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Anal Sex Toys Guide: Finding The Best Butt Plug For You

Written by: Bestvibe Published on January 28,2023

Did you realize that your bottom also has the potential to give you incredible pleasure, as well as a mere sigh of relief, any time you sit down? Most people have at least heard of butt plugs, but all too often, anal sex toys are just things that other people use. 'Sexual pleasure is not 'one size fits all' – and neither are butt plugs. If you're an adult with a butt, you can enjoy anal play without necessarily 'making' you anything but an open-minded sexual adventurer. For the absolute beginner to anal sex toys, there are three main facets to remember and consider before doing any butt fun shopping: size, material, and lube. Take a look at Anal Sex Toys Guide to FindThe Best Butt Plug For You:

What Are Anal Sex Toys?

Anal sex toys promote the nerve endings inside your anus. For penis owners, some anal sex toys are made to stimulate the prostate. For vulva owners, anal sex toys can apply pressure to the anterior fornix erogenous zone, also known as the A-spot, located inside the vagina between the cervix and the bladder. When safely used, anal sex toys can bring an entirely new element to a sexual encounter or anal masturbation session, bringing you closer to an anal orgasm.

Different Types of Anal Sex Toys

Butt plugs are teardrop-shaped toys, typically made of silicone, metal, or glass. Some vibrate; others have rotating beads at the toy's base to simulate rimming. Pop a butt plug in your rear end and let it rest for a satisfying feeling of fullness.

Anal beads are made to stimulate the anal sphincter through movement. When pulled out, each sphere delivers a quick burst of intense sensation.

Prostate massagers are curved toys that target your prostate and deliver earth-shattering, toe-curling, full-body orgasms.

What Is the Purpose of a Butt Plug?

The easiest answer is to provide pleasurable anal stimulation. However, specific reasons or aspects of using a butt plug appeal to some people.

● Spicing up sex – people like using butt plugs because they've novel, and some especially like the taboo of anal play or that they can wear butt plugs in public without anyone knowing.

● Pleasurable stimulation – using a butt plug can feel good because it fills or stimulates the prostate. Some people can have anal orgasms while using a butt plug!

● BDSM punishment – butt plugs can be used as a form of punishment, especially if they're large and uncomfortable.

● Anal training – you can train your anus to take larger toys through anal training, which is done both for its own sake and to prepare for anal sex.

● Role play – butt plugs with animal tails can function like costumes during role-play, particularly during pet play.

● Double penetration – combining a butt plug in the anus with a penis, sex toy, or fingers in the vagina is one way to experience double penetration.

How to Find the Best Butt Plug

This Anal Sex Toys Guide: Finding The Best Butt Plug For You can help you to find the best butt plug. Here are the important things you should consider when shopping for a butt plug:


Pay close attention to size when looking for the best butt plug. You get many options, including large butt plugs. A toy that's too big can be painful or impossible to use safely, while a smaller one might not deliver the stimulation you're looking for. Think about what's right for you.


Think about what you want from a butt plug before buying. Butt plugs can be made of jelly-like rubber, plastic, silicone, glass, or metal; each has advantages and disadvantages. A softer material may be easier to insert, while a harder one could provide stronger sensations. Butt plug tails have faux fur attached at the end for a unique appearance, while jeweled anal plugs add a sparkle to your behind.

Lube and safety:

Anal play requires lube for safe insertion and comfortable movement. Order anal lube and apply it every time you play with your new sex toy. It's also essential to thoroughly wash your butt plug after every use according to the manufacturer's instructions. You should be able to find a suitable solution among our sex toy cleaners.

How to use an anal plug or butt plug?

Take a well-water-soluble lubricant on the anus and coat the front part of the anal plug or Butt Plug with the anus. Applying light pressure is inserted into the anus and left in place for a few minutes to relax and stretch the rectal muscles. The sphincter clasps the shaft. The larger end or stopper of the anal stopper prevents slipping of the plug into the anus. Due to its special shape, the introduced anal stopper holds itself effortlessly like a well-fitting stopper by itself at its destination. Depending on the size, they are barely, or just very noticeable.

As you progressively increase the size of butt plugs, you can gradually get into something bigger, like the vibrator or the penis. Slow and with a lot of feeling, an anal stopper offers a lot of pleasure for relatively little money.


Can you sleep with a butt plug?

It's best not to try this. Unless you're an incredibly short sleeper, you spend far more time sleeping than it is safe to wear a butt plug. On top of that, you won't be able to tell if something goes wrong if you're asleep.

How do butt plug sizes work?

Some butt plugs come in multiple sizes. However, the difference between a small, medium and large butt plug is generally much smaller than the difference between a small (around 1" diameter), medium (1.5" diameter), and large (2" diameter) dildo. Not every company makes toys in sets or similar shapes. Pay attention to the specifications for each toy to figure out which one will work for you. Remember that butt plugs are tapered and may have bulges or other shapes that aren't the easiest to measure.


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