feel so good right now.

My fingers encountered slick flesh. They slipped back and forth over my clit with ease as I sucked on that orgasming cock. Jace cupped my throat to feel me swallowing his load and moaned. The intimacy of him wanting to feel me swallow his seed set me blushing. I dipped my head forward to hide my red face.

His hands falling away from me signaled the end of his orgasm. I moved up a little, tongue prodding him, hunting for any jizz that I’d missed. He let out a surprised-sounding noise, legs shaking as his cock wept out just a little more for me.

“You really were hungry,” he said, a smirk on his face. Tapping the side of the bed next to him, he crooked a finger at me.

Coming up, I kissed the side of his neck.

Moving into my embrace, Jace wrapped one arm around me. His other hand came up between my legs, and its touch sent a pulse of heat through me. “Fuck, you’re so wet.” His fingers rubbed back and forth through my slit as he tried to catch his breath. At the apex of each movement, he would run his middle finger over my clit. Each time he did it, a shudder went through my body.

Shifting, he hooked a leg over my hip and took over the kissing. His warm tongue trailed over my throat, and I turned my head to the side to give him more access. Mouth closing over that soft flesh, he sucked, and I swear I felt it in my pussy even though it was my neck he sucked on.

“Mmh, Ruth. That felt so good,” he murmured, face so close to me that his breath warmed my neck. “I am going to make you cum your brains out as soon as I get hard again.” His soft cock rubbed along my hip. I suspected he wouldn’t be soft for long.

I tapped his nose. “I’ll let you get me off once because I dearly need you inside me, but I am going to be the one to make you cum your brains out.”

“You already did,” he said and kissed me.

Running my hand over him, I felt him harden a little. “I want you to come again.”

“Oh, I will,” he promised, grinding against me.

The words I wanted to say came to my mind readily, but I blushed, and no sounds came out of my mouth.

“Oh? Why are you getting all shy?” He raised mischievous eyes at me.

I tried again. “You’re not allowed to cum inside me.”

His head tilted. “I thought you liked that?”

“I do. Very much. But I bought you a gift.”

“Did you now? What is it?”

“It’s a surprise. I’ll show it to you in a little bit.” His fingertip rubbed over the entrance to my pussy, and all the air in my lungs rushed out.

“Hmm, I don’t know, Ruth. I may have to make you wait until tonight for that because I desperately need to bury myself in you.” He dipped his finger inside me as his body undulated against mine. “Don’t you want me to feed your other hungry hole?”

Tempting as it was when he pressed his finger deeper inside me, I shook my head. “No,” I said. “I want to watch you cum from my present.”

Jace’s finger stopped moving inside me as he laughed. “You’re blushing so much.”

Annoyed, I smacked his butt. “Hey, you’re the one always telling me to let you know what I want. I’m being brave today and doing it.”

Kissing me, his lips lingered against mine. “I’m sorry. You’re right. If it’s what you really want, then I’ll do my best to hold off from cumming inside you. Now I’m curious as hell about what you bought.”

“You’ll see.”

The next few minutes passed in relative silence, moans and gasps the only sounds as we touched each other. Jace was never one to rush to fucking, and we enjoyed each other's bodies. By the time he set me on my back and got between my knees, my body was pulsing with need.

The feel of his cock brushing against my pussy had me splaying my legs wide for him, but instead of pushing in, he kept rubbing the head of his cock through my slit. “Jace, don’t tease me.”

“Oh, if you’re only letting me get you off once, then it’s going to be a good one,” he said and rubbed against my pussy again. His hips moved rhythmically. Soon each time the head of his cock brushed against my clit, it became a thing to savor as we moved against each other slowly. Reaching out, he stroked my cheek. “There we go. You’re all nice and relaxed now. Let me make you feel good.”

I cried out from the sweet pressure of him bearing down into me. My entrance fought against him for a few moments before allowing him inside. We both gasped at the feeling of him filling me.

Back curving as he pressed deeper into me, Jace ran a hand through his hair. “Haaaa. You’re always so hot inside. Feels so good.”

Lips parting, I sucked air into my lungs as he pushed deeper into me. Jace’s hand settled on my belly.

“There you go, honey. You have all of me now.” He continued to torment me, rolling his hips in circles instead of thrusting in and out. He stirred himself inside of me, and my body couldn’t help but move in response. “Feeling good, sweetie?”

“Yes,” I said, panting. My inner muscles tightening around him made him gasp. Wiggling down the bed, I planted my feet flat on the mattress and rammed my hips up.

