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Flavored Lube: The Best Way To Add Flavor To Your Oral Sex Life

Written by: Bestvibe Published on January 06,2023

How confident are you about your taste? You don't always have time to steam clean your sexy parts before a romp in the sack, and that's when flavored lube comes in handy. Flavored lube enhances your love life and gives you a boost of confidence when your partner decides to head downtown. Your taste buds are directly linked to the pleasure centers of your brain. Everything you feel during sex becomes more tantalizing when you add exotic flavors with flavored sex lube. Oral-flavored sex lube comes in multiple styles. Let's know more about Flavored Lube: Adding Flavor To Your Oral Sex Life:

What Is Flavored Lube?

Flavored lube is a sexual lubricant that tastes like some of your favorite sweets. These tasty lubricants make oral sex much sweeter. They're ways to attract your partner to go downtown, and they're helpful if you're not too confident about your taste. Flavored lube is made from a variety of ingredients to imitate the flavors of real food. Flavored lubricants are usually used for oral sex, but they can be used for vaginal and anal sex, too, depending on the ingredients.

Different Types Of Lubes

Flavored lubricants come in a wide variety of formulas and flavors; most are either oil or water-based. Flavored lubricants contain flavorings, such as fruit flavors, to enhance oral contact. 'Edible' lubricants may be flavored and/or may not contain any ingredients that are not advisable to eat.

Also known as edible lubricants or lubes for oral sex, flavored options are popular for their natural taste as they are intended to make oral sex more fun, flirty, and exciting. Flavored with natural extracts, edible options smell and taste like actual fruit and are mostly suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Flavored, oil-based lubes are usually made with a blend of essential oils and extracts. When applied to the body, they may create pulsating or warming sensations intended to heighten arousal.

Why Should You Use Flavored Lubes For Oral Sex?

As you know, not everyone will agree to suck your genitals voluntarily. Why? Because dicks and vaginas do not have good taste. Moreover, licking pussy and sucking dick is a bit gross. Luckily, you can change this situation by using flavored lubricants. They have nice tastes and awesome scents that will motivate you to go down on your partner.

The other reason why you should use flavored lubes for oral sex is that they are 100% natural. Moreover, these lubes are edible and vegan-friendly. They won't harm you if ingested accidentally. Most of the flavored lubes will leave a good taste on your lips and mouth.

Thirdly, flavored lubes are smooth and thin. They spread really well on the skin, plus they do not feel sticky. At least everybody would like a lube that feels good to lick and suck; something that will not turn you off when you are having oral sex.

Ways To Use Flavored Lube

Adding to all of the basic benefits of having lubricated fun during sex, flavored lubricants go one step further: a yummy flavor added to the slickness. Safe to lick, flavored lubricants offer slickness that tastes delicious. However, Flavored lube can easily go beyond the basic oral sex, though.

Sweet Kiss

You have flavored lube, so why not use it as a flavored "lip gloss"? Coat your lips in a thin layer of your new, flavored lubricant and enjoy a tasty make-out session with your partner. Want to up the ante? Each person should put on a different flavor of lubricant.

Warm Then Cool

What better time to play with temperatures than when it's deliciously flavored? With a bottle of warming-flavored lubricant in hand, head to your refrigerator. Pick out an ice cube or even just a cold bottle of water, with your partner nicely lying in bed. Press the ice cube against your lips (or drink down the cold water, letting it touch your lips as much as possible). Once your lips are a bit chilly, press them onto your partner's skin in any area you choose. With the "cool" part done, apply a bit of the warming lubricant to the same area, allowing your partner to feel the large variance in temperature. Repeat until you've had your fill and want to move on to other delicious ways to "tease" your partner. (Don't forget; you could do this fun method of temperature play during oral sex as well)

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Flavored Lube

Type Of Flavor

It goes without saying that flavor is the most important factor to consider when choosing a good lube. People have different tastes. Therefore, you have to select a lubricant that matches the flavor you love. At least you have a wide variety of traditional flavors to select from. You can also select an exotic flavor if you wish.


People shouldn't buy lube without considering the ingredients that are contained in the product. Check and research the ingredients so that they know whether they are safe to use. If you have a history of allergies, keep away from products that contain glycerine and parabens. Buy a product that contains 100% natural ingredients at all times.


Another factor you should consider is the stickiness or thickness of the lube. If you want to use the lube during oral sex, choose one that has a low viscosity. A thin lube spreads well on the skin and does not interfere with the sensation of oral sex.


Can You Use Flavored Lube with Condoms?

Yes, you can use flavored lube with condoms. Flavored lube is water-based, so it's safe to use with all types of condoms, including non-latex condoms. It's highly recommended to use flavored lube when engaging in oral sex with a condom because most condoms don't taste very good (latex isn't exactly a palette-pleaser). Of course, you can always use flavored condoms too. Adding flavored lube to flavored condoms makes everything taste even better, and it allows you to hone your culinary skills by combining exotic flavors.

Is Flavored Lube Safe to Consume?

Yes, it is safe to eat flavored lube. All flavored lube is water-based, and the ingredients are 100% non-toxic. You may not want to eat too much lube because it's not intended as a good product. If you guzzle a bunch of it, you might get a slight tummy ache. However, consuming a bit while you're getting frisky is totally safe.


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