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Double the Pleasure for Men: Masturbation Cup + Anal Massager

Written by: Bestvibe Published on June 25,2023

Double the Pleasure for Men: Masturbation Cup + Anal Massager

Hey, I'm Nancy, a featured sex toy experience researcher from Bestvibe. Today, I want to introduce you to a method that can double a man's pleasure: combining a masturbation cup with an anal massager!

This recommendation comes from several loyal fans of Bestvibe who have tried and tested this playstyle. To get a real sense of its effectiveness, I invited two popular bloggers, Mr. H and Mrs. S, to evaluate this combination.

After sending them the products for their experience, they both expressed a sense of excitement and stimulation. Mr. H, a single man who has explored various masturbation and anal play methods, exclaimed, "Using these two products together, I almost reached climax for an hour! I ejaculated twice as much as before!"

Moreover, he noticed a significant difference in his erection speed and endurance. The orgasmic experience was more intense compared to using each product individually. He enthusiastically described it as, "Waves of pleasure crashing over me relentlessly, from my body to my brain."

When it comes to concerns about one's sexual orientation when combining these products, Mr. H dismissed them, saying, "No need to worry. Prostate orgasms are solely caused by stimulating the nerves near the rectum. They have nothing to do with sexual orientation, species, or evolutionary choices. It's an orgasm exclusive to men! Every man should experience it!"

Meanwhile, Mrs. S and her boyfriend also incorporated these two products to enhance their intimate life. They decided to try it out in the bedroom. To arouse her boyfriend, Mrs. S performed a seductive striptease. As he grew excited and his penis became erect, he inserted it into the masturbation cup. After experiencing the vibrations and suction, Mrs. S applied lubricant to her fingers, teasing the prostate massager, and then slowly inserted it into his anus.

The boyfriend's breathing suddenly became heavy. Mrs. S asked for his consent to continue, and after a few deep breaths, the prostate massager successfully entered his anus. As she activated the massager, the boyfriend tilted his head back and let out excited roars. Mrs. S described it as, "We went with the up-and-down shimmy as that seemed to be the one that was most pleasurable anally. He was met with a shocked face and then a massive grin."

Before he could even initiate penetration, he was already stimulated to the point of ejaculation by these two toys. With one hand fondling Mrs. S's breasts, he gasped and said, "Baby, the sensation from my anus to my brain is something you can't replicate. But I still hope we can have another round before I finish." Mrs. S expressed her willingness to engage in a "threesome" to enhance their pleasure.

From the descriptions provided by these two participants, whether you're a single man or a couple looking to spice things up, this playstyle is definitely worth a try. We have also gathered some tips from their experiences to maximize the pleasure:

  1. If you're single and seeking convenience, try it in the bathroom. Attach the masturbation cup or dildo to the wall for hands-free operation.
  2. Couples can choose a location with a mirror for added visual stimulation.
  3. Always use plenty of lubricant. When engaging in anal play, it's advisable to use specialized anal lubricants for added comfort.

Lastly, we hope you all have a pleasurable experience exploring this combination of products!

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