Jace’s breath rushed out of him. Eyes closing, he doubled over a little, but my ploy hadn’t worked. He continued those small movements inside of me. They felt good. So, so good. But I needed more now. His eyes sparkled, and I knew what was coming. “Is there something you need, honey?”

Oh god, not now. My mouth moved, but no words came out.

“No? I’ll just continue moving like this then.”

My hands gripped his wrists tightly, but again, I couldn’t speak. The torment continued until my voice managed to squeak out. “I need you to fuck me.”

Lips crashed down on mine. His cock thrust into me and stole my breath.

“Thank you for telling me what you need.” He planted both hands onto the mattress, and then those magnificent hips of his reared back.

I cried out over and over as he slapped those hips against me, driving his length into me again and again. Pleasure crashed down over me in waves every time he thrust in, and I rose to meet every one of those thrusts. He used his forearms to keep just enough of his weight off me that he didn’t crush me, and I loved the feel of his body laying along mine as I held onto him. Release was quickly coming, but after all that build-up, it felt too soon.

“Slow down,” I begged.

Eyes searching mine, he did so at once. His worry disappeared when I found us a new rhythm. He started moving with me.

My eyes fluttered as he rubbed against a different spot inside me and triggered a whole new sensation. Tugging on him, I brought more of his weight down on me, but I was only able to bear it for a minute before it became too much. I had to ask him to get back to where he’d been. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” He sucked my nipple into his mouth, and I couldn’t help but move my hips faster. He quickened his pace to match mine. Sweat dripped off his chest to splash onto me, and I ran my fingers through his chest hair. His thumb came down on my clit without warning.

“Jace!” That thumb rubbing back and forth made everything feel more intense.

“Cum for me.” He thrust harder into me, and my vision went cloudy. “Come.”

“Fuck.” The word came out clipped. My back bowed until only my head, shoulders, and ass touched the bed. My legs wrapped around him as I came.

Jace grunted as though he were in pain. “Are you sure I can’t cum inside you?” He sounded frantic with the need. It made my orgasm sweeter to know how wound up he was.

Having no breath to speak, I shook my head no.

“Mmmnn, don’t clench around me like that then,” he said, and bit his lip. Pulling out halfway, he squeezed the base of his cock. He fucked me through my orgasm and didn’t stop moving until I collapsed into a limp pile on the bed. Pulling out, he cupped himself. “For someone who didn’t want me cumming inside you, you almost forced me to. Damn, woman. You almost squeezed the life out of me.”

I giggled. “It’s not like I can control it. That just happens when I come sometimes.”

“Well, now I really need to get off.” Cuddling into me, he shook his butt side to side. “So, what’s my present?”

“I’ll get it in a minute. I need some water first. Do you want some?” He nodded, and I trekked to the kitchen. Opening the fridge door, I got a little thrill from feeling the cold air against my bare skin. Normally, I would have had to dress before coming out of my room, but my roommate worked the early shift today. We were the only ones here. Pouring two glasses of water, I refilled the jug and put it back in the refrigerator.

Returning to the bedroom, I found Jace stroking himself. One hand ran up and down his cock. He held himself with just two fingers along the underside and his thumb running over the top. His other hand rubbed his balls. His movements were unhurried, and he seemed completely at ease. The fact that he felt comfortable enough with me to touch himself like this made my heart thump. I liked it.

Handing him one of the glasses, I sipped from mine a few times as I watched him touch himself. Fetching the bag with his presents, I pulled out the first one. Head canting, he looked over the black piece of plastic. His eyes creasing as he tried to puzzle out the toy let me know he wasn’t quite sure what it did. Excellent. I’d hoped it wasn’t something he already had.

“This,” I said, undoing the little strap that would secure the toy into place once I had it on him, “is to keep you company the next time you’re away at a conference.” Sliding the thin sheath of plastic over the head of his cock, I secured the strap. “It’s not too tight, is it?”

Gripping the toy, he tugged on it. When it easily came off him, he put it back into place and tightened the strap. “So, what does it–” Grunting as the toy came to life, his eyes feathered.

Clicking the button again, I smiled as the strength of the vibrations increased. “The website had a few different designs of these kinds of toys. I’ve noticed the head of your cock is pretty sensitive and chose this one. I hope you like it. Some of them don’t cover the head at all. I’m not sure if I should have bought one of those instead.”

Jace’s breath whistled between his teeth, and he pressed the tip of the toy downward. “This one’s good.” Supporting himself by planting a hand on the bed, his head rolled back. He kept a single fingertip against the toy to press it down harder against the head of his dick.

His hips started moving in small motions. The toy had a thin open length through the center that let me watch his dick rub itself against all around the inside of the toy.

