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10 Finger Vibrators That Make Your Fingers Magical

Written by: Bestvibe Published on July 31,2022

Nothing beats targeted solo play, dialing up foreplay, or couple play with the small but mighty finger vibrator. Designed to fit your digits, finger vibrators put the pleasure right into the palm of your hand. These mini sex toys combine rumbly vibrations with precise stimulation. They are a great addition to solo or partnered sex because they allow you to use your hand the same way you do during masturbation, except with the added vibration to send you over the edge. They are great first-time sex toys for couples who want to spice up things in the bedroom. For solo play, you can use them to stimulate any erogenous zone from the clit, G-spot, anal, and nipples. Finger vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, are discreet, rechargeable, and made of medical-grade silicone. You can wear them as a massage ring or on your index finger to add texture to your fingertips when masturbating. During penetrative sex, you can use a finger vibrator to rub your clitoris. Like most women, this would work well if you don’t usually orgasm through penetrative sex.

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Types Of Finger Vibrators

Here are the different types of finger vibrators you can find on the market.

Fast Finger Vibrator

Finger vibrators are the unsung heroes in solo and partnered sex. These new-age sex toys continue to grow in popularity, and fast finger vibrators have something to do with that. Fast finger vibrators are unique, come in different sizes and shapes, work wonders on different erogenous zones, and are rechargeable. To use fast finger vibrators, fit the vibrator on your jerking finger. Thanks to their one-size-fits-all feature, this shouldn’t be a problem. When the vibrator is secured on your finger, insert the finger into the zone you want to be stimulated and set it to a good rhythm that helps you climax.

DIY Finger Vibrators

These vibrators are meant for women who want to achieve intense orgasms during solo play. They are self-liberating because you no longer need to rely on a partner for pleasure. They are available in various shapes and sizes, most waterproof. Additionally, DIY finger vibrators come with a remote control feature so you can lie back, relax and let the device do the rest. DIY finger vibrators are different from regular finger vibrators in that they require you to do most of the coupling yourself. Once you master that, the rest of it is pretty straightforward. Like other vibrators, ensure that the toy is clean before using it. Next, lie back, relax, insert it and pleasure yourself at a pace that gives you the most intense pleasure and the strongest orgasms.

Rabbit Finger Vibrators

The rabbit finger vibrator works best for couples, but you still use it to pleasure yourself when alone. Rabbit finger vibrators come in all shapes, are battery-powered, and have a remote control feature. Most are also waterproof, so there is no limit to where you can use them with your partner.

How To Use Finger Vibrators

You can use a finger vibrator while alone or with a partner. It all comes down to the design of your toy and what you are comfortable with.

Finger Vibrators For Solo Play

If your masturbation sessions usually involve using fingers, a finger vibrator is an excellent addition to integrating some vibration into your routine. If you are a beginner, begin in a lying-down position, wear your vibrator, and lay it over your clitoral hood. Position the curved tip of the vibrator over your vaginal entry, lift up your hand, and push the curved tip into your vagina. Remove the tip and then slide it to your perineum while maintaining the pressure. Press the end into your perineum and in that position, insert your thumb into the vagina for added pleasure. Using a rocking motion, slide the vibrator back up your clit and repeat the process. While doing that, maintain a slow, sensual rhythm and repeat the process as many times as you want.

Once you master that, you can move on to more creative methods to stimulate the clitoris and the G-Spot. The technique involves pinching your clitoris between your thumb and vibrator. Start by inserting your finger vibrator into your vagina, ensuring that the clitoris lines up with the surface of the vibrator. Pinch your clitoral hood with the thumb against the vibrator, then tilt your arm downwards to make contact with the G-spot. With the thumb on top of your clitoris, massage your G-spot for about 30 seconds. After that, rock the arm back to the first position and repeat the process. Do this as many times as possible, maintaining a slow rhythm until you climax.

Finger Vibrators For Partnered Play

If you don’t orgasm through penetrative sex, a finger vibrator will help you get there with the strongest orgasms. Wear the device on your finger, and while your partner penetrates you, reach down below and touch your clit. For intense pleasure, press the curved tip of the vibrator directly into your clitoral hood and leave it there while your partner does his thing. To get the best out of your toy, opt for a position that leaves enough space between you and your partner’s body. If you are doing it mission, there is limited space, so let the interior curve of the vibrator surround your clit. You can also push the vibrator lower, so the curve rests between the labia while the straight side rests on the clit vibrating you to toe-curling orgasms.

Finger Vibrators: Features To Consider When Buying One

What features should you consider before purchasing if you’ve decided to try finger vibrators? Let’s find out:


Finger vibrators are small but don’t all come in the same size. You want to go with a size you are comfortable with, especially if you are a beginner. The last thing you want is a vibrator you will never use because it’s too big or too small for your fingers.


Silicone is the most common material used to make most vibrators. Silicone is long-lasting and easy to clean. If you’re new to sex toys, go for a silicone finger vibrator first.


Very few women orgasm during regular sex, which can be frustrating. Sex toys are a great way to help you reach orgasmic bliss, just like your partner. Finger vibrators are especially handy during intercourse since you can use them to pleasure your clit while your partner penetrates you on the other end. Women who use finger vibrators during sex use them to experience faster orgasms. The good news is that finger vibrators can also be used during solo play to discover your pleasure points which you can translate to your partner (s).


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