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Explore the Best WaysTo Convince Your Wife To Use Sex Toys

Written by: Bestvibe Published on January 16,2023

Bringing sex toys into partnered sex can open up new realms of pleasure for everyone involved. Toys do things your body just cannot, like pulse and vibrate. These novel sensations can help many individuals have more consistent and frequent — or complex and extreme — orgasmic experiences. And the sheer variety of adventures can support couples to keep their sex varied and exciting, which definitely helps to maintain desire in long-term relationships. Sounds fantastic, right? But even as taboos around utilizing sex toys generally fade, many still hesitate to broach the idea of bringing a sex toy to bed with partners. Let's know more that how to convince your wife to use sex toys:

First, why use sex toys?

There are a few solid advantages to using sex toys. First and most obvious, they're fun. "Sex is the adult version of the playground. "It's where you're allowed to let go and be playful. And with that in mind, you can utilize anything you want on the playground, including sex toys."

Many individuals can only get off with the use of a vibrator, and that's nothing to be ashamed of. Most people with vaginas need at least some clitoral stimulation to get off. Beyond that, though, plenty of people—especially those with vaginas—need certain types of stimulation to have an orgasm. Even taking orgasms off the table, toys offer sensations you can't experience without them. Now it's time to know How To Convince Your Wife To Use Sex Toys.

How to convince your wife to try sex toys?

Offering sex toys to your partner is not always easy, mainly if the girl has never tried them. Here are a few tips to convince them:

● Let it be a normal conversation

You shouldn't have a formal meeting, having previously prepared the lady that you will discuss some topic related to your relationship. it is better to begin a conversation in your free time while watching the next series. You can start a conversation that sex toys are not only very pleasant but also helpful for the body. At the same time, it is essential to monitor the reaction of the partner. If the lady reacts with a categorical refusal, then it may be worth starting this conversation again, gradually accustoming her partner to frank things.

● Talking in person is hard

If you are embarrassed to tell your wife directly about your cravings, you should indicate them in messages or telephone conversations. You can also prepare your partner by sending her a link to sexy lingerie. After that, the girl can be prepared by sending her a link to a vibrator or dildo and then evaluating her reaction. This gives the woman an extra opportunity to weigh everything and decide how she should feel about your offer.

● Explain the reason

Explain that toys are mainly designed for the girl herself. It has long been known that women cannot enjoy simple penetration; they need proper stimulation of the clitoris. For these purposes, many intimate toys have been developed. Tell her that some items from the sex shop are designed specifically to enhance the intensity of the partner's orgasm.

● Try to find something that both will enjoy

Joint purchases unite and help to get additional pleasure from the selection of those things that both will like. Invite your soulmate to go to the sex shop together. This will bring unforgettable emotions. If you do not know where to begin, pay attention to small vibrators in the form of a bullet.

● Compromises

Tell your partner what you want, and let your desires be sincere and honest. Explain that toys are just an opportunity to make your relationship brighter and more intimate. Try to find out what your significant other wants, what they think is sexy and desirable. If you don't mind making her wish a reality, try asking her to fulfill yours.

● Explain that there are different toys

Some ladies, when it comes to sex toys, imagine huge dildos in their minds.

If a girl has never tried something like this, then you need to start small. Let it be clitoral stimulators or small vibrators. To begin with, the partner must get used to the new fixtures in your bed; only after that can you acquire more impressive fixtures.

How to Use Sex Toys With a Partner

After taking consent from your wife by using tips on How To Convince Your Wife To Use Sex Toys it's time to use sex toys. Explore different ways to use sex toys:

Use toys all over your body.

When it comes to sex toys that are generally used on your genitals, like a vibrator or a dildo, individuals don't tend to think outside the box. But try to explore their whole body with a toy, experiment with how vibration feels on your nipples or how the smooth silicone dildo feels running down your back.

Stimulate yourself during penetration.

A big cause people with vaginas may have problems orgasm during penetration is the lack of clitoral stimulation. There's nothing bad about taking the reins there while your soulmate penetrates you. Get your hands on a clit vibrator so you can figure out what feels amazing for you.

Go remote.

Some toys come with a remote, which can come in handy. For one, it can save you and your soulmate the hassle of fiddling with awkwardly placed buttons in the middle of sex. It can also provide you or your partner even more control over the other's pleasure, letting you select the intensity and pattern of the vibrations.

Play with all of your senses.

There are a lot of ways to get creative with your senses during sex with the aid of sex toys—and some don't even require specialty toys. For example, you can experiment with temperature. Metal toys retain temperature when you run them under hot or cold water. There are also warming toys that you might find great sense in all your erogenous zones.


Are Sex Toys Important In Marriages?

Sex toys are good for marriages because they lead to open communication and intimacy and let partners express their sexuality and enjoy sex more. Today more couples are open to using sex toys together to spice up their sex lives. Unfortunately, there still exist a lot of myths about sex toys.

One myth, for example, is that sex toys are only 'necessary' if you are not sexually fulfilled in your relationship. That is, of course, not true. Sex toys can enhance your love life but will never replace another person.

What happens if your partner just isn't into it?

Remember, you can't persuade or convince someone to do anything they don't want to — consent is key. Maybe discuss using a sex toy during mutual masturbation or foreplay first. If your partner is happy to do that, you can both slowly get used to using sex toys and build up to using one while you're having sex. This way, they can see how good it makes you feel, and they can see that it's not replacing them but only adding to the experience.

Overall, the easiest way to go about introducing sex toys into the bedroom without making it awkward as fuck, is to openly communicate and make it an enjoyable, intimate experience for both of you.


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