“Do you like it?”

“Mmhmm.” Gesturing me forward, he let go of the toy, slung an arm around my waist, and pulled me close. “Press down on the tip a litt–haaaa, yes.” Lips parting, his arm spasmed around me.

“You enjoyed fucking my ass when you had the vibrator in my pussy so much last week that I thought you might like a vibrating toy all of your own,” I said.

The hand he had around my hip slid up until it cupped the back of my neck, and he pushed my mouth to his. Tongue diving into my mouth, he kissed me deeply. “Fuck you felt good with both your holes stuffed full.” He gave me a look filled with mirth. “I still have to check to make sure the hallway is empty when I leave or come home because I’m pretty sure my neighbors want to murder me for waking them all up when I came so hard.”

Laughing, my body heated at the memory. I’d stolen all the pillows to cry out into so the people next door didn’t hear me. There was no way they hadn’t heard Jace who’d had nothing to muffle himself with. He’d come so fucking hard. “You dumped so much cum into me it took forever to get clean.”

He made a heated noise, and his tongue thrust into my mouth again. Keeping the top of the toy pressed down on him, I felt him thrusting a little inside it.

“Can I try some of the different vibration settings to see how you like them?” I asked. At his nod, I clicked the button twice to get to the different types. I suspected he’d like the third setting the most as it had strong constant vibrations, so I’d leave it for later. The fourth setting didn’t seem to do anything for him, so I moved on to the fifth.

This one seemed to feel better. I left it there for half a minute before moving on to the sixth. Jace’s breath came out in a quick exhale as I heard the motor whirl from the increased power, and then his eyes narrowed as the vibrations stopped.

I giggled. “Give it a sec.” I’d stuck a few fingers into it the other day to see what all the settings felt like. In another moment the vibration pulsed again. He moaned, but then it went still.

Jace made a cranky noise.

“You’re the one who likes building things up so much. Have patience. Here, let’s go to the seventh setting.” This one started and stopped too, but the vibrations lasted longer before dropping off. Feeling him thrust inside the toy, I slid the length of my hand along it. My fingertips rubbed against him below the toy.

I left the vibrator running on this setting for a minute before clicking to the eight one. He liked how this level teased him. “Now you’re getting it.” Precum ran down the side of his cock.

“One more,” he said, sounding out of breath. I clicked the button, and his eyes flew open. Wrapping an arm around me, he pressed our chests together. I could feel each breath he took. “Ahhhn, yes. Feels good.” The toy was pressed up against my belly now, and Jace started humping me.

His rhythm followed that of the toy as the vibrations increased and decreased with almost no stopping between. He seemed to like this setting so much that I didn’t bring it to the last one.

“Ruth,” he moaned. His teeth scrapping against me a little as he kissed my neck sent a burst of pleasure through me. “Honey.”

“No, no, no,” I said. “You can’t come yet.”

His eyes flew open. “What?”

Laughing, I turned off the toy and unlatched it. “I want to watch you cum from using this.” Fishing in the bag, I pulled out the last two items. Peeling the wrapping off the bottle of lube, I poured some into the masturbator and spread it around.

Jace grunted when I gripped his cock firmly and ran my lube-coated fingers over him.

“You really need to cum, don’t you?” I asked.

“Are you going to let me cum this time?” he asked, pulling me down on the bed with him. “Because if you don’t, I might go crazy. And then I’ll have to call in to work to tell them I need the week off because I’m going to fuck my girlfriend to death.”

Shrieking when he blew a raspberry on my stomach, I wiggled away from his tickles. “You’re allowed to cum this time.”

He set intent eyes on me. “You’ve wound me up so much I may still have to fuck you to death.”

My pussy throbbed at his words, and Jace smirked.

Rolling onto his back, he pillowed his arms behind his head. “Well? Aren’t you going to put it on me?”

Biting my lip, I brought the toy closer to him. His cock throbbed, and the sight of it had my clit heating back up. Stretching, I brought my legs closer together so my thighs could give me a bit of relief.

Seeing Jace nod for me to go ahead, I got between his legs. His cock flexed when the toy brushed against him, and I paused. “Why does this feel so intimate?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but you’re adorable when you blush.” Grinning at me, he gestured at the toy. “Come on. Put it on me.” He made no move to help.

Beet red, I pushed the toy down over his cock. “Here?”

“I have no idea. I’ve never used one before.”

Turning the toy on, I eeped as it started to move back and forth. Jace grabbed my hand when it jerked back in surprise and brought it back to grip the handle of the toy. “Make me cum.”

“Don’t you sass me,” I said. “Your tongue is practically hanging out of your mouth from how good this thing’s making you feel.”

“It’s all right,” he said, shrugging with one shoulder.

Narrowing my eyes at him, I clicked it to the second of three settings. Satisfaction filled me when his eyes almost rolled back in his head. Unsure how much lube was needed, I poured a little more over him, and he moaned.

“Just move it a little over,” he said and guided my hand to show me where. A shout loosed from his throat, and his head smacked down onto the pillows. “Fffff.” Hips lifting off the bed, he thrust into the machine. There’d been a few different types of models. This one didn’t cover the head of his cock, it just wrapped around the shaft. I’d chosen this one out of greed because I wanted to watch him spurt out his load when he came.

The stretchy silicone sleeve inside the machine moved back and forth over his cock as the motor hummed. Folding his legs under him, Jace put his weight on his toes and pumped up into the machine. He was a sight to behold with all that muscle stretching and contracting as he lifted most of his body off the bed. I couldn’t help but touch myself with my free hand.

Moving back a little so I could spread my legs wider and get a finger inside me, I almost jumped out of my skin when Jace shouted.

“Uhhhn. Right there!” His hands fisted in the pillows, and he thrust harder into the machine.

Doing my best to keep the moving toy exactly where it was, I slipped two fingers into myself. “Do you want me to put it on the last setting?”

“Not yet,” he said through his gasps. “Feels good. Mmmmn.”

God, he looked good with only his feet and upper back lying against the bed. The rest of him worked at thrusting himself into that moving machine as it squeezed and pulsed back and forth over his shaft. His belly flexed with each breath of air he dragged into his lungs. When his cries of pleasure grew louder, he grabbed a pillow and pressed it over his face.

Jace’s muffled cries drove me to fuck myself faster with my fingers. My pussy tightened at the sound of each of his muffled cries. I saw his balls tighten and release over and over as the machine worked his cock. I had no doubt they were making plenty of liquid for him to shoot out.

“Ffff–haaaaa. Turn it up.” Heaving breaths interrupted each of his words.

Clicking the button set the machine moving faster. Jace clutched the pillow tighter against his face, lifting it for a few moments here and there to get enough air before yanking it back down to muffle his cries of pleasure.

The first spurt of cum caught me by surprise. It landed just below my breast. Thrilled to see him cumming, I pushed my fingers deeper inside of me.

“Come, honey, come,” I told him, feeling my cunt clench around my fingers as I watched his body cum for me.

Wailing into the pillow, another spurt of cum landed on me, splattering down on my breast this time. Tossing the pillow aside, Jace pressed a hand to his mouth as he cried out again. He looked incredible with his hair coated in sweat and his face full of bliss. Wanting to come with him, I fingered myself faster. More cum splashed out of his cock. I tried to catch it in my mouth this time but missed it. It landed in an arc across my shoulder.

Grunting, Jace pulled out of the machine, and I turned it off.

“Get over here,” he said breathlessly. Pulling me down on the bed, he yanked my fingers out of me. His own replaced them. He had a much better angle to thrust them into me than I did.

I cried out as his fingers filled me. His half-hard cock rubbed against my thigh as he fingered me. His shoulders rose and fell as he fought to catch his breath.

“Was your orgasm good, honey?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, eyes a little wide. “You cum now.” He skittered away when I tried to run my fingers over his cock. “Ohh no, you don’t. That is way too sensitive to be touched right now. This, however.” He jammed a third finger into me, and now it was me who smothered myself with a pillow so the neighbors didn’t wonder what the hell was going on. Or get jealous, I thought smugly.

Jace’s mouth descended on my clit. Sucking on it, he pulled it in and out of his mouth, lashing his tongue over it each time. Becoming as breathless as he, I came for him. He held me while I came, mouth never ceasing until he was sure my orgasm had finished.

Sagging, he let himself drop onto the bed next to me and patted the masturbator. “Honey, that is the best present anyone has ever gotten me.”

I giggled. “I’m glad. You looked super hot pumping out all that cum out the other side of it.”

“Mmm, you look super hot covered in my cum.” Rolling onto his back, he wiped the sweat from his forehead. “You’re going to have to cook breakfast today because I think my legs are dead, honey.”

Laughing, I kissed him. “I will make you breakfast. They must be tired after holding you up in the air for so long. That looked like a whole workout.”

“Oh, it was. You brought me to an incredible orgasm. Thank you.”

“It was my pleasure,” I said and kissed him again.

Cover Design by: Michelle Poirier

Copyright © 2023 Tamara Earthsong

All rights reserved.

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